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Promoting the seasonal #flu vaccination to #NHS & #socialcare staff. Protect yourself and those around you. Be a #flufighter. An @NHSEmployers campaign.

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@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

@PHDCNurseSPFT @withoutstigma @phleadnurse 71% of frontline staff vaccinated before Christmas is a tremendous achie… https://t.co/Tedr5MMO7b

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

Make sure you check out this Christmas themed #flu video! Great effort from all the #flufighter's @LandDHospital 👏👏… https://t.co/ysviRwK3fQ

@CombinedNHS CombinedNHS @CombinedNHS

⚡️ “2017/18 Mythbuster mondays” by @NHSflufighter https://t.co/454b6tSJeD

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

Enter Decembers #flufightercontest. Use #flufightercontest, tag us, post a photo with a Christmas/holiday theme and… https://t.co/ryS4YGbfE6

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

Help protect yourself & those around you by getting your #flu jab and become a #flufighter https://t.co/jfcVF6PHq5

@HarvardGH HarvardGlobalHealth @HarvardGH

Global flu burden worse than we thought. The economy hurts when millions of productive ppl are off sick. Up to 650,… https://t.co/io9ySbyfif

@EMAS_AliCrowe Alison Crowe @EMAS_AliCrowe

#Nottingham EOC Flu Fighter, Clinician Claire Seabridge was the lucky winner of this years hamper for taking part i… https://t.co/4T8hLy5ugj

@CritchleyRalph Ralph Critchley @CritchleyRalph

Great leadership & commitment from our 'Peer Vaccinator of the Week' @SeniorNurseICHT who is providing flu vaccinat… https://t.co/qVO3aGiQnZ

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

The #flu bug can be anywhere! Be sure to get your jab to help protect yourself and those around you this Christmas.… https://t.co/HsnHfGjrqe

@LancashireCare Lancashire Care @LancashireCare

Calling all #LCFTstaff It's not too late to get your jab, pop in to the Bridge this morning! @NHSflufighter https://t.co/Zhkl7yrY04

@NHSflufighter NHS flu fighter @NHSflufighter

Stuck for New Year's resolutions? Why don't you decide to become a #flufighter and get your #flu jab. Let us know if you do!

@FluFighterSWBH 💉Flu Fighter Fred @FluFighterSWBH

Did you know that in the last 10 Year’s the Flu vaccination has been really successful in preventing Flu. So why no… https://t.co/6beyq627uI

@LPTnhs Leics Part NHS @LPTnhs

Let’s kick the flu together #LPTFluStars! Protect yourself, protect your family and protect your vulnerable service… https://t.co/rRaL9jiKM3

@NHSEnglandNorth NHS England North @NHSEnglandNorth

Flu busting is the theme of the 13th day of our #AdventCalendar. We're here to help disprove many of the common myt… https://t.co/k1XksE4mvp

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

@NHSEnglandNorth We agree, following us is a pretty good start. However, just following us won't protect you agains… https://t.co/8XeLSJNdiV

@ChristianLive Christian Bengoa @ChristianLive

In the space of 5min, you could be saving your own life and the lives of people around you - colleagues, family, pa… https://t.co/U1Pnv8IWtJ

@RoaringNurse ✨#HelloMyNameIsJoan✨ #FBPE @RoaringNurse

Never seen this before!! People were waiting for me to have the #FluVaccine at 06:00!! So popular that I've run out… https://t.co/fkLUptYeeG

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

@Poole_Hospital Monumental effort, great job team! https://t.co/ZyHEhs0NrI

@Poole_Hospital Monumental effort, great...

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

What an achievement, last year's most improved trust improves again! Bravo #flufighter https://t.co/bB1BVTgVqe

@WinnMatthew Matthew Winn ن @WinnMatthew

Another little reminder for all colleagues across @ccs_nhst #flufighter @NHSflufighter https://t.co/jAi8KmSjS7

Another little reminder for all colleagu...

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

A tragic reminder of how devastating #flu can be. https://t.co/8WCVJmofrX You can help protect yourself and thos… https://t.co/0HhPeFvMu4

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

If you're at Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals & yet to become a #Fluperhero, @FluFighterSWBH has set you a chal… https://t.co/nVgeoyEGdd


Watch our videos to find out if you're entitled to the free #flu jab & why it's so important… https://t.co/AwNaeaTB02

@Mersey_Care Mersey Care NHS FT @Mersey_Care

Calling all Mersey Care Staff… It’s time to open day 1 of our #FluFighter advent calendar. Flu kills 8,000 people i… https://t.co/YKdaHfEaoO

@NHSBartsHealth Barts Health @NHSBartsHealth

Hi #flufighters 👋 meet Rosie-May, she attends the Acorn Ward at @WhippsCrossHosp. She has a message for all those w… https://t.co/PoANbMkO3J

@nmcnews The NMC @nmcnews

Flu kills 8000 people in England each year – protect yourself, your colleagues and your patients by getting a flu… https://t.co/O1i5XTfD8h

@PHE_YorksHumber PHE Yorks & Humber @PHE_YorksHumber

Great effort that will protect vulnerable patients. Congratulations. If you are eligible for free#flu vaccination i… https://t.co/4765JDRmEj

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

Work for #socialcare? You can get a free flu vaccine at your GP or pharmacy and all you need is your organisation's… https://t.co/ggq5CMZEg3

@nhsflufighter NHS flu fighter @nhsflufighter

Time to bust some #myths!The #flu jab doesn't cause flu & won't make you infectious. Get all the facts this season… https://t.co/CNCsxNjFDe

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