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Lover of Jesus, sports, reading, beauty and coffee. Author of Loved As I Am. Podcaster at https://t.co/11jjxsByGA

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@onegroovynun Sr. Miriam James @onegroovynun

“Speak from that place in your heart where you are most yourself. Speak directly, simply, lovingly, gently, and wit… https://t.co/HUzrPf8BEr

@SrAndrewFSP Sister Andrew Marie @SrAndrewFSP

"Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, not even if your whole world seems upset. If you find that y… https://t.co/jNeiKETzuj

@TexasHumor Texas Humor @TexasHumor

#tbt to that time it snowed. In Corpus. ☃️🏝 https://t.co/N04ZxaNSOY

#tbt to that time it snowed. In Corpus....

@JackieFrancois JackieFrancois Angel @JackieFrancois

If this baby is born today on the Feast of St. John of the Cross, we are absolutely calling him Johnny Angel. Bette… https://t.co/vWveIEDrKX

@JRRTolkien J.R.R. Tolkien @JRRTolkien

"The enemy is strong beyond our reckoning, yet we have a hope at which he has not guessed." —Gandalf #Tolkien #LotR #Gandalf

@onegroovynun Sr. Miriam James @onegroovynun

#ThursdayThoughts 🗡👑 https://t.co/TTIngPuGnf

#ThursdayThoughts 🗡👑 https://t.co/TTIngP...

@onegroovynun Sr. Miriam James @onegroovynun

@stephenkruiser @mattfradd @cfoxespodcast Amen, man! Glad to hear it!


Please remember our dear friend, Fr. Andrew Apostoli, in your prayers. He passed into eternity this morning. Eterna… https://t.co/aPlaYG8wHH

@lecrae Lecrae @lecrae

The happiest people in the world love people and use stuff. The reverse ruins everything.

@onegroovynun Sr. Miriam James @onegroovynun

#WednesdayWisdom https://t.co/MfYyb1vryV

#WednesdayWisdom https://t.co/MfYyb1vryV

@onegroovynun Sr. Miriam James @onegroovynun

@SusanLeRue @heatherkhym @Teambenzinger Thank you! Many blessings to you!

@onegroovynun Sr. Miriam James @onegroovynun

It’s in our willingness to engage in the struggle that we get stronger. It’s worth it. No one gets fit just by look… https://t.co/qMbm9jQ5rL

@heatherkhym Heather Khym @heatherkhym

New podcast w/my dear friends @Teambenzinger & @onegroovynun part 3 of our Advent series “Be Still”. God speaks in… https://t.co/WSpg1GDYZn

@onegroovynun Sr. Miriam James @onegroovynun

@msantulli1 So glad the podcast episode is blessing you! 🙏🏻

@onegroovynun Sr. Miriam James @onegroovynun

@Jenny_B616 @heatherkhym Can’t take me anywhere...🙈😉

@onegroovynun Sr. Miriam James @onegroovynun

“Listen and let it penetrate your heart…do not be troubled or weighed down with grief. Do not fear any anxiety or p… https://t.co/hNj0UdeAzE

@DeathStarPR Death Star PR @DeathStarPR

#StarWars #TheLastJedi #NoSpoilers https://t.co/H0nU7ESshE

#StarWars #TheLastJedi #NoSpoilers https...

@onegroovynun Sr. Miriam James @onegroovynun

@EmmaRGeis Glad the podcast episode is blessing you!

@onegroovynun Sr. Miriam James @onegroovynun

Amen, girl. Jesus is indeed! 🙏🏻 https://t.co/btjAHGyZp6

@heatherkhym Heather Khym @heatherkhym

Finally podcast recording in person! Love these two beauties. #abidingtogetherpodcast @onegroovynun… https://t.co/fuO7KeJiSc

@hiphopaugustine Augustine of Hiphop @hiphopaugustine

used to be faithless but ignorance aint bliss was wanderin aimless I aim for the ageless feel like I can't miss new… https://t.co/vcTmlITpAI

@onegroovynun Sr. Miriam James @onegroovynun

Thank you Father! I’m so grateful to Jesus for these 15 years and all of you, my dear @SOLT33 family and friends! 😊 https://t.co/0TGdDWNmN6

@onegroovynun Sr. Miriam James @onegroovynun

@JackieFrancois It was a true gift to be with you and Bobby! Your love for each other heals the people around you.… https://t.co/jLVQr78pNt

@onegroovynun Sr. Miriam James @onegroovynun

For anyone who is struggling today...you are loved. 😘🙏🏻#ThursdayThoughts https://t.co/CuEGM8pVTZ

For anyone who is struggling today...you...

@onegroovynun Sr. Miriam James @onegroovynun

“Let us allow ourselves to be guided by [Mary this Advent], she who is mother, a mamma and knows how to guide us. L… https://t.co/HXI958L8IT

@DavidCal David Calavitta @DavidCal

I keep coming back to this tweet…. 7 years later. Still encourages and challenges me. It’s often a battle. https://t.co/WUQXjtmaif

@msantulli1 Michael Santulli @msantulli1

All of my @DivineMercyYM peeps need to listen to @onegroovynun Sr. Miriam and her friends discuss being Beloved by… https://t.co/7plmLlrKqY

@Jenny_B616 Jenny @Jenny_B616

Awesome Podcast!! I am a Beloved daughter of God and he whispers to me “You are never abandoned. Be still, I will c… https://t.co/TMxiJsHDzf

@onegroovynun Sr. Miriam James @onegroovynun

New podcast episode! Part 2 of our Advent series-Beloved #MondayMotivation https://t.co/QGvFTsWlsR

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