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Fighting for a fair go for all Australians, if that means being a leftie, so be it. The planet must come first. 🌈

Port Stephens NSW

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@AbetzFake Erica Betz @AbetzFake

Good riddance: even @rupertmurdoch's own journalists are hanging @TurnbullMalcolm out to dry #auspol #qanda: Malco… https://t.co/5DF9Fbxd6W

@CartwheelPrint Melanie McCartney @CartwheelPrint

It’s not contradictory, Dutton is a liar. Making a liar the head of ASIO et al is actually a danger to our national… https://t.co/dEYIo2iMQT

@SnowFlakeLeftie Lady Snow Flake ❄️ @SnowFlakeLeftie

@SkyNewsAust What about this #saga #ChineseDonatons to #WALibs and @JulieBishopMP .... Disgraceful to single out Da… https://t.co/RDIZKJ3TRG

@JohnPollock6 John Pollock @JohnPollock6

https://t.co/60AZ6sjJez via @smh Has he gone deaf?

@Thefinnigans Finnigans 天有道地有道人无道 @Thefinnigans

Nightmare in #Bennelong for @TurnbullMalcolm after tonight atrocious arrogant performance on #qanda by Fizz. It's p… https://t.co/1OmK7jn1aK

@PottsPointChap Jonathan 🏳️‍🌈 @PottsPointChap

@TaodeHaas Dismal, absolutely dismal

@TaodeHaas Tao de Haas @TaodeHaas

Anyone impressed with Mr Turnbull’s performance on #qanda tonight?

@Justpeachijo Joanna Sharpe @Justpeachijo

@TaodeHaas @Speak2usSofia Turnbull feels all powerful. Why? Even with Continuous disastrous polls, one seat majori… https://t.co/bqanfqAuep

@wsj2150 Dr.W.S.James @wsj2150

@NannanBay @AluckOwner Started back in March 2017 https://t.co/XU6CsYygkY

@davidlamond Tam o' Shanter @davidlamond

Agreed! Thanks @LaTrioli for an outstanding facilitation role last night on @QandA #qanda https://t.co/EWBXHSHadx

@Jansant jansant @Jansant

Dutton lied. What else does Dutton lie about? Hey @abcnews, that's a Minister of the Crown caught lying to the pu… https://t.co/wm4ltzOU40

@nannanbay Nannan Nelson Bay 🌈 @nannanbay

RT Please take the time to let Guthrie know we are angry at the loss of brilliant news programs on her new… https://t.co/yXW54JJr82

@TAFEeducation Adam Curlis @TAFEeducation

Set up to fail by the very Govt we elected to protect our right to high quality affordable education. Need a better… https://t.co/wHNM8nSxR5

@ItsBouquet Coalition Tea Lady @ItsBouquet

He appears to have emerged from it being universally regarded as a shit. https://t.co/Vn77kmewQY

@bugwannostra Mark Dickenson YES! @bugwannostra

.@TurnbullMalcolm is talking about Kevin Rudd. Your government holds 2,000 people on #Nauru & #Manus with no soluti… https://t.co/3aV2XvVbqV

@daveyk317 #StopGreed @daveyk317

It’s obvious that Turnbull doesn’t know how to speak to real people. I wonder when the last time he spent any time… https://t.co/WQV3N1AXvv

@unionsaustralia Australian Unions @unionsaustralia

The NBN was meant to be a nation-changing infrastructure. And Turnbull wrecked it for short term political gain. Th… https://t.co/hnqem7Vq8t

@cathywilcox1 The Cathy Wilcox @cathywilcox1

Malcolm, the audience is basically begging for you to show some leadership, and what they’re getting is an arrogant… https://t.co/30FTDzuAAT

@Jim_Pembroke Jim Pembroke @Jim_Pembroke

Turnbull is really screwing this up. Defensive, belligerent, arrogant responses to perfectly reasonable questions. #qanda #auspol

@sagunasws Robyn J Holden @sagunasws

@brushhandsigns @donaldh66287394 @NannanBay MALCOLM—IF YOU HATE CHINA SO MUCH THEN STOP TAKING THEIR MONEY!!!!

@davethebinman Dave B @davethebinman

No Not that Ive seen https://t.co/cSnl3kJB9f

@Maintenonmadame Jane Pepper @Maintenonmadame

Very weird. It seems to be the thing for #Bennelong. https://t.co/x7UixeGU0I

@whereeveryouR Paul Dellit @whereeveryouR

Well, he certainly says everything he has on his mind - hence the silence. But to be fair, it's hard to focus when… https://t.co/tDMU6VvljD

@lorraindeer Lorraine Withers @lorraindeer

Nah not so weird. He isn't interested. It's over for him. Done dusted. IF he wins he will be so pissed off. https://t.co/cpyXOoy9n4

@ausgrrl Sharon Yoxall @ausgrrl

They're worried he'll tell one of his jokes - I say again, you ever seen John Alexander & Prince Philip together? https://t.co/UJv0aChZnM

@jboyded julie boyd @jboyded

If Turnbull claims the @samdastyari leaks didn't come from ASIO he's effectively admitting they came from his party isn't he? #qanda #auspol

@BustedGoldCoast BustedGoldCoast @BustedGoldCoast

Love it #YuanCanBuy #QandA https://t.co/wjdHvXv2hI

@JohnDunmoreLang John Dunmore Lang @JohnDunmoreLang

Julie Bishop, The best Foreign Minister that Yuan can buy #QandA

@Hillyhobbit Hilly #VoteYes @Hillyhobbit

#qanda If you are not angry about the dismissive and patronising way @TurnbullMalcolm spoke to Teela Reid last nig… https://t.co/xPMAFBr42C

@KieraGorden Kiera @KieraGorden

✔️ Condescending ✔️ Douche ✔️ Train-wreck ✔️ Bullying ✔️ Combative ✔️ Smart-arse ✔️ Offensive ✔️ Really off ✔️ Patr… https://t.co/8ZTbVLxFm7

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