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Bien, bien. Yo también estoy berraco. https://t.co/2a4mfuWeKE

@herbivore_club #Herbiⓥore 🌱 @herbivore_club

With a simple change in lifestyle, you can take a stand against #animalcruelty, help the #environment, and feel the… https://t.co/L889dd6qNP

@JamesLough1 James Lough @JamesLough1

When Bob Hope was very old, his wife asked him where he preferred to be buried. "Surprise me," he said. https://t.co/lGscbOJKiI

When Bob Hope was very old, his wife ask...

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@profkeithdevlin Hahahaha good one, mate

@thinkprogress ThinkProgress @thinkprogress

UPDATE: The NRA is being supported by these companies https://t.co/uUhabbHdxF https://t.co/FFOYBlGiNk

UPDATE: The NRA is being supported by th...

@MateoCordobaC Mateo Córdoba @MateoCordobaC

Para los indígenas Uw'a, habitantes de la Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, el oso fue el primer ser humano. Su cultura dice… https://t.co/Ge0Wj2EHre

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It’s so rare nowadays to publicly admit one has had a bad idea, yet so immensely important. A Zen Monk once told m… https://t.co/IbzrSgkkT5

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@crabmusket @Trillburne Nah.

@darrenpriley Roll20sForThePeople @darrenpriley

@loisbeckett https://t.co/UyZlq8BFOs

@loisbeckett  https://t.co/UyZlq8BFOs

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Hobbes, on why men are unlike bees and ants, which lead a political and naturally peaceful life: They have no politicians.

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@notmydog @GeorgeShiber Stupidity is an open-ended concept.

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Perhaps one should take pragmatism pragmatically.

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Remember Mr. X

@jacobinmag Jacobin @jacobinmag

Malcolm X died 53 years ago today, just as he was moving toward revolutionary ideas that challenged oppression in a… https://t.co/P2xFoS23hj

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@SonOfEmerson Ánimo, amigo.

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@ternaryaug @traaaaaaannnnns Hahahahaha

@JasonHalle Jason🌊 @JasonHalle

I don’t break the law when I drive my car, but I do have to REGISTER IT I have to PASS TESTS to get a DRIVER'S lic… https://t.co/EW28SUWCnH

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@_ajata Eso es todo, compadre!

@Kasparov63 Garry Kasparov @Kasparov63

According to Trump, the FBI is wasting its time on the Russian election meddling "hoax" that Obama didn't do enough… https://t.co/NgCFpGCB1W

@DeLaCalleHum Humberto de la Calle @DeLaCalleHum

Apreciado @IvanDuque: No me fui 5 años a La Habana para hablar de Uribe. No todo gira en torno a él. Si ese hubiera… https://t.co/Rv0gMpNaan

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@Cloquis @wigomezv No, no es exacto. L@s guerriller@s, dentro de todo, abanderaron en algún momento una causa socia… https://t.co/qJCd2xSR31

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Hahahaha https://t.co/6V0hQ2u65p

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Makes sense: #Republicans will not support stricter #guncontrol, but they’re ok with stricter #videogames regulation.

@BadAstronomer Phil Plait @BadAstronomer

So what changed? Hint: https://t.co/Z399NVOWb3 https://t.co/UNbi4KeZoJ

@Christianvonroe Christian von @Christianvonroe

Vecinos, acerca del abasto de agua en @DelegacionBJ, les informo que el Sistema de Aguas de la Ciudad de México res… https://t.co/RtIYItw8PZ

@comitedelvalle4 comité ciudadano @comitedelvalle4

No hay agua en Del Valle, Tlacoquemecatl Del Valle, Narvarte,Iztaziuhuatl, Albert, San Juan, muchas de Benito Juárez@elwesomx

@KRUZAA_ Casanova 🇯🇲 @KRUZAA_

This is the most frustrating gif I've ever seen in my life https://t.co/eTzcg4LJfq

This is the most frustrating gif I've ev...

@keithlaw keithlaw @keithlaw

Nothing but respect for my Presidents https://t.co/ilebmpPDJs

@Toxicomano Toxicómano Callejero @Toxicomano

Todo el mundo sabe quien es el verdadero hp número 1 de este país. https://t.co/PG4wzLqcYd

Todo el mundo sabe quien es el verdadero...

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@eldeltapabocas @BogotaLogica Ah ese Petro...

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