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I like comics, I guess. Oh and Zelda is cool. Shikki Is A Trap.


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@picklefish96 Elijah - Pickle @picklefish96

@DavidGN40 @Chef800 Happy Thanksgiving David! Hope you are having a wonderful night!

@DavidGN40 Delighted Tenken David @DavidGN40

Haven't seen my pals @Chef800 and @PickleFISH96 in a while. Just wanted to wish you guys a Happy Thanksgivng

@Stephen_Georg Stephen Georg @Stephen_Georg

Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours! 🦃 https://t.co/QtkbKPUlaE

Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to y...

@FourScore64 Shane @FourScore64

we all like to buy cool clothes at this store, but if we lose our #NetNeutrality, this nightmare will become a real… https://t.co/R3H1CKRVSn

@picklefish96 Elijah - Pickle @picklefish96

@Williordness @SonicDahMario 😂😂

@Tom_Nikl Tom Nikl 🤔 @Tom_Nikl

Let me explain net neutrality in the most horrific way: if FCC dismantles it, and you get internet from Verizon,… https://t.co/AWXCmp69K3

@picklefish96 Elijah - Pickle @picklefish96

@Williordness @sevengranddad92 @monoiscale @Chef800 @DogDude_ @GodzillaMendoza you made those couple months back in… https://t.co/ZB87FLti92

@picklefish96 Elijah - Pickle @picklefish96

@Williordness @sevengranddad92 @monoiscale @Chef800 @DogDude_ And of course @skywardella and @MaraKeumi. You're awe… https://t.co/LBZvYWZ1xe

@monoiscale ᴍ ᴏ ɴ ᴏ ᶜ ᵍ ˢ @monoiscale

@PickleFISH96 @Williordness @sevengranddad92 @Chef800 @DogDude_ Did you just assume my identity? I'll let you know… https://t.co/OxUcWLqdth

@Williordness K @Williordness

@PickleFISH96 @sevengranddad92 @monoiscale @Chef800 @DogDude_ Elijah you are the best brother I could ask for! And we’re not related!

@picklefish96 Elijah - Pickle @picklefish96

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This year I'm extremely grateful for my friends and family (I mean why wouldn't I?), I… https://t.co/7HMSq70fyb

@FizzySodaWave Fizzy @FizzySodaWave

Retweet to see what tweet Mario is banishing https://t.co/PHmOMrPsud

Retweet to see what tweet Mario is banis...

@HatInTime A Hat in Time @HatInTime

We're giving away 1 free bundle of A HAT IN TIME and it's soundtrack! Retweet and follow for a chance to win a cute… https://t.co/sCrYr8yC2c

@skinhub Skinhub @skinhub

🌈 Shadow Daggers | Fade Giveaway * RT & Follow! * Test: https://t.co/r11P2YZRXX Winners in 24 hours! https://t.co/CPxq8gyloM

🌈 Shadow Daggers | Fade Giveaway

* RT &...

@yayitsrob Robinson Meyer @yayitsrob

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but last night I found the meme page that Australian/NZ teens made for their high sch… https://t.co/Dk2O2eDP9s

@thealexrossart Alex Ross @thealexrossart

#HappyThanksgiving #Spiderman https://t.co/QUcuhha1rA

#HappyThanksgiving #Spiderman https://t....

@DNOpls D-NO @DNOpls

once you beat Cyber-Akuma in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, both of your characters will be onscreen at th… https://t.co/SPJ2n81cgt

@MatPatGT MatPat @MatPatGT

The Internet isn't just for streaming videos. It's a place where millions of people find a sense of belonging. ..… https://t.co/oCFClPFnnQ

@mitsurutenma elle, gundam girl @mitsurutenma

our love story in four pictures https://t.co/5qtH00JYUL

our love story in four pictures https://...

@KimKardashian Kim Kardashian West @KimKardashian

The system has failed. It’s heart breaking to see a young girl sex trafficked then when she has the courage to figh… https://t.co/pOupx9dfh8

@FreeMemesKids Dank Memes 💎💎💎 @FreeMemesKids



@h3h3productions Ethan Klein @h3h3productions

I need #NetNeutrality because I will be too humiliated to pay $10 extra for the porn package from my ISP. Please y… https://t.co/JKnkWdc4cA

@NetflixJP Netflix Japan @NetflixJP

スーパーマリオを、ハリウッドが50億円を投じて映画化。NYで配管工の仕事を請け負うマリオとルイージの兄弟。誘拐された化石発掘の調査チームのリーダーの後を追って、地下の下水路に向かうと、そこは恐竜人の帝国だった…。『スーパーマリオ… https://t.co/PbbD8n77OW

@JimmyWhetzel Jimmy Whetzel @JimmyWhetzel

*looks into camera like on the office* https://t.co/7XxymnCY6C

*looks into camera like on the office* h...

@sevengranddad92 Thankful Enclosed Arbor Dad @sevengranddad92

You guys should call, if you can. We'll ALL be affected if #NetNeutrality is repealed. https://t.co/rWmBplYxNE

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