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@entangledtaco e pluribus 1 🇺🇸 @entangledtaco

So the information superhighway is a toll road now. @fcc @AjitPaiFCC #netneutrality

@exoticgamora Gamora🔥💖 @exoticgamora

#GOPTaxScam @GOP @SpeakerRyan You could provide US with great, cost effective healthcare 👉 negotiate prescripti… https://t.co/ArSyda6NHf

@finnick_Resists Finnick 🔱 @finnick_Resists

so @tedcruz is gay? i'm confused... https://t.co/jQrYwPoEl6

@RulingVenus 💞Venus💞 @RulingVenus

Just re-pinned my @ACLU info tweet. Why? Because "The war is far from over" 👇 Thank God for this organization C… https://t.co/c8qnbrQQdx

@exoticgamora Gamora🔥💖 @exoticgamora

@rabblerouserjr #NetNeutrality is being challenged in court Keep calling your MoC to overturn the bad FCC… https://t.co/iHjUPhqI8i

@JoyAnnReid Joy Reid @JoyAnnReid

The Trump legacy so far: - Freeing polluters to befoul the air and pollute ground water - Taking away millions of p… https://t.co/uUfKQOj7wg

@exoticgamora Gamora🔥💖 @exoticgamora

🔥🔥This warning flag to Congress and American public, is as far as former national security, intelligence and foreig… https://t.co/kLvcBH120c

@exoticgamora Gamora🔥💖 @exoticgamora

🔥🔥#TrumpRussia is a national security threat that must be addressed, immediately 14 former NSA, intelligence and f… https://t.co/7Utq3e22c0

@TrinityResists 💥Trinity Resists💥 @TrinityResists

Hey .@GOP Let’s start with: • #Healthcare for ALL • Maternity & Paternity leave benefits • A #TaxPlan that actually… https://t.co/Uax4UCH9rA

@tedlieu Ted Lieu @tedlieu

Appears Paul Ryan fully understands the Democratic tsunami that will occur in less than a year. Also, he is scared… https://t.co/DG3RdTLEoz

@IronStache Randy Bryce @IronStache

Paul Ryan doesn't think he can beat us. He's scared because of you. More than 55,000 people have stepped up and co… https://t.co/YD2MOx0PJK

@RedTRaccoon Red T Raccoon @RedTRaccoon

Try me @Uverse. You are already on a short leash. If you play games with plans and access you will lose a custome… https://t.co/Tt5QGkWBa8

@RedTRaccoon Red T Raccoon @RedTRaccoon

All eyes are on the Internet Providers now that Trump's FCC scrapped #NetNeutrality Here are my rules as a custome… https://t.co/NxIUW5SgSa

@DemWrite Nick Knudsen 🇺🇸🇵🇷 @DemWrite

What's happening now… Isn't normal. Isn't prudent. Isn't compassionate. Isn't patriotic. Isn't democratic. Isn't ci… https://t.co/YXsyHofQh9

@SenMarkey Ed Markey @SenMarkey

I plan to introduce a Congressional Review Act resolution that would restore the Open Internet Order and reverse th… https://t.co/mamoe0Utmq

@TheLoyalO The Loyal Opposition @TheLoyalO

The #GOPTaxScam is NOT a done deal. Keep calling! See the reply for our #LoyalO call to action or visit our site… https://t.co/UxiqSWB8lR

@alt_kellyanne_ KA-ristmas #StopTheFCC @alt_kellyanne_

So the FCC won't let me be Or let me be me, so let me see They try to shut me down on Twitter see, But it feels so… https://t.co/xsShMs0Eva

@natcookresists ☃️Natalie Grinch Cook☃️ ☎202-224-3121☎ @natcookresists

@GAA659 @BryanDawsonUSA @48Fan9 True, but would it be possible for the ISPs to block the usage of VPNs?

@BryanDawsonUSA Bryan Dawson @BryanDawsonUSA

Select corporate interests loyal to the government controlling what you see and hear is at the heart of #Fascism R… https://t.co/Dprw25ziIL

@Dobieblue Gina Austin @Dobieblue

Thank you is not enough 💕 #BlackWomen #AlabamaSenateElection #DougJones #TheResistance #RightSideOfHistory https://t.co/rzTevAtVTz

Thank you is not enough 💕 #BlackWomen #A...

@johnpavlovitz John Pavlovitz @johnpavlovitz

"White Evangelicals, You had a golden opportunity to stand in solidarity with marginalized people and to remind the… https://t.co/wm1Gb90Pdz

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