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Adman, Political Activist, Catholic, #Liberal, #Feminist man do #FreePress #FreeSpeech #FreeTrade I love poetry, music, movies, books, and women, of course!

São Paulo - Brazil

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@paulofranquini Paulo Franquini @paulofranquini

.@Kasparov63 :“The real Putin model of government is nonideological kleptocracy,” #RussianElection The Poison… https://t.co/bF4zQ5Ukwp

@CNNPolitics CNN Politics @CNNPolitics

Andrew McCabe says his firing is part of President Trump's "ongoing war'" with the FBI https://t.co/9JSwGnvZAl https://t.co/hnQ6KhFtx4

Andrew McCabe says his firing is part of...

@paulofranquini Paulo Franquini @paulofranquini

@luizapossi @elpais_brasil: Marco Aurélio Lopes, também era policial e vereador pelo PP em Paracambi, mas foi assas… https://t.co/Jevk3x6Ivk

@paulofranquini Paulo Franquini @paulofranquini

@luizapossi Caríssima Luiza, adoto a experiência de Epicteto desde 4ª, "Mantenha o silêncio em sua maior parte e fa… https://t.co/FGx7Zc9cEP

@snhr Syrian Network @snhr

The death of 36 civilians in #Syria on March 17, 2018: SNHR documented the death of 36 civilians, including 15 chil… https://t.co/E7c2iS7O5u

@navalny Alexey Navalny @navalny

Избирательные участки на Чукотке в 8 часов утра. Нам предлагается поверить, что это люди добровольно встали в воскр… https://t.co/ORg5sZ1bJG

@AP The Associated Press @AP

The Latest: The leaders of the U.S., France, Germany and Britain say they are united in blaming Russia for a nerve… https://t.co/f9koet0ojc

@bbclaurak Laura Kuenssberg @bbclaurak

No 10 releases joint statement from UK, US , Germany and France calling on Russia to explain itself and provide ful… https://t.co/836NgVdhJb

@paulofranquini Paulo Franquini @paulofranquini

@CNN I cry very easily, but today in those scenes there is happiness in the tear that runs my face now. #NeverAgain #NationalWalkoutDay

@paulofranquini Paulo Franquini @paulofranquini

@BettyBowers God, I do not feel ashamed to be a Catholic before, not now, Kudlow should, the walls of the White Hou… https://t.co/VjJcGymcin

@paulofranquini Paulo Franquini @paulofranquini

@bollemdb Dear Monica, now it will get easier, economic discussions of the government will have full-time commentat… https://t.co/tLptKT4NO7

@paulofranquini Paulo Franquini @paulofranquini

@AP I do not understand, oppose but agree? Ok, when will the White House be the White House again?

@paulofranquini Paulo Franquini @paulofranquini

.@BarackObama: We know we can’t stop every act of violence, every act of evil in the world. But maybe we could try… https://t.co/6pvgttMgKE

@NBCNews NBC News @NBCNews

LIVE: @NBCNews Special Report: Students across the US join in #NationalSchoolWalkout to mark 1-month since the Par… https://t.co/KylIGhE2Xl

@faisalislam Faisal Islam @faisalislam

PM says Russia has treated the use of UK with disdain, “no credible explanation” ... instead treated use of militar… https://t.co/N1KrUn4JL4

@paulofranquini Paulo Franquini @paulofranquini

@IlyaYashin @Kasparov63; Alexei Navalny remains a legitimate opposition figure but has been banned from the electi… https://t.co/2WWYFBoX24

@paulofranquini Paulo Franquini @paulofranquini

@WomensMarchY America Has Failed Its Kids on Guns. It’s Time to Let Them Lead. #ENOUGH https://t.co/w3l7N3cGIn

@paulofranquini Paulo Franquini @paulofranquini

@sandraacoutinho Bom dia Sandra! https://t.co/i6yY7dGmci

@paulofranquini Paulo Franquini @paulofranquini

@navalny Dear Navalny, a good international diplomatic articulation can be seen as "war" in favor of the Russians a… https://t.co/TV6YMVKW1A

@paulofranquini Paulo Franquini @paulofranquini

@CDU Dear Mrs. Merkel, good luck, God enlighten everyone because there is no shortage of work, deflating the speech… https://t.co/a42vbKU7EJ

@paulofranquini Paulo Franquini @paulofranquini

@davidaxelrod No doubt!

@SenKamalaHarris Kamala Harris @SenKamalaHarris

Today, 7,000 pairs of shoes were left in front of the Capitol to represent every child that was killed by gunfire s… https://t.co/6eZGPZZAVR

@TheKingCenter The King Center @TheKingCenter

“Conscience asks the question, is it right? And there comes a time when we must take a position that is neither saf… https://t.co/DAU1XZ9qCs

@Alyssa_Milano Alyssa Milano @Alyssa_Milano

TOMORROW, students across the country are walking out at 10am across time zones to demand Congress take action to s… https://t.co/mtjHlgrJ60

@paulofranquini Paulo Franquini @paulofranquini

@jornalnacional Good night WB, RV, #JN team, good job and great night everyone!

@ConorLambPA Conor Lamb @ConorLambPA

52 minutes before polls close in #PA18. If you haven't voted yet, you still have time. Get to the polls, stay in li… https://t.co/ziXwpY1mfo

@paulofranquini Paulo Franquini @paulofranquini

@mitchellreports Dear Andrea, to much to be understood to effectively change, I cringe, in this case the producers… https://t.co/SILS5MwK7h

@mitchellreports Andrea Mitchell @mitchellreports

In the midst of all the State Dept drama we learn Claire Foy got paid less than the actor playing her husband on… https://t.co/ylg0mwlQbS

@paulofranquini Paulo Franquini @paulofranquini

.@NYTOpinion: Mr. Rex Tillerson will be remembered as one of the country’s weakest and least effective secretaries… https://t.co/mPS4TdSB2R

@paulofranquini Paulo Franquini @paulofranquini

.@Lagarde : The same reason crypto-assets—or what some people call crypto-currencies—are so appealing is also what… https://t.co/g9otr7sxSd

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