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@normanikordei Normani @normanikordei

I'm so proud of my baby sisters 💞💕✨✨ You beautiful girls are so radiant. I'm serious about our sleepover. I'm texti… https://t.co/eFOHkog9P0

@normanikordei Normani @normanikordei

@whoopmygodinah am I bothering you

@normanikordei Normani @normanikordei

How the hell you walk on the plane with flawless flourishing black girl magic skin and get off with a pimple in a matter of five hours

@normanikordei Normani @normanikordei

#SpiritDay is Oct. 19 - Go purple now to take a stand against bullying and support LGBTQ youth! https://t.co/t2yReS7yyP 💜💜💜

@normanikordei Normani @normanikordei

@Cosmopolitan Thank you for allowing me to share my story. You lovelies can get involved this #BCAM by reading: https://t.co/Ob2Mrh0Qy3

@normanikordei Normani @normanikordei

@solangeknowles you're perfect

@5HZoeira Farofa das Quinta @5HZoeira

QUE MULHER https://t.co/HQ38swfKHB



@solangeknowles solange knowles @solangeknowles



@poeticlaurmani Ophélie @poeticlaurmani

Normani’s smile is everything 😍 https://t.co/gmh29mFL4m

Normani’s smile is everything 😍 https://...

@psylockebf Sunspot🔥 @psylockebf

What do we gotta do to get them to turn up your mic @NormaniKordei

@CalvinKordei CALVIN™ @CalvinKordei

Normani is so damn fine. Fuck.

@normanikordei Normani @normanikordei

Always 💕✨👑 love you guys so much https://t.co/7AJDEuyLda

@dinahalfredo devilish @dinahalfredo

PiN THE SHIT OUT OF THIS https://t.co/1eBqaLH5PL

PiN THE SHIT OUT OF THIS  https://t.co/1...

@chadwickboseman Chadwick Boseman @chadwickboseman

The revolution will be live. #BlackPanther https://t.co/gakhMRYHLT

The revolution will be live. #BlackPanth...

@normanikordei Normani @normanikordei

love this so much https://t.co/ioNCRabYjL

@effectivedinah taylor ; @effectivedinah


@normanikordei Normani @normanikordei

@dreamingin5h hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahhaahahhahahaahhahahaahhaahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahhaah… https://t.co/RRk24YkVw3

@KISSFMPhoenix 104.7 KISS FM @KISSFMPhoenix

.@FifthHarmony rocked out to #HeLikeThat! @NormaniKordei @dinahjane97 @AllyBrooke @LaurenJauregui #Harmonizers https://t.co/n7MBkwRwCM

@kordeinty miau🎃 @kordeinty

Normani was serving vocals 💯🔥 https://t.co/aKGBHa8hcB

Normani was serving vocals 💯🔥 https://t....

@normanikordei Normani @normanikordei

😍😍😍😍 https://t.co/TLtpryQ8A5

@iHeartRadio iHeartRadio @iHeartRadio

We love our girls! 😍 #Harmonziers https://t.co/4CF3EtXeaS

@RapUp Rap-Up @RapUp

Fifth Harmony takes over “TRL” to perform “He Like That” and “Don’t Say You Love Me” https://t.co/8JKjeJUehf https://t.co/rjeH6Ay9Rl

Fifth Harmony takes over “TRL” to perfor...

@normanikordei Normani @normanikordei

🙌🏾🙊🔥 thank you thank you https://t.co/UDA4BRe2MB


enjoy the FULL PERFORMANCE of @fifthharmony's "don't say you love me" 🙃🙃🙃 #5HonTRL https://t.co/pzsjHHRrE2

enjoy the FULL PERFORMANCE of @fifthharm...

@billboard billboard @billboard

Fifth Harmony's "He Like That" performance at TIDAL X benefit concert was straight 🔥 https://t.co/Xe8nhLMrPP https://t.co/3Zy3ZV7ARx

Fifth Harmony's 'He Like That' performan...

@normanikordei Normani @normanikordei

@Blk_lioness thank you honey bun

@extratv ExtraTV @extratv

Yaaas! @FifthHarmony slaying the stage for a good cause at #TIDALXBrooklyn! https://t.co/ES4wigt1bR

Yaaas! @FifthHarmony slaying the stage f...

@normanikordei Normani @normanikordei

@saucedupnkh I can't keep up with the times lmao


today's #TRL guestlist 🔥 @LaurenJauregui 🔥 @dinahjane97 🔥 @AllyBrooke 🔥 @NormaniKordei 🔥 see you at 3:30p 😜 #5HonTRL https://t.co/4mUTnJSbQO

today's #TRL guestlist 🔥 @LaurenJauregui...

@DancingABC Official DWTS @DancingABC

It’s only fitting that #TeamViva kicks off the night celebrating the animated film that started it all 1928’s Steam… https://t.co/RYv9OkeNTe

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