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Baltimore Orioles and Ravens Fan - I will always talk Baseball with anyone - Orioles Sunday Plan #CardboardMafia #TeamOberto #JerkySquad #YouGetOutWhatYouPutIn

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@oriolesrise Cliff @oriolesrise

@SBergerBOSTON I have not. I can't imagine that actually selling

@jawsespn Ron Jaworski @jawsespn

Giving away another #JawsFreeSBSwag gift... RT and Follow me on Facebook for details! ⤵️ ➡️… https://t.co/fVzTgD3uBV

@oriolesrise Cliff @oriolesrise

@SBergerBOSTON Thanks Scott. Picked up a lot yesterday love the 1933 games especially. Lots of stuff for my library too. Lots of fun stuff

@usahockey USA Hockey @usahockey

Less than 30 minutes from GAME TIME! #WinterOlympics Watch #TeamUSA vs. Finland live on @NBCSN or stream the actio… https://t.co/vjPsS7g3as

@oriolesrise Cliff @oriolesrise

@SpartyHawkCache @allsweaty @nlbmprez @teambrwnapparel Let me check the magic 8 ball https://t.co/z9hgT4UC3c

@SpartyHawkCache @allsweaty @nlbmprez @t...

@_rallycap Andy @_rallycap

Marlins: We're going to trade beloved players and slash payroll! Rays: Hold my beer! *Realizes no one is in stand… https://t.co/1pAxw6hwtY

@oriolesrise Cliff @oriolesrise

@SpartyHawkCache @allsweaty @nlbmprez @teambrwnapparel How could you possibly know that? 😂😂😂😂

@coreyknebel29 Corey Knebel @coreyknebel29

Why this has to be the video posted? Makeup... https://t.co/U3yWexFY63

@oriolesrise Cliff @oriolesrise

@mrdsgrumpy @MelRises @Rocky8284 @ishadow1 @Hheever @Markhoyle4 I didn't even wipe them down

@oriolesrise Cliff @oriolesrise

@Hheever Yup a lot of managers came thru

@oriolesrise Cliff @oriolesrise

@Hheever Rookie of the year

@oriolesrise Cliff @oriolesrise

@Hheever I think but DD signed it

@oriolesrise Cliff @oriolesrise

@sfrank760 the Eerie is no 44 and the creepy is no 81 https://t.co/OqnlP7hwnh

@sfrank760 the Eerie is no 44 and the cr...

@DubMentality Dub Mentality @DubMentality

Getting ready to do a little YouTube rip! @GundersonNathan @MBalsley @jklongwith @oriolesrise @SpartyHawkCache… https://t.co/kx6cgRtVhv

@oriolesrise Cliff @oriolesrise

@MikeMatson67 @pksteinberg @ediddy416 Looks like Richard Rambeck sorry for the poor photography. Not sure it is to check now

@oriolesrise Cliff @oriolesrise

@CeeMX97 @HughE_Dillon Happens a lot actually. They do have rallys not drag races though haha

@DannyT21 Danny Torres @DannyT21

Feliz Cumpleaños and Happy 80th Birthday to Manny Mota. One of the finest baseball men to ever play this extraordin… https://t.co/euSaRGgdFo

@Super70sSports Super 70s Sports @Super70sSports

You wait your whole life to get a couple of fucking at-bats and some stupid kid has to choke on a hot dog. https://t.co/v9ahf33z5u

You wait your whole life to get a couple...

@oriolesrise Cliff @oriolesrise

@MikeMatson67 @pksteinberg @ediddy416 That's why I tagged you guys haha

@oriolesrise Cliff @oriolesrise

@StrokerAceKid @ToddCooper30 Congrats!

@StrokerAceKid JAY ‘75 Duck,Duck,Goose & ‘17 ThumbWrestling Champ @StrokerAceKid

Thank you for your service brother! @ToddCooper30 u get this Game of Thrones coin! #RandomActOfCoolness https://t.co/EAPl0oo8vR

Thank you for your service brother! @Tod...

@oriolesrise Cliff @oriolesrise

My big ticket find from yesterday a full set of 1933 Lindstrom Games pinball style game on 1 side and a board game… https://t.co/m4EeXrcqqh

@oriolesrise Cliff @oriolesrise

@OffHiatusBBC Not Saturday in the Park I think it was the 4th of July? Haha

@oriolesrise Cliff @oriolesrise

@ishadow1 @MelRises @Rocky8284 @Hheever Those were Dickens and Cornwall mostly so no. And that was what was on it.… https://t.co/HBO1tPKlDA

@oriolesrise Cliff @oriolesrise

@OffHiatusBBC Not helping lol

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