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Broward count, Detroit Lions CB #24 -- USU Alumn For business opportunities please contact @Danereese16

Detroit, MI

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@nevin_lawson Heard It was your birthday 🎂 Have a GR8 BDay!!! https://t.co/sYgUz9STeb

@nevin_lawson Heard It was your birthday...

@Scripture_Truth Scripture Truth @Scripture_Truth

I'm a Christian. I'm not perfect. Just because I mess up sometimes doesn't mean I'm fake. There's no such thing as a perfect Christian.

@nevin_lawson Nevin Lawson @nevin_lawson

Thanks bro!!! https://t.co/hQOnAqO9WO

@nevin_lawson Nevin Lawson @nevin_lawson

Thank for the Love Blessed to be a Lion!!!💯 https://t.co/G6Vjgmim75

@LionsPride Lions Pride @LionsPride

Happy 27th birthday to @nevin_lawson https://t.co/zJqMiQ97Qh

Happy 27th birthday to @nevin_lawson htt...

@nevin_lawson Nevin Lawson @nevin_lawson

@30Batman313 @_bigplayslay23 Thanks @_bigplayslay23 Thanks anyway bro I appreciate it.

@nevin_lawson Nevin Lawson @nevin_lawson

@TheAdamsEra @LSUCoachRaymond If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be where I am @LSUCoachRaymond gave me my first shot!!

@nevin_lawson Nevin Lawson @nevin_lawson

@Lawson_era94 @verified @Lawson_era94 bra you lame they ain’t gone verify you!

@DJChark82 DJ Chark @DJChark82

People don't understand that tho 7... https://t.co/3Kr6gOX0xE

@nevin_lawson Nevin Lawson @nevin_lawson

💯 https://t.co/Siv4u0lqR8

@Pastor__West Pastor West @Pastor__West

Dear Lord, Today, don’t let this world rush me into believing the lie; that i have to have everything already figu… https://t.co/U1trdvbWzH

@nevin_lawson Nevin Lawson @nevin_lawson

Ain’t no friends between those lines! https://t.co/NhOpWkDw7z

@yourrightscamp KnowYourRightsCamp @yourrightscamp

Crazy.. Somehow guns weren’t drawn here and the officer didn’t “fear for his life.” 🙄 https://t.co/ONgPlZk18V https://t.co/ToDyec86O4

Crazy.. Somehow guns weren’t drawn here...


18 years ago in @nflhistory... The @Patriots drafted Tom Brady with the 199th overall pick! 2018 #NFLDraft, April… https://t.co/9MtF4rpOpg

@AlexCarter Alex Carter @AlexCarter

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power & love & a sound mind.

@pick_six22 Asante Samuel @pick_six22

To accomplish the extraordinary, you must believe in the extraordinary. 🙏🏾

@Scripture_Truth Scripture Truth @Scripture_Truth

Commit to the LORD whatever you do, & your plans will succeed. -Proverbs 16:3

@gucci1017 Gucci Mane @gucci1017

Wake Up and Get Focused!

@nevin_lawson Nevin Lawson @nevin_lawson

@qdiggs6 No it’s not you just don’t have no jokes buddy!

@nevin_lawson Nevin Lawson @nevin_lawson

@qdiggs6 Ok Kermit @qdiggs6 I know bullfrogs don’t do good in snow! Lizard mouth ahh boi. Gargoyle face ahh boi. Sa… https://t.co/S6JZktDG2J

@nevin_lawson Nevin Lawson @nevin_lawson

Dang bra that’s real💯 https://t.co/dvtkAOfgu0

@ShannonSharpe shannon sharpe @ShannonSharpe

PLEASE LISTEN and HEAR what he’s saying. https://t.co/FiBCAuTL57

@LV_Sports Athlete Motivation @LV_Sports

This is one of my favorite quotes. https://t.co/uwATYm8fIR

This is one of my favorite quotes. https...

@Scripture_Truth Scripture Truth @Scripture_Truth

Little trials without God will break you. Big trials with God will make you. May you always find strength in God's love and faithfulness.

@Scripture_Truth Scripture Truth @Scripture_Truth

Satan seeks to defeat you by tempting you to trust your own wisdom, to live according to ur self-centered feelings and to gratify your flesh

@lanetaylor65 Lane Taylor @lanetaylor65

“Christ reminds us over and over that life is about God, about others, and about loving the world with and for Him.” -Tony Dungy

@qdiggs6 Quandre Diggs @qdiggs6

Don’t ever forget how they tried to write you off Nino!!!

@yourrightscamp KnowYourRightsCamp @yourrightscamp

Facts from Australia. #RP @francismmaxwell https://t.co/MwzM3WGhPA

Facts from Australia. #RP @francismmaxwe...

@AdamSchefter Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter

A half century ago today, Martin Luther King Jr. lost his life in Memphis. His memory, and mission, live on.

@nevin_lawson Nevin Lawson @nevin_lawson

🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/GQZCMhu6jc

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