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Author, journalist, CEO https://t.co/S0zNdgHeCE and https://t.co/frGs791BR8 Daniel Morgan Murder Podcast: https://t.co/Ov68O7pNAv


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@peterjukes Peter Jukes @peterjukes

@Shaun_Appleby @TheRickWilson With roast beef only.

@AP The Associated Press @AP

BREAKING: AP Sources: Steve Bannon attorney relayed questions to White House during House interview, was told when not to respond.

@bad_takes Brendan Karet 🚮 @bad_takes

-Tucker spreads conspiracy theories regularly, and has been on Infowars -yep -interesting claim, coming from a guy… https://t.co/XxwphNtOHy

@JuddLegum Judd Legum @JuddLegum

5. Finally, it suggests that the POTUS is subject to blackmail and extortion. Trump reportedly was willing to pay 6… https://t.co/K08aViMjzV

@JuddLegum Judd Legum @JuddLegum

3. The willingness to lie about sexual encounters with women is especially problematic when you have more than a do… https://t.co/Tu3KzeN4ll

@MaxRutherford_ Max Rutherford @MaxRutherford_

Today I visited an English women's prison. It holds 340 women aged 18+, the oldest in her 70s. Most of the women:… https://t.co/eXwSevwiKp

@KirstyRidyard Kirsty Ridyard @KirstyRidyard

Fascinating thread 👇🏼 and almost unbelievable stat that 60% of women in prison have a history of traumatic brain in… https://t.co/c9SJYfBXob

@ConnectFutures ConnectFutures @ConnectFutures

🔝NEW Anti-extremism FILM 🎬 “I’ve been trolled on the internet,. Apparently at the vigil I smiled too much..I didn’t… https://t.co/3zzjIQLWMn

@peterjukes Peter Jukes @peterjukes

Haven't you contributed to the #StopMurdoch #crowdfunding campaign yet? A signed copy of @UntoldMurder by me and… https://t.co/AmdjlPTl4M

@peterjukes Peter Jukes @peterjukes

Don't you just adore the fact that everyone else suffering from an accident gets badgered and doorstepped (and prev… https://t.co/ZV5n2PPk36

@MichaelWolffNYC Michael Wolff @MichaelWolffNYC

Since their divorce, Murdoch has been telling anybody who would listen that Wendi is a Chinese spy--and had been throughout the marriage.

@pkcapitol Paul Kane @pkcapitol

What a time to be alive! Murdoch's wife had affair with Tony Blair, ending their marriage. She's buds with Javanka.… https://t.co/qbgu7Iizl2

@SunApology The Sun Apologies @SunApology

Two small things to add: 1. The Sun was strangely quiet on issues of impartiality when its friend Nick Ferrari was… https://t.co/9hs34qDcPV

@SethAbramson Seth Abramson @SethAbramson

BREAKING: Trump Ordered Bannon to Falsely Assert Executive Privilege For: ❌All Transition Conversations ❌All White… https://t.co/OkTbc5aEdB

@Shaun_Appleby Shaun Appleby @Shaun_Appleby

@SethAbramson Possible Bannon was just further poisoning the well of WH and Congressional relations, something he e… https://t.co/H6g3GkwV1r

@gabrielsherman Gabriel Sherman @gabrielsherman

Breaking: Rupert Murdoch was hospitalized for serious back injury after accident on son's yacht, will be out of off… https://t.co/emjpYuGlh3

@AsimCP Asim Qureshi @AsimCP

I kick off a series of essays for @Byline_Media based on my book 'A Virtue of Disobedience' by looking at the expec… https://t.co/4RLtjopZ31

@_dpaj ...david jones @_dpaj

via @CityAM: Facebook to expand probe into possible Russian influence on Brexit vote https://t.co/7tch0RaJzS https://t.co/HbLI5JxONj

via @CityAM: Facebook to expand probe in...

@TheMurdochTimes Alt-Rupert @TheMurdochTimes

Interesting timing for an accident. 'Rupert Murdoch hospitalised with serious back injury.'

@KenRoth Kenneth Roth @KenRoth

That's principled leadership. https://t.co/ozXCcT2CTJ

@cpbfreedom CPBFreedom @cpbfreedom

The campaign to stop Murdoch's Sky takeover has been working. Now let's ramp up the pressure and stop Murdoch in hi… https://t.co/XEAHfJSIFG

@cpbfreedom CPBFreedom @cpbfreedom

We've got some great rewards for our #StopMurdoch #crowdfunding campaign https://t.co/UfaxLaIrcj - contribute at le… https://t.co/cVnZmP266p

@WashingtonPoint ilhan tanir @WashingtonPoint

Watch this space: Greek and Turkish gunboats collide in disputed islet group in the Aegean today as camera from Tur… https://t.co/qO4kH7Mhw3

@wff1022 Bill @wff1022

From @brianstelter newsletter re: FoxNews killing the Stormy Daniels story a few days before the election. LouiseMe… https://t.co/WvpXJwMJQI

@ProudResister Ryan Knight, PROUD RESISTER 👊 @ProudResister

1. Bannon cited “executive privilege” in House Intel Hearing. 2. Flynn spoke to Russia regarding sanctions during… https://t.co/e5CU3KNi6j

@paulwrblanchard Paul Blanchard @paulwrblanchard

Thread. Holy fucking shit. This is the scariest thing I have read in many years. Brave @hugorifkind actually tries… https://t.co/rfvvLulJKc

@NatashaBertrand Natasha Bertrand @NatashaBertrand

“Sergey Kislyak received $120,000 ten days after the election of Donald Trump. Bankers flagged it to the US governm… https://t.co/pvVGIUVuxJ

@washingtonpost Washington Post @washingtonpost

Analysis: Breitbart called Davos a collective of "leftist elites" and "corporate cronies." Then Trump said he was g… https://t.co/kymXBDp31X

@Anthony Anthony De Rosa 🗽 @Anthony

Former Russian ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak received $120,000 ten days after the election of Donald Trump.… https://t.co/kkgcov27yL

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