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@LottiLuca Luca Lotti @LottiLuca

Una campionessa che non smette mai di emozionarci: Sofia #Goggia è ORO nella discesa libera, dopo una gara perfetta… https://t.co/JX9QM7maab

@onthehottinroof Eleonora @onthehottinroof

Jeopardy... LOL 😂 https://t.co/rAC9BEOTdH

@onthehottinroof Eleonora @onthehottinroof

Oh snap! And well done, Scott! https://t.co/FyFc1X36zo

@onthehottinroof Eleonora @onthehottinroof

@Coninews È possibile sapere come accedere a Casa Italia? Mi piacerebbe farci un giro domani. Grazie. #PyeongChang2018

@SkateCanada Skate Canada / Patinage Canada @SkateCanada

GOATs 🐐🐐 @tessavirtue & @ScottMoir #FeelTheMoment #VivezLeMoment #TeamCanada #ÉquipeCanada #PyeongChang2018 📸 :… https://t.co/rWOYBqjpJa

@onthehottinroof Eleonora @onthehottinroof

LOOOOOOOOOOOL 😂😂😂 https://t.co/mFOOfewH47

@ArashMadani Arash Madani @ArashMadani

Scott Moir on Tessa Virtue: "It was daunting to keep up with her work ethic."

@onthehottinroof Eleonora @onthehottinroof

@ItaliaTeam_it - Casa Italia è aperta al pubblico? Se sì, con quali orari, e come diavolo ci si arriva da Gangneung?😁 #PyeongChang2018

@jeremyabbottpcf Jeremy Abbott @jeremyabbottpcf

Watching Carolina skate is like falling in love for the first time. It’s beautiful, it’s special, it’s unexpected,… https://t.co/uGZj9fCnbf

@onthehottinroof Eleonora @onthehottinroof

@Skatrgurrl 💗

@ArashMadani Arash Madani @ArashMadani

Moir and Virtue -- https://t.co/wjpl5PzwyD

Moir and Virtue -- https://t.co/wjpl5Pzw...

@ArashMadani Arash Madani @ArashMadani

Scott Moir's bling -- https://t.co/IFLY59tovz

Scott Moir's bling -- https://t.co/IFLY5...

@onthehottinroof Eleonora @onthehottinroof

@JustinLambchop - Can you believe I was the first one to ‘woo’? At Canada House. Figure skating needs to become mor… https://t.co/icquTIVYbp

@meganmontinola Megan @meganmontinola

Patrice with the holy oils lmao https://t.co/qrHDMoea6X

@onthehottinroof Eleonora @onthehottinroof

Nooooooooooo... 😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/3jpNelkSsN

@DadeMeghan Meghan Dade @DadeMeghan

Who knew that my biggest concern heading into the ladies event is that zagitova does not unjustly overtake Medvedev… https://t.co/cpk10tTesc

@onthehottinroof Eleonora @onthehottinroof

@JustinLambchop You will be so proud of me... I can’t afford tickets to the ladies, but I can support… https://t.co/qrOWkdaTyP

@onthehottinroof Eleonora @onthehottinroof

Look who’s at Canada House today! Hi @Rad85E! 👋🏻😊🇨🇦 #PyeongChang2018 https://t.co/4rBhTzx0hs

Look who’s at Canada House today! Hi @Ra...

@N_Buckland Nicholas Buckland @N_Buckland

I LOVE THIS! https://t.co/1hCjG5b30t

@SandraBezic Sandra Bezic @SandraBezic

2 shared dreams…2 decades… 2 Olympic Gold Medals @tessavirtue @ScottMoir an extraordinary, historic legacy YOU DID IT!!

@icedancedreams jodie @icedancedreams

the comeback was announced february 20th 2016. they skated 20th in the sd and 20th in the fd. this is their 20th ye… https://t.co/VqwlQZLoWO

@MikaelKingsbury Mikael Kingsbury @MikaelKingsbury

They did it🥇!!! Congrats @ScottMoir @tessavirtue thanks for being so inspiring! Time to celebrate🍾 https://t.co/0ahAd5AxHm

They did it🥇!!! Congrats @ScottMoir @tes...

@thatonekimgirl Kim @thatonekimgirl

Scott Moir has amazing hair. That is all. https://t.co/OklaD7VQN9

Scott Moir has amazing hair. That is all...

@cbc_archives CBC Digital Archives @cbc_archives

Way back in 2003, before they won gold medals at the #Olympics, @ScottMoir and @TessaVirtue were two up-and-coming… https://t.co/7eGviMXhJ7

@kleong Kevin Leong @kleong

“Of the 14 winter sports contested by women at the PyeongChang Olympics, eight are called ‘ladies’ ’ sports (includ… https://t.co/w3sS7fEM5w

@bazluhrmann Baz Luhrmann @bazluhrmann

Come what may… this moment is your congratulations @tessavirtue & @ScottMoir on your big win last night for… https://t.co/hdMWe1Y7fQ

@youssef3781 Juan José López @youssef3781

Javier Fernández entrega medallas de chocolate a los niños enfermos del Hospital Gregorio Marañón https://t.co/2RAEW4dhuJ vía @sextaNoticias

@TeamCanada Team Canada @TeamCanada

🇨🇦❤️ #VirtueMoir https://t.co/6XSAWrEiSY

🇨🇦❤️ #VirtueMoir https://t.co/6XSAWrEiSY

@CBCOlympics CBC Olympics @CBCOlympics

Tessa and Scott ⛸️ 20 years of magic ✨ Watch: https://t.co/WBahSGNmmU https://t.co/3DVi34None

Tessa and Scott ⛸️

20 years of magic ✨...

@artincircles Isa @artincircles

The don't leaaaaaave! Come on, Tango Romantica next season, guys. Let's do this. https://t.co/kujLnAq9nB

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