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@ohphaedra Phaedra Verre @ohphaedra

@CleoConstantine civs: "pls tell me all about your most traumatic experience". gross

@damn_lui Satans Nut ♡ @damn_lui

me: *drinks a glass of water with a lemon in it* my body: https://t.co/NgxYYOEuyL

me: *drinks a glass of water with a lemo...

@ohphaedra Phaedra Verre @ohphaedra

@damn_lui I'm howling

@missblairwoods Miss Blair Woods @missblairwoods

Gentle reminder: an orgasm isn't the only indication that your sexual partner is enjoying themself. Orgasms are gre… https://t.co/fe050czCmB

@ohphaedra Phaedra Verre @ohphaedra

Big Announcement: I'm starting my tantra~~~ massage course this weekend, so I'll be adding that to my skillset in t… https://t.co/xsKKZkvVwp

@ohphaedra Phaedra Verre @ohphaedra

@DanteDionys Yeah. I realized there was no use in waiting for any response from the lover I was sexting. I already got the job done, tyvm

@ohphaedra Phaedra Verre @ohphaedra

Clients if you think you might be coming down with a cold, please, please under no circumstances still go ahead on… https://t.co/4wBSa2kIQN

@ohphaedra Phaedra Verre @ohphaedra

@MsLeanaLane Excellent response. I find it so, so very hard to remain so levelheaded, polite but firm as you do here.

@ohphaedra Phaedra Verre @ohphaedra

Wow. I just turned myself on, taking nudes.

@ohphaedra Phaedra Verre @ohphaedra

Entering the luteal phase of my cycle means this for my breasts: https://t.co/lvdWQzQe7L

Entering the luteal phase of my cycle me...

@MissVChicago Mistress Velvet 🇬🇭 ☭ @MissVChicago

Check out My interview with Huffington Post ✨✨✨ https://t.co/0oCYhxD08w

@rgay roxane gay @rgay

If the man in front of me leans back any further he will be in my uterus. And still he persists.

@ohphaedra Phaedra Verre @ohphaedra

@DanteDionys same. I think it's hard for me bc my identity is inextricably linked to sw....so to have partner who i… https://t.co/Q1n833dhs4

@ohphaedra Phaedra Verre @ohphaedra

@DanteDionys I find it really hard to give advice on that topic. It's usually just "dump him"

@_PetiteNymphet_ Petite Nymphet ✨ @_PetiteNymphet_

Then & now... so glad I decided to let my bush grow 💝 What do you guys think? https://t.co/O34hl92cdj

Then & now... so glad I decided to l...

@ohphaedra Phaedra Verre @ohphaedra

and transferring this to another context, when people ask "what do you do for work?", I sometimes answer "sex work"… https://t.co/khMJcc0AXJ

@ohphaedra Phaedra Verre @ohphaedra

"I have long known that the moment of queer pride is a refusal to be shamed by witnessing the other as being ashame… https://t.co/Cw8g4DABJ6

@NicolettexBond Nicolette Bond @NicolettexBond

My kink is watching hot intelligent women turn to sex work to rescue themselves FROM the underpaid sexual harassmen… https://t.co/3wPvEaDMYN

@ohphaedra Phaedra Verre @ohphaedra

@pablo_highsmith It is a very wholesome activity, imho. We have a pleasure button there, why not use it.

@ohphaedra Phaedra Verre @ohphaedra

@durian_ebooks so I take it you now know a lot about how the strokes sound like eh

@ohphaedra Phaedra Verre @ohphaedra

Clients who want to do me right should put this on and let my head hang over the edge of the bed https://t.co/R1RfY6Glqw

@ohphaedra Phaedra Verre @ohphaedra

#strike4decrim 8th of March https://t.co/qdwLNZiIU4

@ohphaedra Phaedra Verre @ohphaedra

I think I need to formally put this on my website,...but I absolutely *love* pegging and seeing how willing and wid… https://t.co/XqfncyUwO1

@ohphaedra Phaedra Verre @ohphaedra

@TrueLoveOphelia I knowww...I had the sweetest fucking client who bought a ton of Lindt chocolate and Haribo for ou… https://t.co/jZ66huyV79

@ArabelleRaphael Arabelle Raphael @ArabelleRaphael

Sex workers do not sell their bodies, they sell a service. Sex workers do not sell their bodies, they sell a servic… https://t.co/VbuO5NnHuo

@MeetJocelynMae Jocelyn Mae @MeetJocelynMae

going to work, a short story https://t.co/qILmcAn9jw

going to work, a short story https://t.c...

@ohphaedra Phaedra Verre @ohphaedra

It's real cute when clients allow me to go ahead and loot all the candy and chocolate in their room. I'm a very fru… https://t.co/QTxWeGlw44

@ohphaedra Phaedra Verre @ohphaedra

Royally fucked up the algorithm last week. New year, nu me https://t.co/6H3kirXarP

Royally fucked up the algorithm last wee...

@MrFilmkritik Denizcan James @MrFilmkritik

Wow, I had no idea Satan was so knowledgeable and generous with his time. https://t.co/JRLHiqff6O

Wow, I had no idea Satan was so knowledg...

@ohphaedra Phaedra Verre @ohphaedra

Outrageous abuse https://t.co/OadSlfT9O8

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