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Fighting for a fair go for all Australians, if that means being a leftie, so be it. The planet must come first. 🌞

Port Stephens NSW

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@MikeCullen73 Writer in Residence @MikeCullen73

Oh, SA, you are a disappointment. The chance to continue on a true innovation track and be a national leader, or ru… https://t.co/QzE78NAEds

@sallymcmanus Sally McManus @sallymcmanus

The results coming in from Batman and SA a vindication of courageous leadership at a State and Federal level

@devalara44 Tweety just wants a fair society @devalara44

Plibersek, Wong, Kitching, Keneallly and Kearney! Gold for Australia! https://t.co/d4RT9KtRXA

@Vermeera Vermeera @Vermeera

The woman set to take on Peter Dutton https://t.co/8uYT5GkmEL

@JohnWren1950 John Wren @JohnWren1950

Dear @DanielAndrewsMP, if Libs win in #savotes, switch the electricity interconnector off. If they are dumb enough… https://t.co/gtnWkOn1Fn

@ChloeS4711 Chloe Smith @ChloeS4711

HOW πŸ‘ GOOD πŸ‘ ARE πŸ‘ UNION πŸ‘ WOMEN πŸ‘ #BatmanVotes

@SkyNewsAust Sky News Australia @SkyNewsAust

@AustralianLabor @gedkearney .@gedkearney will fill the seat vacated by former @AustralianLabor MP @gedkearney a… https://t.co/MPZHxqRwg9

@PaulBongiorno Paul Bongiorno @PaulBongiorno

Make no mistake the Batman win builds momentum for Labor and Shorten. Franked dividends issue negative narrative o… https://t.co/Q29AGVbku3

@giddeygirl Left? Vote Labor @giddeygirl

#BatmanVotes oh my goodness Ged did it! Wow! So wonderful. Despite the @billshortenmp div imp plan too! Winner!… https://t.co/YudBonfs9x

@GeorgeBludger Schloss Lulzville Schadenfreude @GeorgeBludger

David Crowe: "Now Shorten raises revenue from some of the very same older Australians he claimed to defend” This i… https://t.co/izziwcuAWH

@HuskyBobSays Robert Elliott @HuskyBobSays

@MGliksmanMDPhD @NannanBay @smh @GladysB She’s obviously got a huge blind spot.

@HuskyBobSays Robert Elliott @HuskyBobSays

@DrCraigEmerson @NannanBay That will only change with a change of government.

@MettaBhavana1 Metta Bhavana @MettaBhavana1

@NannanBay The focus groups are of interest. @michellegrattan makes a meal of colouring what they say, drawing subj… https://t.co/fdkE9gMdQB

@MettaBhavana1 Metta Bhavana @MettaBhavana1

@NannanBay Calls of backlash are premature. If Bill goes backwards in next Newspoll, that would be a backlash.Until… https://t.co/NNDojRotHX

@MettaBhavana1 Metta Bhavana @MettaBhavana1

@NannanBay Mind you, it is "very odd" Bill would introduce a difficult to digest policy days before Batman. We'll k… https://t.co/YNGRyJv36j

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