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@KordeiRih Aliaa°○Gold Standard @KordeiRih

.@NormaniKordei Please give us something soon. We are starving for your voice https://t.co/3sDQJBZryJ

.@NormaniKordei  Please give us somethin...

@NormaniUpdate Normani Updates @NormaniUpdate

Normani at #TIDALXBrooklyn https://t.co/0sQsRrhAZj

Normani at #TIDALXBrooklyn https://t.co/...

@normanizerass noah @normanizerass

Normani's going to be a legendary performer in the future why are you so threatened lol https://t.co/J3OuZ1kODI

@NKHNews Normani Updates @NKHNews

PHOTO | Normani at #TiDALXBrooklyn https://t.co/FE89JnhjFh

PHOTO | Normani at #TiDALXBrooklyn https...

@CybersmileHQ CybersmileFoundation @CybersmileHQ

Our Ambassador Normani Kordei reminding us that we are all human and all on this earth with a purpose - so amazing!… https://t.co/L9qNl9zm2c

@normanizerass noah @normanizerass

Look at her last RT she saw the comment under that popcrave post jsjbwjaja https://t.co/g5gspezWLd

@normanizerass noah @normanizerass

Go to sleep carol https://t.co/QvR0C2526s

@normanizerass noah @normanizerass

@kordeiheavenly Nobody did


She’s slowly coming back to social media and showing personality. I missed this Mani 😭 https://t.co/VpSpY5qpD8

@normanizerass noah @normanizerass

@5HReVeluv I know but I think it was a bad idea to collab with a group if it would turn out like that

@normanizerass noah @normanizerass

Por favor has the worst solo distribution I've ever heard wow

@normanizerass noah @normanizerass

Can somebody dm me the link to por favor please

@normanizerass noah @normanizerass

The group is nearing its end

@Andiluv DOWN/Andrea Hamilton @Andiluv

LOL😂 My poor child😂 https://t.co/F8hZSZkJy1

@NormaniKordei Normani @NormaniKordei

@whoopmygodinah am I bothering you

@NormaniKordei Normani @NormaniKordei

@Cosmopolitan Thank you for allowing me to share my story. You lovelies can get involved this #BCAM by reading: https://t.co/Ob2Mrh0Qy3

@NormaniKordei Normani @NormaniKordei

#SpiritDay is Oct. 19 - Go purple now to take a stand against bullying and support LGBTQ youth! https://t.co/t2yReS7yyP 💜💜💜

@NormaniKordei Normani @NormaniKordei

How the hell you walk on the plane with flawless flourishing black girl magic skin and get off with a pimple in a matter of five hours

@normanizerass noah @normanizerass

@iLuff5thHarmony Her grandfather has cancer

@normanizerass noah @normanizerass

#IDriveFor https://t.co/YDSdDxENoA

@fifthsaoirsx petong. @fifthsaoirsx

CupcakKe's collab would sound 10000x times better. https://t.co/0uEQ6pXm7O

CupcakKe's collab would sound 10000x tim...

@MajesticNormani ᴺᴷLita⚜️ @MajesticNormani

@thegreatkhalid when's that @NormaniKordei collab coming ??😊

@NKHNews Normani Updates @NKHNews

Sending prayers to you and your family. We’re all here for you 🖤🖤🖤#WeLoveYouNormani

@normanizerass noah @normanizerass

@archivenormni Don't be, your account is amazing

@Blk_lioness Stephanie J @Blk_lioness

Normani motivates me to go harder when I'm about to give up. She's a strong talented queen. She's deserves lots of love. #WeLoveYouNormani

@Cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan @Cosmopolitan

.@FifthHarmony's @NormaniKordei: "They Think We Have It All Together, When Really, We Don’t" https://t.co/ptYIK5mzUe https://t.co/5B92yt5hLb

.@FifthHarmony's @NormaniKordei: 'They T...

@ShinyStew julia @ShinyStew

couldn’t be more thankful to call Normani my role model. fame is just an addition, this is the real purpose 🙏… https://t.co/TMeSd1KtSQ

@normanizerass noah @normanizerass

@PopFactsNews Do you have something about a Normani solo project/collab

@normanizerass noah @normanizerass

Normani has always been through the most and came out stronger every time I'm so proud of you and you'll prosper queen #WeLoveYouNormani


So it’s only okay to “complain” when Lauren doesn’t get a single line? Got it. https://t.co/vVIpEdCw1y

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