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@ozziecarr Ozzie Carrillo @ozziecarr

Severe WX planning #NexstarWX https://t.co/BnHnlZ2l4r

Severe WX planning #NexstarWX https://t....

@AnnWilson Ann Wilson @AnnWilson

Thoughts? https://t.co/bwq0ElJL1r https://t.co/FGV6lWpt39

Thoughts? https://t.co/bwq0ElJL1r https:...

@ozziecarr Ozzie Carrillo @ozziecarr

Good luck purchasing Metallica tickets when they go on sale on Friday, this thing is almost sold out.… https://t.co/x9ekdXbyNV

@ozziecarr Ozzie Carrillo @ozziecarr

Soon, @KTSMtv ground breaking ceremony for #Ktsm new studio. https://t.co/KxIrPtNml3

Soon, @KTSMtv ground breaking ceremony f...

@KTSMtv NewsChannel9 El Paso @KTSMtv

Several talented Pebble Hills High School students are preparing to show off their guitar skills at a competition t… https://t.co/KmKn5n6S8m

@ozziecarr Ozzie Carrillo @ozziecarr

I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/zjOs0p8MC3

@KTSMtv NewsChannel9 El Paso @KTSMtv

Join us on Facebook Live Tuesday evening as local doctors give their tips on staying healthy this flu season. https://t.co/WYMqSJMk1B

Join us on Facebook Live Tuesday evening...

@CNylanderKTSM Chorus Nylander @CNylanderKTSM

UPDATE: Traffic starting to move again Doniphan/Spur 16 as EPPD begins clearing crash. @KTSMtv

@KTSMtv NewsChannel9 El Paso @KTSMtv

It's #LawEnforcementAppreciationDay! We'd like to thank EPPD for protecting the City of El Paso! https://t.co/tREOEafxFq

It's #LawEnforcementAppreciationDay! We'...

@ozziecarr Ozzie Carrillo @ozziecarr

Indeed. https://t.co/5igwolCZEA

@sunny_hundal Sunny Hundal @sunny_hundal

Just perfect. Dutch journalist to new US Ambassador: you said there were 'no go zones' in Netherlands, where are t… https://t.co/lDYUmEBRpZ


Confirming iPhone owners' suspicions, Apple says it slows down processing speeds in older phones in an effort to he… https://t.co/Nb4AsvlEOQ

@KTSMtv NewsChannel9 El Paso @KTSMtv

WATCH: Families emotionally reunite at the border wall for today's "Keep Our Dreams Alive" event.… https://t.co/wi6Ff6F5jT

@WhitefishEnergy Whitefish Energy @WhitefishEnergy

@CarmenYulinCruz We’ve got 44 linemen rebuilding power lines in your city & 40 more men just arrived. Do you want u… https://t.co/LtoK507XHE

@ozziecarr Ozzie Carrillo @ozziecarr

Deep Purple musician makes surprise appearance on Sunderland pub stage https://t.co/802nUVdxkP

@KTSMtv NewsChannel9 El Paso @KTSMtv

Follow @AmandaKTSM on our Snapchat tonight! She'll be live-tweeting from the Montwood v. El Dorado game! #NBC9OT https://t.co/K4IeQd9MCp

Follow @AmandaKTSM on our Snapchat tonig...

@ozziecarr Ozzie Carrillo @ozziecarr

EAS & OEM summit. Emergency planning and coordination w/media and all levels of government. @NC9 @KLAQ @NWSElPaso… https://t.co/H8CQvbbuR9

@ozziecarr Ozzie Carrillo @ozziecarr

Scientists demonstrate that computer OS and short movie can be stored on DNA https://t.co/uW9HOUvMtc

@Breaking911 Breaking911 @Breaking911

RAW VIDEO: Crawfordsville, Indiana Police Officer Shoots at Actor on Movie Set, Mistaking Him For Real Bank Robber;… https://t.co/jbs9vnczex

@ozziecarr Ozzie Carrillo @ozziecarr

West EP rainfall. https://t.co/kAKBLb9nh9

West EP rainfall. https://t.co/kAKBLb9nh...

@NBCNightlyNews NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt @NBCNightlyNews

"I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you've thrown our budget a little out of whack," Pres. Trump says in San Juan. https://t.co/elVjo8aYQ7


Trump: “I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you’ve thrown our budget a little out of whack” https://t.co/sYZ09oUwUG https://t.co/CqdM8KQdi9

@DonGuevaraNews Don Guevara @DonGuevaraNews

#BREAKING: UTEP Names Mike Price Interim Head Football Coach

@JamesWagnerTW James Wagner @JamesWagnerTW

LISTEN TO THIS! I’m so scared for everyone on the #LasVegas Strip... ⬇️ https://t.co/5tH9NQCK3o

LISTEN TO THIS! I’m so scared for everyo...

@HBryanBHHS Bryan Heifner @HBryanBHHS

Active shooter Las Vegas strip I'm ok locked in my room lights off windows closed. Shooter is directly across the s… https://t.co/mpjFO5vauR

@ozziecarr Ozzie Carrillo @ozziecarr

Mass-shooting in Las Vegas. https://t.co/dfCZR7qDpx

@8NewsNow 8 News NOW @8NewsNow

#BREAKING: Metro investigates reports of active shooter near Mandalay Bay. Turn on #8NN for details at 11p https://t.co/7s73Z4BMxq

@KTSMtv NewsChannel9 El Paso @KTSMtv

BREAKING: Sean Kugler steps down as UTEP’s head football coach on Sunday, effective immediately.


Mother dog courageously rescues her drowning puppy.. 🙏🐶 #RescueDogs #Heartwarming #dogsoftwitter #HurricaneMaria… https://t.co/dfGvZlSqdG

@ozziecarr Ozzie Carrillo @ozziecarr

@NC9 behind the scenes and ready for State of the County Address. Facebook Live at noon. #nc9 https://t.co/MV5AmMidoZ

@NC9 behind the scenes and ready for Sta...

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