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  • "#OutFront tonight - ambushed, on a lie." @ErinBurnett on President Trump's relationship with the truth, specifically as it pertains to Michael Flynn. "President Trump has an issue with the FBI, he doesn't have an issue with lying," Burnett adds.
  • "I'm not going to jump in the sty and wrestle with Zinke." @RepRaulGrijalva responds to the insulting and personal tweet sent by Ryan Zinke, noting "this has been an M.O. for this administration ... if you're cornered ... you lash out at the individual."
  • Who said it: President Trump or Al Capone? CNN’s Jeanne Moos takes a look at the words President Trump has been using in his tweets and their similarity to mob words.
  • “I think it was always a dumb idea for him to stake the metric of his performance on the stock market,” Washington Post columnist @crampell says of President Trump. “He should be nervous because he told us this is how we should measure his presidency.”
  • "The Russians won. No matter what the result was in the election, and I think it had a dramatic impact on this, they won because we were so willing to believe all this,” Democrat @RepMikeQuigley on Senate intelligence reports detailing Russian interference

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