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I'm here to help @1IronMan2018 and #HeroesResist💥 in #TheResistance. 🕸 This is a fan account formerly known as @blackwidows2017. #AvengersAssemble #Shawarma

Avengers Mansion NYC

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@2HawkEye2018 HawkEye 2018💥 @2HawkEye2018

Tax Bill No Longer Includes Johnson Amendment Sen. Ron Wyden said Thursday that the Senate parliamentarian had blo… https://t.co/a8jAz8vCJF

@ScarletAvengers Scarlet Witch 💥 @ScarletAvengers

BREAKING https://t.co/YF3fBK9NvM

@AgentHillResist Agent Maria Hill 2018 💥 @AgentHillResist

In the latest Congressional tax negotiations: making the #GOPTaxScam's breaks for working class families expire soo… https://t.co/E9zDUFvXtJ

@CaptainsLog2017 CaptainsLog2017 🖖🏽🌵 @CaptainsLog2017

#Retweet Snap Call To Action Jeff Flake will be arriving at Phx Sky Harbor American Airlines Terminal 4 at 8:14pm… https://t.co/L000dFxSRE

@natasharesists 🕸Black Widow 2018💥 @natasharesists

@AGSchneiderman You are the best. https://t.co/DP7Z8b8kJR

@AGSchneiderman You are the best. https:...

@1IronMan2018 Tony Stark 2018 💥 @1IronMan2018

A) He's sold his soul long ago (if there was one.) B) He knows he'll lose to .@IronStache Can't wait to repeal a… https://t.co/z6gpRCHPFA

@GovInslee Governor Jay Inslee @GovInslee

Washington state will act under our own authority, our own laws and our own jurisdiction to protect #NetNeutrality… https://t.co/ItKBY3jfvX

@IronStache Randy Bryce @IronStache

Hey @SpeakerRyan. Word on the street is that before we've even gotten into the ring, you’ve had enough. Give me a c… https://t.co/qPT4fkXAon

@AGSchneiderman Eric Schneiderman @AGSchneiderman

I’ll be leading a multistate lawsuit bringing the resources of AGs across the country to bear in the fight to prote… https://t.co/bnlHioiDR6

@AGSchneiderman Eric Schneiderman @AGSchneiderman

I will sue to stop the FCC’s illegal rollback of #netneutrality. New Yorkers and all Americans deserve a free and o… https://t.co/Js7FAEj0t3

@BatmanResist Batman💥 @BatmanResist

@ScarletAvengers With you Scarlet. They used fake consumer feedback sponsored by Russian troll factories to undermi… https://t.co/Q5A0ClAGQQ

@ScarletAvengers Scarlet Witch 💥 @ScarletAvengers

Anyone one mad as hell???! They’ll pay for this. Dearly!! https://t.co/YBnOUpOWPz

@1IronMan2018 Tony Stark 2018 💥 @1IronMan2018

5 years since #SandyHook. 5 years since 20 families lost their kids & 6 teachers went with them. 5 years of nothin… https://t.co/pFPSdaHD2s

@Journorati Ron Harris @Journorati

When you try to watch the vote on #NetNeutrality streamed live from the FCC and you get throttled for exceeding bandwidth targets…

@natasharesists 🕸Black Widow 2018💥 @natasharesists

Trump got his birth month wrong. Melania didn’t sign her ballot. Ivanka’s was filled out & signed correctly, but sh… https://t.co/tTA9GW5bwb

@benjaminwittes Benjamin Wittes @benjaminwittes

Rod Rosenstein threw two of his employees to the wolves yesterday. I feel bad for him anyway. https://t.co/9e9cpYweNQ

@CapRogers2018 Steve Rogers 2018 💥 @CapRogers2018

Not good enough, Farenthold. Resign now. #FarentholdResign https://t.co/n6wWltSFoB

@natasharesists 🕸Black Widow 2018💥 @natasharesists

.@farenthold isn’t seeking another term. What Blake Farenthold needs to do is resign today. #FarentholdResign https://t.co/Y0hsRxdNa5

@natasharesists 🕸Black Widow 2018💥 @natasharesists

@anamariecox Those are the denizens of 4chan and Reddit, I’m guessing. I didn’t know they ever crawled out of the g… https://t.co/929RNoSc3v

@BatmanResist Batman💥 @BatmanResist

.@LindseyGrahamSC in office since 2002 unethically endorses @TrumpGolf after meeting with *45 Phone: 202-224-597… https://t.co/h9oqfOGYoA

@IndivisibleTeam Indivisible Guide @IndivisibleTeam

Our peer-to-peer calling tool is BACK and we've only got DAYS to kill the #TrumpTaxScam. After you've called your o… https://t.co/ymF0cVldQH

@MarkRuffalo Mark Ruffalo @MarkRuffalo

Dear @AjitPaiFCC , 83% Americans (75% Republicans) support #NetNeutrality. Why then are you so cravenly jamming th… https://t.co/GoQJVrO3HR

@natasharesists 🕸Black Widow 2018💥 @natasharesists

@RealGravitas @AgentCarter_SSR I didn’t create this particular gif, but I found it a while ago and I’ve been waitin… https://t.co/andiZxQijl

@natasharesists 🕸Black Widow 2018💥 @natasharesists

@1IronMan2018 From their hostility there arose something big: #TheResistance. https://t.co/RVQUJxK75u

@1IronMan2018 From their hostility there...

@1IronMan2018 Tony Stark 2018 💥 @1IronMan2018

@natasharesists https://t.co/jsKKhgdjXf

@natasharesists  https://t.co/jsKKhgdjXf

@BatmanResist Batman💥 @BatmanResist

.@TGowdySC of #SC04 in Office since 2010 Attacks #MuellerInvestigation, FBI ensuring prolonged Russian interferenc… https://t.co/uiqffymtY1

@Wolv_2018 Wolverine 2018💥 @Wolv_2018

Hey Republicans. Your #TrumpTaxScam giant tax subsidy for the wealthy and corporations is intensely unpopular, lik… https://t.co/MwGZAFjEbs

@natasharesists 🕸Black Widow 2018💥 @natasharesists

@prpltnkr @2HawkEye2018 @Coulson_2017 So sweet! Ozzy is a beautiful kitty.

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