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@nswleft NSW Left @nswleft

https://t.co/91EnA7vlYG @taylorswift13 please rt if you want marriage equality https://t.co/8ryr0qla6w

https://t.co/91EnA7vlYG @taylorswift13 p...

@nswleft NSW Left @nswleft

https://t.co/91EnA7vlYG šŸŒˆ https://t.co/I7kjrl4IoE

https://t.co/91EnA7vlYG šŸŒˆ https://t.co/I...

@nswleft NSW Left @nswleft

ENROL NOW https://t.co/91EnA7vlYG https://t.co/vpLqJiSRKd

ENROL NOW https://t.co/91EnA7vlYG https:...

@lanesainty Lane Sainty @lanesainty

Actually it's a survey https://t.co/NnFJgQpPpZ

@Shorten_Suite Shorten_Suite šŸŒˆ @Shorten_Suite

Before @MathiasCormann thought Bill Shorten was a Soviet Sympathising Kiwi Colluding Secret British Agent #auspol https://t.co/OMzkpHr1xp

Before @MathiasCormann thought Bill Shor...

@terrimbutler Terri Butler MP @terrimbutler

I see Matthias is going full Bronny.

@GhostWhoVotes GhostWhoVotes @GhostWhoVotes

#Newspoll Federal Primary Votes: L/NP 35 (-1) ALP 38 (+2) GRN 9 (-2) ON 9 (+1) #auspol

@MarkDiStef Mark Di Stefano šŸ¤™šŸ» @MarkDiStef

tfw NZ scores. https://t.co/xpMulUaLtp

tfw NZ scores. https://t.co/xpMulUaLtp

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Sydney says yes! #MarriageEquality https://t.co/0gqYkFf3re

Sydney says yes! #MarriageEquality https...

@georgiakriz Georgia Kriz šŸ³ļøā€šŸŒˆ @georgiakriz

Rainbow Labor NSW handing out enrol to vote flyers in Newtown tonight. 5000 flyers gone so far. šŸ˜Ž#voteyes https://t.co/1bFdwnDOIj

Rainbow Labor NSW handing out enrol to v...

@AlboMP Anthony Albanese @AlboMP

Media conference today about Pacific Hwy upgrades and regional economy in Port Macquarie next to Sir Edmund Barton https://t.co/bIzyAMWCBh

Media conference today about Pacific Hwy...

@nswleft NSW Left @nswleft

"I would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for those damn political parties" https://t.co/M71Ep9Oe3l

@sabinahusic Sabina Husic @sabinahusic

yeah! like, how dare you prove he wasn't eligible for election! https://t.co/onvpelLStd

@MarkDiStef Mark Di Stefano šŸ¤™šŸ» @MarkDiStef

Call off the survey. The only result we need is in. https://t.co/HiYw7mYtHf

Call off the survey. The only result we...

@AlboMP Anthony Albanese @AlboMP

This week the Nationals became the multinationals šŸ˜‚ https://t.co/5aX4uAX9C5

This week the Nationals became the multi...

@louiseyaxley Louise Yaxley @louiseyaxley

Nick Xenophon asking British Home Office about citizenship status. His father from Cyprus (Brit colony til 1960) came to Aust as British.

@TurnbullMalcolm Malcolm Turnbull @TurnbullMalcolm

Sorry to disappoint. But saying we must comply with the constitution is not breaking ranks. It's a penetrating glimpse of the obvious.

@SenPaterson James Paterson @SenPaterson

Amazed at suggestions we should allow foreign nationals to serve in the Australian Parliament because two Green MPs can't manage basic admin

@tibbletwins2 Charlotte Kennedy @tibbletwins2

Nationals? More like multi-nationals!

@nswleft NSW Left @nswleft

Cue "Curb Your Enthusiasm" theme https://t.co/0MhdvHtBew

Cue 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' theme https:/...

@BevanShields Bevan Shields @BevanShields

This government is a disgrace. They announce cabinet minister Fiona Nash is a dual citizen minutes before Parliament rises #auspol

@nswleft NSW Left @nswleft

We've had someone message our Facebook page trying to work out how the hell to update their details from o/s. Any sā€¦ https://t.co/GbEmsVDI1q

@nswleft NSW Left @nswleft

Bleep bloop jobs n growth https://t.co/bNKWGVa7O9

@MurrayWatt Senator Murray Watt @MurrayWatt

Seems like an appropriate day to share this. Most of us here abhor racism and juvenile stunts designed to incite iā€¦ https://t.co/RiIcb5Q6Vu

@nswleft NSW Left @nswleft

James... we know you want to be in parliament but is this the best way...... https://t.co/uFRgr51z8B

@nswleft NSW Left @nswleft

Would marry the light on the hill https://t.co/FagJ2LnGDw

@nswleft NSW Left @nswleft

There's never a bad time to call Andrew Constance the worst https://t.co/E0bSMTLeoJ

@AlboMP Anthony Albanese @AlboMP

Enrol. Vote. Win. āž”ļø https://t.co/NqyjJ6ptMr #ThrowbackThursday #SayYes šŸ³ļøā€šŸŒˆ https://t.co/2UIqf0MICX

Enrol. Vote. Win. āž”ļø https://t.co/NqyjJ6...

@nswleft NSW Left @nswleft

Meh-mehs https://t.co/ZgKzpz1oH8

@nswleft NSW Left @nswleft

"If you want better coverage, be a better government" https://t.co/RhynOibHmy

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