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Pro-Wrestler, Birmingham, UK. follow me on Instagram @PeteDunneYxB Enquiries; petedunnedefend@hotmail.co.uk

Birmingham, England

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@petedunneyxb Pete Dunne @petedunneyxb

@ItsSofsAlves Email petedunnemerchandise@gmail.com

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Belfast Aug 6th Mandela Hall Plus MICK FOLEY, Haskins, WCTT, Matt Cross (Son Of Havoc)&more Limited tickets… https://t.co/3YShFwfzGx

@suicidemorrow Paddy M @suicidemorrow

Insanity... yeah, cleared mate. https://t.co/NzFWOKnutB

Insanity... yeah, cleared mate. https://...

@DiscoWrestling Discovery Wrestling @DiscoWrestling

Bringing the 🔥🔥🔥 on bonfire night - #britishstrongstyle debut in Discovery at the Jam House on Nov 5th! Tickets on… https://t.co/orIxohvxlX

@petedunneyxb Pete Dunne @petedunneyxb

Flash sale on my store for the next 48 hours! 50% off select items https://t.co/ggygLoXDHS

@petedunneyxb Pete Dunne @petedunneyxb

@ThisIs_Progress @GentlemanJackG I'm the best now though https://t.co/XB8eONcjcJ

@ThisIs_Progress @GentlemanJackG I'm the...

@petedunneyxb Pete Dunne @petedunneyxb

Come fight me @ThisIs_Progress https://t.co/INkfP74uYX

@petedunneyxb Pete Dunne @petedunneyxb

1 year ago today William Regal saw me on this show in Mansfield https://t.co/e25cAUdjfr It's been a busy year... https://t.co/VXyYJ9SZeL

1 year ago today William Regal saw me on...

@petedunneyxb Pete Dunne @petedunneyxb

Looking at the screen to see your 50 minute flight is delayed 3 hours. Heartbreak.

@petedunneyxb Pete Dunne @petedunneyxb

@LionheartUK Every hotel is the same! Baffles me every time

@petedunneyxb Pete Dunne @petedunneyxb

Someone's job is deciding the layout of hotel rooms, yet there is never a plug socket next to the bed? Who's making these poor decisions?

@ATTACKWrestling ATTACK!ProWrestling @ATTACKWrestling

*BIG NEWS* We've putting on a show TOMORROW in Cheltenham. Please come and support our amazing roster! Tickets:… https://t.co/DiZO645R6k

@Ravie_Davie_McC The Fresh Prince @Ravie_Davie_McC

just finished a quality seminar wae the bold @PeteDunneYxB n hes just told me am no wrestling enough so the question is whose wanty help 👀?

@petedunneyxb Pete Dunne @petedunneyxb

Brand new #KingsOfKings shirt will be available this Sunday in Manchester @ThisIs_Progress https://t.co/RKId7OeqTe

Brand new #KingsOfKings shirt will be av...

@DEFENDIndyWres DEFENDIndyWrestling @DEFENDIndyWres

New products. 7PM. https://t.co/tGGwM6OHVp #defendindywrestling https://t.co/OTCiTM1gXs

New products. 7PM. https://t.co/tGGwM6OH...

@petedunneyxb Pete Dunne @petedunneyxb

SnapBacks will be shipped out tomorrow along with recent t-shirt orders Get orders in now for fast delivery 👍 https://t.co/xPKdundU6U

@petedunneyxb Pete Dunne @petedunneyxb

Reeked absolute havoc @LuchaForeverUK last night - apologies to the pigeon & referee that suffered pedigrees and pi… https://t.co/utzx3KV5a2

@petedunneyxb Pete Dunne @petedunneyxb

Merch merch merch https://t.co/1irD3815D8

Merch merch merch https://t.co/1irD3815D...

@ATTACKWrestling ATTACK!ProWrestling @ATTACKWrestling

THE NEON WRISTLOCK from SUNDAY now streaming at https://t.co/rqjjkY9XV1 from as little as £5.99! Feat. Pete Dunne v… https://t.co/zzTbsORVcN

@GolazoDan Dan @GolazoDan

Pete refuses to paint them like his French girls. @PeteDunneYxB @trentseven @Tyler_Bate @ATTACKWrestling ➡️… https://t.co/odF0rYgC3Q

@petedunneyxb Pete Dunne @petedunneyxb

I pick Connor McGregor to face @Travis_BanksPW - you can make that happen right? https://t.co/eFxIBQWcdj

@petedunneyxb Pete Dunne @petedunneyxb

It's happening. @luchaforeveruk for tickets https://t.co/VvKyhHxcpv

It's happening.

@luchaforeveruk for tic...

@GolazoDan Dan @GolazoDan

BSS hit a tope suicida-style Meltzer Driver on a chair! @PeteDunneYxB @Tyler_Bate @ThisIs_Progress ➡️… https://t.co/SZK7rWFRIQ

@petedunneyxb Pete Dunne @petedunneyxb

@JoshiPuro @KidLykos

@BSSgifs BSS GIFS. @BSSgifs

What a Orihara Moonsault from @PeteDunneYxB !!! --> https://t.co/s1kKiR6tru https://t.co/KEHpRSn1UP

What a Orihara Moonsault from @PeteDunne...

@petedunneyxb Pete Dunne @petedunneyxb

Tonight I successfully defended the @DestinyWrestle title on UK soil and called out Naomichi Marafuji. All in a days work! @LuchaForeverUK


BREAKING: @WWEUK Championship Replica Title now available on @WWEShop! https://t.co/8PP50U7UEN https://t.co/fOgc4oH41j

BREAKING: @WWEUK Championship Replica Ti...

@petedunneyxb Pete Dunne @petedunneyxb

Haven't been booking stuff very far in advance, opening up my E-mail for enquiries for September/October now; petedunnedefend@hotmail.co.uk

@petedunneyxb Pete Dunne @petedunneyxb

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