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@nexstarcberg Christopher Berg @nexstarcberg

You were not alone! https://t.co/PdPL2aamNo

@ChesnerWeather Met Scott Chesner @ChesnerWeather

Severe Thunderstorm Warning has been expanded SE towards Jefferson and Marshall until 12:30am. If your car is outsi… https://t.co/lkYugIBDfr

@mskason3 Dynastie 🍫👸🏾 @mskason3

Share my daddy’s picture please https://t.co/V7QoEmtfqd

Share my daddy’s picture please https://...

@nexstarcberg Christopher Berg @nexstarcberg

Which one is Andrew? https://t.co/rb3QN9i2Ru

@AaronNolanNews Aaron Nolan @AaronNolanNews

So this is happening. 🐻 RT if @jackdoles pulls it off!! #RoadToTheOlympics https://t.co/M5re9Ln30G

So this is happening. 🐻
RT if @jackdoles...

@nexstarcberg Christopher Berg @nexstarcberg

Wow! If you ever wonder if you have more give in a tough moment just watch this! #digginsdiggingdeep https://t.co/zaKTOMxi4F

@MSDEagles MS Douglas Football @MSDEagles

It is with Great sadness that our Football Family has learned about the death of Aaron Feis. He was our Assistant F… https://t.co/f8TjvMlqdh

@nexstarcberg Christopher Berg @nexstarcberg

Nice selfie-stick! Who is the high school student flashing V for victory @wfaasebastian and what did you just win? https://t.co/21RuCtUbvU

@nexstarcberg Christopher Berg @nexstarcberg

Youbetchaderhey! #Go bears. https://t.co/Batg85VfsL


Italy TX school shooting. Suspect in custody. More information to come.

@Marcus_WX Marcus Bagwell @Marcus_WX

TORNADO WARNING (confirmed Tornado on ground): Franklin, Morris, Titus counties until 9:30pm. We're live on KETK &… https://t.co/pTy6mDvpNH

@ChesnerWeather Met Scott Chesner @ChesnerWeather

TORNADO WARNING for Henderson and Van Zandt counties until 7:15pm. Storm moving NE at 40 mph. Storm will be near Gu… https://t.co/Q2BAmxazhx

@AaronNagler Aaron Nagler @AaronNagler

Possibly the greatest scene setter I've ever seen. https://t.co/g8OnNJlhFh

@AustinKellerman Austin Kellerman @AustinKellerman

SPC 6 a.m. update keeps western and some of Central Arkansas under a slight risk for severe weather #arwx #ARNews https://t.co/Ji1O7IeqoD

SPC 6 a.m. update keeps western and some...

@donhudson_tv Don Hudson @donhudson_tv

Crazy scene on I-15... tanker fire. Do not get on I-15 near 74th South in SLCO. Closed both directions. More on… https://t.co/x1NdiiKLKz

@nexstarcberg Christopher Berg @nexstarcberg

Prayers are with Luke and your family Babe! https://t.co/iGP8YK1O7h

@nexstarcberg Christopher Berg @nexstarcberg

Agreed! https://t.co/57UE1fN6BP

@nexstarcberg Christopher Berg @nexstarcberg

And that is a short dude. #verticallychallenged https://t.co/VKB5KHxlEK

@nexstarcberg Christopher Berg @nexstarcberg

@AustinKellerman @NXSTMidwestGuy Actually it is FOMC, or fear of missing cow!

@nexstarcberg Christopher Berg @nexstarcberg

@PatWalkerWX Thanks Pat! 🤡

@nexstarcberg Christopher Berg @nexstarcberg

Can someone please tell this guy to smile!😂 #justpushingforperfect https://t.co/9kpvFFVLkK

@nexstarcberg Christopher Berg @nexstarcberg

Noooo dancing please! #coveryoureyes https://t.co/Ol3PCooHya

@nexstarcberg Christopher Berg @nexstarcberg

Very cool. Well done #NexstarAmNewsers https://t.co/6MMRoHOs9o

@nexstarcberg Christopher Berg @nexstarcberg

The #LoneStarNYE party is just about to start. @jackopierce is warming up and getting ready to rock @Saint_Roccos.… https://t.co/fJGA05dqYj

@nexstarcberg Christopher Berg @nexstarcberg

We are in full set up mode for @LoneStarNYE at @Saint_Roccos the place to be for great food @jackopierce and firew… https://t.co/4slcnQEumb

@8NewsNow 8 News NOW @8NewsNow

Still trying to figure out your #NYE plans? Revel in the excitement and party with us 🎉-- and do it from the comfor… https://t.co/U5roPZXkeR

@KristinNBC5 Kristin Dickerson @KristinNBC5

I'm soooo focused here:) Super excited for #LoneStarNYE tomorrow night! https://t.co/EEPkiosxZI

@LoneStarNYE Lone Star Countdown @LoneStarNYE

Because EVERYTHING is BIGGER in TEXAS! Are you ready for it?!! 🎇 Tickets: https://t.co/jcAb7l2RtR #LoneStarNYE https://t.co/Cmqjg62ODc



If you're still looking for a fun way to ring in the new year, check out this exclusive New Year's Eve Dallas bash!… https://t.co/Kcz5l62iGe

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