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@AndySwift Andy Swift @AndySwift

I'm already obsessed with Netflix's Sabrina series, mostly because I've never seen phrases like "Zelda believes the… https://t.co/IlbkmOwIXr

@ManMadeMovies ManMadeMovies @ManMadeMovies

Ahead of @mute's premiere on @netflix on Friday, @tommphilip looks back at @ManMadeMoon's MOON for @GQMagazine https://t.co/28HlkqfwtZ

@netflix Netflix US @netflix

@VicNobu @strongblacklead https://t.co/nuXg67w9RF

@VicNobu @strongblacklead  https://t.co/...

@strongblacklead Strong Black Lead @strongblacklead

More like Snack Panther 💦 💦 https://t.co/uYs8ocwBOx

More like Snack Panther 💦 💦 https://t.co...

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@danidasme https://t.co/P24CLsSsBl

@danidasme  https://t.co/P24CLsSsBl

@NetflixANZ Netflix ANZ @NetflixANZ

The Crown Season 8. https://t.co/kztBk8RoBS

The Crown Season 8. https://t.co/kztBk8R...

@netflix Netflix US @netflix

Don't drop your Eggos. Rumors that the Duffer Bros are leaving Stranger Things after season 3 are false. https://t.co/x4kbL9990e

Don't drop your Eggos. Rumors that the D...

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@friendoflarry brb green lighting this

@netflix Netflix US @netflix

@JoseLuisGMex honestly same

@netflix Netflix US @netflix

@MrsKenBurns @antoni @QueerEye buttttt have you tried it???

@netflix Netflix US @netflix

food baby https://t.co/Uak57Sa8hK

food baby https://t.co/Uak57Sa8hK

@netflix Netflix US @netflix

Tiffany Haddish will star in "Tuca & Bertie," Netflix's new animated series from the team behind "BoJack Horseman"… https://t.co/wEfdKedEgT

@deanorusalvarez phoebe @deanorusalvarez

Please watch Everything Sucks on Netflix! It’s a Netflix Original about multiple teens (and their families) in the… https://t.co/n45mJvgfKN

@netflix Netflix US @netflix

[takes deep breath] ok, so... https://t.co/JnmFA9817q

[takes deep breath] ok, so... https://t....

@DerrenBrown Derren Brown @DerrenBrown

The Netflix trailer for The Push has just appeared. Bang! https://t.co/C0Ag4QD8EH Thanks @vulture

@JessicaJones Jessica Jones @JessicaJones

Still angry. https://t.co/I7o8ZJcxBj

Still angry. https://t.co/I7o8ZJcxBj

@SCDiet Santa Clarita Diet @SCDiet

We’re fine! https://t.co/MKKvaATZIC

We’re fine! https://t.co/MKKvaATZIC

@sasssygee_ emaline @sasssygee_

@netflix eVerYthInG sUcKS doESn'T SucK, iN fAcT iT's FaR fRoM tHaT

@NetflixLifee Netflix Life @NetflixLifee

#MUTE from @ManMadeMoon premieres on Netflix on Friday, 2/23. https://t.co/IkwU8MJZWP

#MUTE from @ManMadeMoon premieres on Net...

@netflix Netflix US @netflix

@MannyMua733 https://t.co/Dc2aJNudMO

@MannyMua733  https://t.co/Dc2aJNudMO

@netflix Netflix US @netflix

@RyanPhillippe https://t.co/YFzuXFxYM5

@RyanPhillippe  https://t.co/YFzuXFxYM5

@netflix Netflix US @netflix

@thelaurengraham @QueerEye https://t.co/2CgSMtYGij

@thelaurengraham @QueerEye  https://t.co...

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@CarltonCuse https://t.co/EUbz265azc

@CarltonCuse  https://t.co/EUbz265azc

@netflix Netflix US @netflix

@kumailn @QueerEye https://t.co/behMv0TArM

@kumailn @QueerEye  https://t.co/behMv0T...

@netflix Netflix US @netflix

BRIDGET JONES DIARY (2001) https://t.co/k9itZ8VbWF

BRIDGET JONES DIARY (2001) https://t.co/...

@netflix Netflix US @netflix

@tannerbasset1 how many ARE YOU STILL WATCHING messages do you think you'd get?? 😭

@netflix Netflix US @netflix

@la_monotonia27 @HarvBanks @EverythingSuxTV mOvE iT tO tHe tOp oF yOuR LiSt

@netflix Netflix US @netflix

Kate McKinnon singing break! https://t.co/6gnY51hQC7

Kate McKinnon singing break! https://t.c...

@netflix Netflix US @netflix

@PaulRunecrow @EverythingSuxTV https://t.co/Hf37OvtYCn

@PaulRunecrow @EverythingSuxTV  https://...

@netflix Netflix US @netflix

Marie Kondo + Netflix = So. Much. Closet. Envy. https://t.co/qRnxyI1jh6 https://t.co/hYmxXcNJwC

Marie Kondo + Netflix = So. Much. Closet...

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