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@omojuwa JJ. Omojuwa @omojuwa

Chelsea have kept their shape very well and were more likely to score in the first half. Barça controlled the game… https://t.co/pro8r8HRdr

@omojuwa JJ. Omojuwa @omojuwa

William hit the post again. Argh! LOL. Rakitic is walking a right rope by the way #CHEBAR

@omojuwa JJ. Omojuwa @omojuwa

Dana plane overran runway? Dana have now signaled two major warnings whether the likes of @hadisirika are paying at… https://t.co/D0wRpRwRYj

@omojuwa JJ. Omojuwa @omojuwa

Training session.

@omojuwa JJ. Omojuwa @omojuwa

Hazard is auditioning for Real Madrid in this game. #CHEBAR

@omojuwa JJ. Omojuwa @omojuwa

Giroud x Morata on the bench. Hazard striker 😊 #CHEBAR

@FirstBankngr FirstBank Nigeria @FirstBankngr

Join @IbukunAwosika & @AAdeduntan at 12 noon tomorrow, as they discuss all female related issues alongside… https://t.co/STmiI2d7Au

@omojuwa JJ. Omojuwa @omojuwa

Iniesta 😊

@SylviaZ Sylvia @SylviaZ

Why not say the Kenyan photographer Osborne Macharia? You wouldn't write "hired an American photographer" as headli… https://t.co/UaiIy8xiq2

@ElayneOkaya Elayne @ElayneOkaya

Kenya has been a very good friend to South Sudan. It is therefore so unfortunate that Kenyans often face persecutio… https://t.co/rGt4Gu2WpM

@iSlimfit Wale Adetona @iSlimfit

Hey Queens, Nigeria’s biggest online community for women launches tomorrow! 💃💃💃 Join @ibukunawosika & @AAdeduntan… https://t.co/H6rXNaAAAc

@omojuwa JJ. Omojuwa @omojuwa

@Hamim_M_A Come with $1m.

@omojuwa JJ. Omojuwa @omojuwa

@AliBusuguma Loool

@omojuwa JJ. Omojuwa @omojuwa

It is to the Oscar's loss that an icon like Angela Bassett is yet to win it. It doesn't diminish her status in anyway.

@omojuwa JJ. Omojuwa @omojuwa

#BlackPanther OST. https://t.co/QMg2DszHpN

#BlackPanther OST. https://t.co/QMg2DszH...


So y’all mean to tell me Angela Bassett done played Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, Tina Turner, Betty Shabazz, Big… https://t.co/GBF2vcKryd

@omojuwa JJ. Omojuwa @omojuwa

@posseh We have unfinished business 😎

@omojuwa JJ. Omojuwa @omojuwa

@rihanna happy birthday 🎊🎈🎁 ❤️. See you soon! https://t.co/PsLoxvUnE7

@rihanna happy birthday 🎊🎈🎁 ❤️. See you...

@BizAfricaDaily BizAfricaDaily @BizAfricaDaily

With an estimated $370.8 million worldwide debut, the Marvel Studios movie #BlackPanther has demolished box office… https://t.co/1w3VpdnFXJ

@omojuwa JJ. Omojuwa @omojuwa

At least I know this one you just wrote. Good day gentlemen. Then you went on to ask if their Spanish is European o… https://t.co/diw8DNOOYv

@omojuwa JJ. Omojuwa @omojuwa

Henry, take out No. 5. There is no proof he finished from King's College. The names on that list deserve much bette… https://t.co/iw1IhlySHx

@KwabenaPoku Kwabena POKU @KwabenaPoku

Chai @OtiAdjei ur man dey trend for naija! https://t.co/hULbP6SGsK

@omojuwa JJ. Omojuwa @omojuwa

@GQ_Emmy Looks good but you'd need just about that amount to bring them back to the EPL. Outside the EPL, money no… https://t.co/nYxceTJKbK

@EVA_Nigeria EVA Nigeria. @EVA_Nigeria

If the @NGRSenate indeed believe in human dignity and have the future of Nigeria at heart, we demand that a new dat… https://t.co/n3ChHZ726t

@omojuwa JJ. Omojuwa @omojuwa

You get to decide what kind of history you are going to make! This is iconic #Repost… https://t.co/YZlr9FZqJp

@omojuwa JJ. Omojuwa @omojuwa

This is not something to miss #Repost @FirstBankngr with get_repost ・・・ Nigerian biggest online… https://t.co/vGF4V6vd09

@IamDoreenYamah Doreen Yamah @IamDoreenYamah

@Omojuwa I told my husband that it is @Omojuwa and he was arguing. The billboard is in central area in Abuja.… https://t.co/PpoLe9Viib

@thesncpodcast TheSNCpodcast @thesncpodcast

Fun fact about @TerfaTG: He served as the Head of Speechwriting for the former governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatun… https://t.co/DpU8fB2YMP

@thesncpodcast TheSNCpodcast @thesncpodcast

Snippet of our conversation with @TerfaTG on Temple Management. ⠀ Full link to the interview drops on Tuesday. ⠀… https://t.co/wrLXikoXn6

@thesncpodcast TheSNCpodcast @thesncpodcast

ICYMI: Our most recent interview is with DJ Jimmy Jatt. Tons of nuggs, personal insights about the legend himself… https://t.co/aYFjs5jwrx

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