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Promoting the seasonal #flu vaccination to #NHS & #socialcare staff. Protect yourself and those around you. Be a #flufighter. An @NHSEmployers campaign.

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@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

Have you seen @AdeleJoicey's story? It is a reminder that getting the #flu jab can save someone's life. Watch the f… https://t.co/leRVQxleuX

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

Our Imagine video clearly shows how important it is to get your #flu jab and is a great way to show that… https://t.co/ZLjbx6sgcp

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

Don't forget to keep reminding people that #flumatters. You can find all the facts, evidence and truth about the… https://t.co/1xoECNjttz

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

Scientists have created the first #flu vaccine in pill form: https://t.co/kqVRbiyn27 #flufighter

@NHSE_Wellbeing NHS Wellbeing @NHSE_Wellbeing

Ahead of our Health & Wellbeing Conference this Thursday 15th March, @paulfarmermind chief executive of… https://t.co/EEfsd4Gecw

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

Spread the word not #flu - we've compiled all our #flufighter myths here in once place, happy mythbusting!… https://t.co/nwuUio24iP

@kathymurphy0 Kathy Murphy @kathymurphy0

If your questions were not answered this flu season why not read and make an evidence based decision next year ! https://t.co/jdcdn9Lznx

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

If you've already begun planning next year's #flufighter campaign, read our communications toolkit and see how it c… https://t.co/7ThMLuHruc

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

We know that changing people's minds about having the #flu vaccine can be difficult. That's why to help you, we've… https://t.co/CNfEzInXbM

@NGHnhstrust NGH NHS Trust @NGHnhstrust

This winter #TeamNGH became flu fighters for another year! Watch our short video to see how our team have helped to… https://t.co/9esEBCwY3O

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

Read these good practice case studies which are specific to the care sector https://t.co/1Kabedq3e7 #flufightercare https://t.co/KGUgbAmWQK

Read these good practice case studies wh...

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

Have you begun planning next year's #flufighter campaign? Read through our guide to pick up some key strategies for… https://t.co/a3OlFobTxC

@JoanneReynard JO Reynard @JoanneReynard

@NHSflufighter Great tools to use - we are currently using some as a survey monkey

@ChristianLive Christian Bengoa @ChristianLive

#flufighter leads, you may also be fascinated by this free #NHSwellbeing conference which will focus on #NHS staff… https://t.co/jFn0Vpr3Pv

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

Check out our reviewing guide which provides great tips for evaluating your #flufighter campaign… https://t.co/DRlhG45yXR

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

@JoanneReynard @NHSE_Helen @AdamClarke114 @lucyburke91 We actually had to cancel our London event, Jo. Thanks for looking out for us though!

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

.@lizharrisFCPara's blog is gaining a lot of interest on Twitter today. Read it for yourself here:… https://t.co/KBhexMCXMy

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

Today is the last chance to enter our #flufightercontest. All you have to do in order to be considered for a prize… https://t.co/KvRJPWQtfg


Great day learning and sharing with amazing NHS #flufighters from across Yorkshire and the North @NHSflufighter hel… https://t.co/5qxuEcRdNA


How ironic - spreading my sniffles (not #flu) @NHSflufighter event today and planning for next year… https://t.co/YKwksylj6K

@JoanneReynard JO Reynard @JoanneReynard

We’re all mad for it #improvingflufighter @NHSflufighter #Leeds #wedidit @PHE_uk https://t.co/2O7frQoVm4

We’re all mad for it #improvingflufighte...


Christine's waving goodbye to next year's flu bug after our #improvingflufighter day today. Lots of 'flued' for tho… https://t.co/ynFC8vHqvE

@locala Locala CIC @locala

With colleagues from across the North to help put the fizz into #flufighter in the future #improvingflufighter https://t.co/rmZC0Lk35X

With colleagues from across the North to...

@SAMoorehouse Samantha Moorehouse @SAMoorehouse

Busy day listening to innovate ideas for 2018-19 #flufighers campaign #improvingflufighter

@sarahhtaylor0 Sarah @sarahhtaylor0

Great minds sharing their flu experiences #improvingflufighter https://t.co/KKSMfSq7rl

Great minds sharing their flu experience...

@hellieevans helen evans @hellieevans

Enjoying the conference so far, thought I was a flu campaign expert until today! Loving #fluvillas presentation… https://t.co/nVSqkVBqzt

@hellieevans helen evans @hellieevans

Lunch isn’t bad either #improvingflufighter https://t.co/QpXgcbK2Gz

Lunch isn’t bad either #improvingflufigh...

@helensugden Helen Houghton @helensugden

Learning lots at the flu workshop today in Leeds! #improvingflufighter @YorksAmbulance @YAS_Wellbeing https://t.co/yGQlxeaore

Learning lots at the flu workshop today...

@JoanneReynard JO Reynard @JoanneReynard

The brains behind #improvingflufighter @AdamClarke114 @lucyburke91 @NHSflufighter https://t.co/3laWrwUj2P

The brains behind #improvingflufighter @...

@janelordLPFT Jane Lord @janelordLPFT

learning some great stuff about improving uptake for flu 2018/19 #improvingflufighter @NHSflufighter @LPFTNHS… https://t.co/pDaEgofXyr

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