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  • Get outside and look up at the full moon this weekend to catch the last total lunar eclipse until 2021.
  • What's better than selling your website for $5 million? Going public at $200 million. Watch all the drama that happened behind the scenes in Silicon Valley in the 90s on #ValleyoftheBoom:
  • The bevy of high-speed flashes came from 1.5 billion light-years away, and they include one exceedingly rare repeating burst.
  • In making #ValleyoftheBoom, the creators wanted to "do something disruptive and interesting and shocking," to help bring history alive in a new and fun way. Go behind the scenes of episode 3 to see how the magic happened.
  • How can looking at the diets of ancient mummies help with modern medicine? Let's explore. Learn more about this and other stories at #Explorer

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