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"Protect, Defend, and Preserve the Constitution and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." #MAGA 🇺🇸

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@pgutierrez630 Paul A. Gutierrez @pgutierrez630

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@pgutierrez630 Paul A. Gutierrez @pgutierrez630

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/UGjPw9Me7g #CrushCorruption Endorsement Speech, #MAGA

@pgutierrez630 Paul A. Gutierrez @pgutierrez630

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/mjjvhT9Ocr Erin Cruz Chris Salcedo Interview

@pgutierrez630 Paul A. Gutierrez @pgutierrez630

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/fzI9BMqyw5 THE TRUMP MOVEMENT, AMERICAN FAMILY & CALIFORNIA #MAGA

@CharlesRBruce1 Charles R Bruce @CharlesRBruce1

@LauraLoomer @PGutierrez630 Let me know how that turns out lol

@conservativelw LMW @conservativelw

@Rosie @PGutierrez630 Wow. Think multi colored hair is the way to go, do ya? Wow.

@startraveler785 Star Traveler @startraveler785

@Megan4MAGA @PGutierrez630 Not for long,new Bill gives Schumer a 1 billion dollar spending ear mark.

@RealMaximusMax Not Easily Influencd @RealMaximusMax

@ARedPillReport @PGutierrez630 Just wow. How is this not an exposé on every major news network in the world? Just a… https://t.co/CycT2R3vbM

@ricteves Ric Teves @ricteves

@Keasmom @PGutierrez630 @MAGANinaJo @POTUS @SpeakerRyan @HouseGOP @SenateGOP @realDonaldTrump And no funding for planned parenthood.

@raslady1 Robin Wright @raslady1

@Rosie @PGutierrez630 Uh.....okay

@Lorileebailey19 Lorilee @Lorileebailey19

@GovMikeHuckabee @PGutierrez630 @JimCarrey @PressSec Jim Carrey is a prime example of those who are in need of a mental health evaluation...

@djcip Mayurasana @djcip

@ARedPillReport @PGutierrez630 https://t.co/N1C3WKIhgO

@ARedPillReport @PGutierrez630  https://...

@2050CyberSpace 🌐DD🇺🇸♥️🇬🇧 @2050CyberSpace

@hrtablaze @PGutierrez630 @SrslyBree We as he trying to hug him into submission?🙄🙃

@pyorf NETTIE LOVES POTUS # 45! @pyorf

@Rosie @PGutierrez630 https://t.co/q8QJYdbshD

@Rosie @PGutierrez630  https://t.co/q8QJ...

@KAGcommittee NO Gun Control! @KAGcommittee

@CaliConsrvative https://t.co/4Y45xhsQsm

@GLTruman Gary Truman @GLTruman

@CaliConsrvative California will spend more on that than a friggen wall to protect the border. Time to defund the s… https://t.co/3PItnrLEky

@homerxxl Homer XXL @homerxxl

@CaliConsrvative @rebeccaanne3 https://t.co/u32FkSxQNt

@CaliConsrvative @rebeccaanne3  https://...

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@michaelbeatty3 🇺🇸 Miguelifornia @michaelbeatty3

💩GOP MINDSET SINCE 2000 "Yes we funded planned parenthood but we avoided a government shutdown" #Cowards… https://t.co/t4hucDtDzK

@_FranklinWright Franklin Wright @_FranklinWright

WATCH: McCabe Claimed FBI Fails To Catch Americans Joining Terrorist Groups In Syria Because "They Are A Very Diver… https://t.co/LRiNfhFzIK

@_FranklinWright Franklin Wright @_FranklinWright

EXCLUSIVE: Seth Rich Investigator: A Fake FBI Informant Lured Me Into Parking Garage And Shot Me https://t.co/63hEvvwNQd

@_FranklinWright Franklin Wright @_FranklinWright

Leaked: Clinton/Facebook Document Exposed... Media Narrative Destroyed https://t.co/EhsmLrmiwg

@cheaptrickone deplorable hockeyman @cheaptrickone

@honor_dennis @SBelle1950 @VP @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @SpeakerRyan @SenateMajLdr If this is the best you can do g… https://t.co/XgGNlGmwv0

@honor_dennis Dennis & Laura 🇺🇸 @honor_dennis

So the Democrats got EVERYTHING funded that THEY WANTED! President Trump I'm starting to loss faith in you and the… https://t.co/ZgoIqdILh9

@busylizzie48 Liz 🌸🐩🌸 @busylizzie48

@POTUS I want to believe that you have a plan that you really don’t support the budget proposal Mr President we s… https://t.co/sMFNCpkr7u

@hudsonpete3 Skywalker (Pete) @hudsonpete3

@POTUS Sir, We support you but we can't support funding the murder of innocent babies 👶 If you truly believe in… https://t.co/OF1lb3u4Hf

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