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Fighting for a fair go for all Australians, if that means being a leftie, so be it. The planet must come first.

Port Stephens NSW

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@HydecomLorraine Lorraine Hyde @HydecomLorraine

@NannanBay Somewhere for the pigeons to land while they eye off their next target??

@jofrazer2 Jo Frazer @jofrazer2

@ABCthedrum Shite! What's going on on the Drum today? Has everyone had a liquid lunch or been fed yippee beans? All… https://t.co/SEfw0VwgA5

@EbonyMcKenna Ebs is voting YES 🌈 @EbonyMcKenna

These here are crazy times. https://t.co/DRd7VQ3Z5B

@Quidam9872 Mary Drury @Quidam9872

#thedrum SGrant merely wanted debate, but that inscription needs to be changed, I think. When things are wrong over time, change is reqd

@TheMurdochTimes Alt-Rupert @TheMurdochTimes

.@bairdjulia, you mean "the US-owned, US-based Murdoch Daily Telegraph." Why are you framing this around Murdoch goon outrage? #TheDrum

@ABCthedrum ABC The Drum @ABCthedrum

"Up until the end of the 20th century, history was written by white men. You can travel to big cities & find no sta… https://t.co/iEDALDlsod

@canthavepudding Julien Benda @canthavepudding

Look at Alan Jones tweet from this morning. What a grub. Jones wants to kick a 1st Aussie out of Oz? #thedrum https://t.co/02kHVZefjG

@mauricebilli armitage_shanks @mauricebilli

What a seriously immature country we are when we can't debate #AustraliaDay and #dutton goes all ape crazy. 🤔#TheDrum

@VeritasEver TruthSeeker @VeritasEver

#thedrum Captain Cook was a great navigator, period. Indigenous people "discovered" continental Oz & Tassie min. 65,000 years ago!

@Christo45046444 ChristopherPatterson @Christo45046444

#thedrum https://t.co/lJj7UUIvmi

@nannanbay Nannan Nelson Bay @nannanbay

It's showing that Peter Dutton has no education. #TheDrum

@nannanbay Nannan Nelson Bay @nannanbay

Why do we even have statues? Put them in a museum. #TheDrum

@nannanbay Nannan Nelson Bay @nannanbay

Bloody hell I'm in agreement with this person tonight too on this subject at least!! https://t.co/xVMjcQIXTk

@nannanbay Nannan Nelson Bay @nannanbay

#theDrum https://t.co/Ce4h4yjbqQ

@nannanbay Nannan Nelson Bay @nannanbay

Shit I can't believe I'm agreeing with this person! https://t.co/t7zt3Rx1xO

@Laudafinem Lauda Finem @Laudafinem

@NannanBay @smaccaroo Yes, and Julius was Emporer of Rome, that went well didn't it Andrew? 😂

@SteveFGriffin Apocalypso @SteveFGriffin

How this bunch of dribbling fools got elected should be regarded as criminal. Lying filth the lot of them. #auspol https://t.co/NmhG3oYwog

@LaLegale Michaela Banerji @LaLegale

@NannanBay This ignoramus is not aware that in this country there is separation between church and state. And he is a federal MP?

@Trish_Corry Trish @Trish_Corry

So the state of play folks is Shorten is accused of being an English Agent Shorten - Bond 007 Turnbull - Monty Bur… https://t.co/asjZ8n3DB4

@anstap13 Anne Stapleton @anstap13

When LABOR is returned to power it will be far too busy reversing the shambles left by LNP. What rot Cormann!!! https://t.co/tWyNGt915F

@nannanbay Nannan Nelson Bay @nannanbay

@david_lunt Geez social democracy versus failed crony capitalism...... tough choice! ! @MathiasCormann

@MarkBaileyMP Mark Bailey MP @MarkBaileyMP

LNP-One Nation-Katters just voted for Tully Millstream which wld drown 4000 hectares of world heritage NQ rainforest 🙄. Labor opposed 🌿🌴🌳

@kutinnaku Mr Misanthropic @kutinnaku

@NannanBay @davidbewart right i want only atheists in govt they are answerable to the people NOT a myth

@nomadityinfuse nickie 🏳️‍🌈 @nomadityinfuse

@EICostheta @NannanBay To believe ancient tales of globally contradicting powerful sky fairies whilst using modern… https://t.co/v1iTzwB18r

@nannanbay Nannan Nelson Bay @nannanbay

Gosh a choice between social democracy or failed crony capitalism. Gee it's a hard one! https://t.co/VEDeDtvJ5L

@sallymcmanus Sally McManus @sallymcmanus

The Turnbull Gment last week proposed laws interfering in unions to sack leaders & disband them. The East Germans w… https://t.co/63T5sUqIHn

@TheWillowGhost WillowGhost @TheWillowGhost

And still @cporterwa likes to hound the poor into their graves. There's something wrong with him. Zero self-awarene… https://t.co/8Jj8M3jlnA

@barriecassidy Barrie Cassidy @barriecassidy

Yep. Stan should go back to where he came from. https://t.co/XN8iJmkR7w

@nannanbay Nannan Nelson Bay @nannanbay

All the clever ones are leaving in droves given this govt doesn't value science or the arts. https://t.co/3wygiONIQM

@lionheartleojai Leo Jai @lionheartleojai

@michellegrattan @ConversationEDU Many successful people are leaving Australia under the LNP gov't. A crackpot Imm… https://t.co/ShimUkF3wb

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