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@BillKristol Bill Kristol @BillKristol

Ryan and McConnell say they won't allow a vote on a DACA/border bill because Trump won't sign it. Why not have the… https://t.co/mcX5V0zJG7

@phreaddie Deacon Blues 💦 @phreaddie

@JenniferLeVan1 @SpeakerRyan Hard to hold your head up without a spine. On that note... has anyone seen Paul Ryan’s spine?

@phreaddie Deacon Blues 💦 @phreaddie

@SpeakerRyan Yo! Twotwaffle! Get back to us once you: 1) get all the Republicans onboard 2) come up with a bill tha… https://t.co/x4tTnJVceq

@LevineJonathan Jon Levine @LevineJonathan

WATCH: Sen. Orrin Hatch removes a pair of glasses he's not wearing https://t.co/QXCCb4RHzn

WATCH: Sen. Orrin Hatch removes a pair o...

@scottbix Scott Bixby @scottbix

Fox News had an on-the-record statement from Stormy Daniels’ manager confirming that the porn actress had engaged i… https://t.co/ibDUqYFqKJ

@phreaddie Deacon Blues 💦 @phreaddie

@GOVTWINE Hey Amanda, what’s with the sugar coating?

@chrissyteigen christine teigen @chrissyteigen

The entire principle of this should be fought - an NDA to stay quiet about this serial monster with over 140 accuse… https://t.co/xRX90fndA5

@wandainparis Wanda SanMiguel @wandainparis

Nearly all members of National Park Service advisory panel resign in frustration https://t.co/cNh9gaXcqW @washingtonpost

@phreaddie Deacon Blues 💦 @phreaddie

For those of you out there questioning whether Trump's weight is actually 239lbs because he looks so much larger, p… https://t.co/4qVDMvEBzL

@phreaddie Deacon Blues 💦 @phreaddie

@gretschplayer23 @CrazyAuntNat @LauraLoomer You know Gretsch, (nice handle...), we're probably arguing a bot? https://t.co/AOI6fxB6Mz

@gretschplayer23 @CrazyAuntNat @LauraLoo...

@phreaddie Deacon Blues 💦 @phreaddie

@CrazyAuntNat @gretschplayer23 @LauraLoomer If you're going to play in a Social Media arena, you should probably kn… https://t.co/9joHOwyNrP

@Acosta Jim Acosta @Acosta

What occurred reminded me of something I would see in a different country. Certainly not at the WH. Certainly not i… https://t.co/SjVbZfmK5J

@phreaddie Deacon Blues 💦 @phreaddie

@BreitbartNews Ive never paid more to pass anyone. How about you?

@phreaddie Deacon Blues 💦 @phreaddie

@CrazyAuntNat @gretschplayer23 @LauraLoomer That’s quite a leap. Mind the gap now. Drop “if you’re not paying for t… https://t.co/VmBHvZgb1A

@ZShiva__Resists Z Shiva's Sh*thole Country 🐯 #TWDR @ZShiva__Resists



@phreaddie Deacon Blues 💦 @phreaddie

@gretschplayer23 @CrazyAuntNat @LauraLoomer Twitter owes you nothing. Their philosophy? Don’t like it leave. You ar… https://t.co/YZJOkCV509

@phreaddie Deacon Blues 💦 @phreaddie

@CrazyAuntNat @LauraLoomer There's no contract with Twitter. You use it for FREE. Substantial qualitative and quant… https://t.co/799UlTsVzE

@docrocktex26 Propane Jane™ @docrocktex26

Trump’s failing Mar-a-Lago busted on 15 violations — and that’s just in the kitchen https://t.co/FJFnLf65k9 via… https://t.co/ph61PcgURd

@Alyssa_Milano Alyssa Milano @Alyssa_Milano

This morning, on #MLKDay, our president tweeted the phrase “America First”. I would like to draw your attention to… https://t.co/BewhMctIfL

@Will_Bunch Will Bunch @Will_Bunch

So the same woman a) married world's biggest media baron b) had affair w/ ex-British PM c) maybe dated Russia's rul… https://t.co/MQe7g48HSv

@phreaddie Deacon Blues 💦 @phreaddie

@tophmike @DexterRoy527 @rockbmg1 @dcwoodruff I might have been able to save you sometime... HEY Dex... https://t.co/G94QC46JsF

@tophmike @DexterRoy527 @rockbmg1 @dcwoo...

@phreaddie Deacon Blues 💦 @phreaddie

@tophmike @DexterRoy527 @rockbmg1 @dcwoodruff Arpaio. The LAWMAN who didn’t, and perhaps still doesn’t, realize he… https://t.co/BKUXX9lyfw

@phreaddie Deacon Blues 💦 @phreaddie

@DexterRoy527 @rockbmg1 @tophmike @dcwoodruff Wild guess, I didn’t look... that YouTube vid is Arpaio isn’t it?


#BREAKING: Parents arrested for torture and child endangerment after 13 victims, ages 2-29, were found shackled to… https://t.co/KDsB7TLJQZ

@RVAwonk Caroline O. @RVAwonk

NEW: U.S. counterintelligence officials warned Jared Kushner in 2017 that Wendi Deng Murdoch might be using their f… https://t.co/UyYsYadiMn

@phreaddie Deacon Blues 💦 @phreaddie

@Kingstonfalls8 @AttackinForward @alanwhite1000 @FoxNews @DiamondandSilk @realDonaldTrump Save and use if you’d lik… https://t.co/opOjvzRheZ

@phreaddie Deacon Blues 💦 @phreaddie

@AttackinForward @alanwhite1000 @Kingstonfalls8 @FoxNews @DiamondandSilk @realDonaldTrump Hey Elf, feel free to use… https://t.co/qkII3yqr6L

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