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@Independent $ 30 Billion now

@Independent The Independent @Independent

Facebook loses $25bn amid huge ‘data breach’ scandal https://t.co/l1hg0JO2m4 https://t.co/KlaVjM2uuc

Facebook loses $25bn amid huge ‘data bre...

@StollmeyerEU Alice Stollmeyer @StollmeyerEU

EU #DataProtection authorities likely to start joint investigation into #Facebook / #CambridgeAnalytics : "Horrify… https://t.co/qGAwaQirZZ

@StollmeyerEU Alice Stollmeyer @StollmeyerEU

#EU Parliament wants @Facebook investigation: "Misuse of user data is an unacceptable violation of our citizens’ p… https://t.co/nDqMYHHiSr

@KarenAttiah Karen Attiah @KarenAttiah

People of color are being bombed in Austin. This story deserves so much more attention. https://t.co/Vf1GEkJQDM

@peterjukes Peter Jukes @peterjukes

@sivavaid Do you really think that Mercer invested $20m and Bannon oversaw Cambridge Analytica (which was always de… https://t.co/MaUwOPOmSE

@peterjukes Peter Jukes @peterjukes

@Mister_Fun_Guy @TODAYshow Killer line: "Cambridge Analytica was meeting with Corey Lewandowski in 2015 before Trump had even announced.”

@peterjukes Peter Jukes @peterjukes

@sivavaid Here's the key revelation: "Cambridge Analytica was meeting with Corey Lewandowski in 2015 before Trump had even announced.”

@peterjukes Peter Jukes @peterjukes

The important part of this news: "Cambridge Analytica was meeting with Corey Lewandowski in 2015 before Trump had e… https://t.co/wgY6RAIzEn

@peterjukes Peter Jukes @peterjukes

@Mister_Fun_Guy @TODAYshow I agree the headline is bad. It's the DOUBLE working for Trump

@Mister_Fun_Guy Mr. Fun Guy @Mister_Fun_Guy

@peterjukes @TODAYshow Bad headline. It’s well-known that Bannon was VP of Cambridge Analytica. Of course they work… https://t.co/WbcdYHEEXj

@peterjukes Peter Jukes @peterjukes

@sivavaid Read more closely. They were working with the Trump campaign BEFORE Cruz.

@peterjukes Peter Jukes @peterjukes

Unlike UK politicians it looks like US politicians like @AdamSchiffCA are catching on to the #CambridgeAnalytica li… https://t.co/TQaZArxFsO

@JolyonMaugham Jo Maugham QC @JolyonMaugham

28 February. Theresa May promises UK will never agree to a Treaty that divides Britain and Northern Ireland. 19 Mar… https://t.co/5IwerJaDPb

@Howard_Goodall Howard Goodall @Howard_Goodall

The (widely predicted) beginning of the end of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, brought to y… https://t.co/PgkrEaA94J

@peterjukes Peter Jukes @peterjukes

The last general election was one example, but here's more evidence that the bullying arrogant antics of the right… https://t.co/qa7tW8kOAi

@JimCognito2016 Jim Cognito @JimCognito2016

I feel the right wing media in this country has made a major miscalculation when it comes to their political covera… https://t.co/zmTamEaUF7

@peterjukes Peter Jukes @peterjukes

BREAKING; Cambridge Analytica whistleblower says company worked with Corey Lewandowski, Steve Bannon https://t.co/FHjBFfJlLR via @TODAYshow

@WendySiegelman Wendy Siegelman @WendySiegelman

💥 Cambridge Analytica executives created a company in 2017 with the Executive Director & Deputy Chairman of Erik Pr… https://t.co/iLAez2cwSI

@Lorelei_174 Fiona Swann #FBPE #WATON @Lorelei_174

@thetommoriarty @peterjukes @GibsonBlackstar The country has been subject to PsyOps by non-state actors. Where the… https://t.co/Cjn4yhgVUv

@bmangh Bharat Manghnani @bmangh

The Attorney General of Massachusetts just opened an investigation into Trump and his shady election data company… https://t.co/OsRZXCGlyZ

@UntoldAnalytica Untold: the Cambridge Analytica Story @UntoldAnalytica

We've now got a plan for the first 5 episodes on #CambridgeAnalytica 1. The Fifth Battlespace (Information Operat… https://t.co/Z696vVZEJm

@Byline_Media Byline @Byline_Media

Do help fund the initial start up costs for this either at https://t.co/62Yv5WHLw4 or at Byline… https://t.co/w1779kEJBp

@ElectoralCommUK Electoral Commission @ElectoralCommUK

The Commission has opened investigations in some instances to ensure the accuracy of the spending returns for the 2… https://t.co/sG6kJE9DKJ

@peterjukes Peter Jukes @peterjukes

Extraordinary: the draconian and punitive response of @facebook to being warned of a massive data breach is also to… https://t.co/2atZQcdMZI

@MarkDiStef Mark Di Stefano 🤙🏻 @MarkDiStef

The Tories spent FOUR TIMES what Labour spent on Facebook advertising. https://t.co/jFn9zaaH42

@MarkDiStef Mark Di Stefano 🤙🏻 @MarkDiStef

Spending extra £7.5 million and losing your majority is truly one of the most epic returns on investment in politic… https://t.co/zxXZr1iie5

@peterjukes Peter Jukes @peterjukes

@ellinst You can always catch Chris and Carole at the Byline Festival @BylineFest

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