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Khalid & Normani- love lies music video out now!) #BuyLovelies❤️ (Solo Stan, Kordeination) " one harmony is enough"

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@onlynormanii Love lies @onlynormanii

@musicnewsfact @LittleMix @Camila_Cabello Isn't she a racist? No thanks

@IIaurenizerr zel @IIaurenizerr

“Are you ready to learn how to properly say the n word and be a racist?” Trove Sivan gulped. Pewdiepie shutterd… https://t.co/vJjv7c0OYG

@NormaniKordei Normani @NormaniKordei

People who create their own drama , deserve their own karma .

@guccibonnet lex #LoveLies @guccibonnet

How she learned when she never acknowledged it? This is the first time she has ever spoke on it and she still didn't apologize.


these non blackies in my mentions calling me fake woke for being mad at someone who is not black saying the n word… https://t.co/pUJDV82FLk

@NormaniKordei Normani @NormaniKordei

karma has no deadline

@yoncesgalore tyanna ✨ @yoncesgalore

her stans are mad at her team for letting that get released when they should be mad at her for still not apologizing https://t.co/4mT2GMbAXJ

her stans are mad at her team for lettin...

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Dinner & dessert https://t.co/QkgIaNwxUe

Dinner & dessert https://t.co/QkgIaN...

@peydior nosotros niggermos 🇩🇴 @peydior

let’s also not forget she called Zayn a terrorist like ole girl was just hitting racism from all angles but is supp… https://t.co/IttGf3pfr9

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infatuated https://t.co/WRDeYLySqJ

infatuated https://t.co/WRDeYLySqJ

@onlynormanii Love lies @onlynormanii

@musicnewsfact She's racist oh na na

@jaliych @jaliych



@NickisMovie kyle @NickisMovie

@karlathefairy @musicnewsfact she called her band mate the n word! you just wanna make sure she always has a good n… https://t.co/a9N3VpILWZ

@Stanning4Talent PerfectFlop @Stanning4Talent

@musicnewsfact Why do they always use "13, 14, 15, 16 years old" as an excuse. I knew before i was 10 calling POC t… https://t.co/DQ6pfGV7Kl

@lmjstrilogy buy love lies ✨ @lmjstrilogy

This needs to be posted everywhere tbh https://t.co/gCkrA29Z5U


she admitted she did say nigger!!! oh now i'm convinced she called the good sis a nigger behind her back!!! how can… https://t.co/5ElL0Z16mo

@onlynormanii Love lies @onlynormanii

I don't care if she was only 15, Camila saying the n word is inexcusable, stop telling black ppl that we should mov… https://t.co/MN5GHhqPKA

@HoneyBunBey anthony butera 💙 @HoneyBunBey

The w***e people under this telling us black people how to react to her saying a word that she’s not aloud to use d… https://t.co/Xc6ZwpNbnJ

@onlynormanii Love lies @onlynormanii

Camila saying the n word at 15 is inexcusable idc maybe that's why she felt comfortable calling her band mate the n word too....

@onlynormanii Love lies @onlynormanii

@musicnewsfact Black twitter is gonna have a Field day with this one, good luck y'all https://t.co/rvARd5VTow

@musicnewsfact Black twitter is gonna ha...

@musicnewsfact Music News Facts @musicnewsfact

Camila Cabello addresses past leaked explicit texts and use of ‘my n*gga’ by saying that she was only 15 years old… https://t.co/MVzSKgCjxx

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Normani on @Andiluv’s Instagram post https://t.co/04aRXu3Grh

Normani on @Andiluv’s Instagram post htt...

@Iemonade ‏ً @Iemonade

“pop’s gangster of love” y’all have these interns just pullin shit out they ass https://t.co/wnAypJcqKO

“pop’s gangster of love” y’all have thes...

@Andiluv Andrea Hamilton @Andiluv

Hey! You guys know your AMAZING, right! Everything your doing for #LoveLies by @thegreatkhalid and @NormaniKordei m… https://t.co/U9FYhp2H5g

@onlynormanii Love lies @onlynormanii

@OnAirRomeo @MostRequestLive #MostRequestedLive HEY ROMEO CAN YOU PLEASE PLAY LOVE LIES BY KHALID AND NORMANI https://t.co/wja32W0VPc

@onlynormanii Love lies @onlynormanii

@OnAirRomeo @MostRequestLive #MostRequestedLive ROMEO CAN YOU PLEASE PLAY LOVE LIES BY KHALID AND NORMANI ❤️💙❤️💙

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MAXTRAX Playlist Update: Songs and artists I’m obsessed with like @amirmusiq @thegreatkhalid @NormaniKordei… https://t.co/yUwhqtpeRn

@onlynormanii Love lies @onlynormanii

I thought there would be a significant difference in streams I'm so shocked and happy that it's still blowing up! https://t.co/CeUaYxFN5D

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