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@paige_s45 paige starcevich @paige_s45

Where do I get my next tattoo

@paige_s45 paige starcevich @paige_s45

19 days till I’m on a beach with my best friends 😛☀️

@amandaxseward A @amandaxseward

ah yes iced coffee the most important meal of the day

@KylieChamberss Kylie @KylieChamberss

I want so badly to be the girl that wakes up at 6am and goes for a nice jog and then drinks her green smoothie head… https://t.co/gnlsDC1vY0

@michael_filardo Michael Filardo @michael_filardo

Roses are red Violets are blue https://t.co/GRd5WmbCNN

Roses are red
Violets are blue https://t...

@ashleyandsun Ashley @ashleyandsun

Torn between wanting a snack and looking like a snack

@paige_s45 paige starcevich @paige_s45

Ok it’s time for a new tattoo

@CurlyHeadJackyy J✨ @CurlyHeadJackyy

Yea cause I’m fuckin amazing. https://t.co/hOlvoQrjl7

@MYelnick megan yelnick @MYelnick

Can't live your life worrying about what other people think

@paige_s45 paige starcevich @paige_s45

The one time something good happens in my life

@connor_hannigan Connor Hannigan @connor_hannigan

Laying next to my charger watching my phone die https://t.co/w1krMA1kXN

@paige_s45 paige starcevich @paige_s45

Not sure if I’m even alive rn tbh

@paige_s45 paige starcevich @paige_s45

@brewski_babby Ok let’s pack up the car

@paige_s45 paige starcevich @paige_s45

@brewski_babby such a tease https://t.co/MwVxA8jug0

@Sievers12 emma sievers @Sievers12

hmmm.... semo greek life stereotype vine thread anyone??

@paige_s45 paige starcevich @paige_s45

@kiley_duffy7 Thank you! Love and miss u gf! 💓💓

@kiley_duffy7 kiii @kiley_duffy7

Happy birthday to my girl @paige_s45 love and miss you! ❤️❤️

@paige_s45 paige starcevich @paige_s45

@Star_ce_vich @AdamStarcevich Lmfao thanks bro

@Star_ce_vich Chase Starcevich @Star_ce_vich

Happy Birthday to my little sister @paige_s45 .. sucks you don't have a Valentine this year but that kid sucks anyw… https://t.co/EIjHMHya7Y

@paige_s45 paige starcevich @paige_s45

@LeahElledge24 Ily mama 💓

@LeahElledge24 Leah Elledge @LeahElledge24

happy bday to my baby girllll 💕 thanks for always keeping it real with me and giving me something to laugh about! m… https://t.co/tUf6L6m7kB

@paige_s45 paige starcevich @paige_s45

@brewski_babby Ilysm 💓💓

@brewski_babby Sarah Brewer @brewski_babby

HBD to the second sassiest person I know!!! Thanks for loving dogs, food, and being a b!tch to Leah just as much as… https://t.co/gHKdChrM2z

@paige_s45 paige starcevich @paige_s45


@kcalli_ Kelsey Callahan @kcalli_

Happy birthday to this crazy girl I’m lucky enough to call my bestie and roomie❤️ I love you and our 412 concerts,… https://t.co/chJgH6FkLl

@zoeyoneohone zoey @zoeyoneohone

getting flowers will always make me smile 🌸💐🌹

@steph_ostarello steph @steph_ostarello

it’s the little things

@paige_s45 paige starcevich @paige_s45

Happy birthday @babybluee32 miss seeing you at my house 24/7, have a great day! 🎈😄

@highkeylost @highkeylost

“Did you see my Snapchat story?” No actually I didn’t. I can’t even find my Snapchat story.

@paige_s45 paige starcevich @paige_s45

When your birthdays on Valentine’s Day.... https://t.co/rxbVMFVyZy

When your birthdays on Valentine’s Day.....

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