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Married 32yrs.From NJ .Love Dogs,TV,Sci-Fi,Theatre,Beach,Happily Moving from TX to FLA.

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@Orville_Wikia The Orville Wiki @Orville_Wikia

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Let's have a party tonight & play a nice game of Latchcomb on the #OrvilleWiki!… https://t.co/zttOL1APPx

@PennyJJerald Penny Johnson Jerald @PennyJJerald

Isn’t life amazing 😉 https://t.co/eFbtKc2IkD

@MattCarterMedia Matt Carter @MattCarterMedia

BBC releases a new #DoctorWho logo for season 11 and it's absolutely different https://t.co/1LZA3BtDjo

@mzmolly2016 Lee @mzmolly2016

I have a compact disc player. https://t.co/mX1wU0Q8mO

@TheWalkingDead The Walking Dead @TheWalkingDead

.@wwwbigbaldhead says #TheWalkingDead Season 8 will bring fans a lot of closure. @EW has the story:… https://t.co/hSgfanUIwX

@BellevueWGNA Bellevue @BellevueWGNA

.@janemaggs4 and @AdrCMitchell talk about "How Do I Remember" https://t.co/t52aQLVVdA via @TheTVJunkies #BellevueWGNA

@people People @people

11 Gifts Perfect for Your Special, Furry Someone on National Love Your Pet Day https://t.co/l4cyBBWfcd

@mzmolly2016 Lee @mzmolly2016

People think there's a hidden message in the new Doctor Who logo https://t.co/EMqvUiMDyP

@JessicaJones Jessica Jones @JessicaJones

Still angry. https://t.co/I7o8ZJcxBj

Still angry. https://t.co/I7o8ZJcxBj

@SharonCTaylor Sharon Taylor @SharonCTaylor

Tonight‘s episode of #BellevueWGNA was directed by Kim Nguyen. Loved working with him! @billymaclellan https://t.co/e1WOVHeOX6

Tonight‘s episode of #BellevueWGNA was d...

@TVGuide TV Guide @TVGuide

Are you a fan of the new #DoctorWho logo? https://t.co/4xKt25NKai https://t.co/oepgNqP6AW

Are you a fan of the new #DoctorWho logo...

@Variety Variety @Variety

George and Amal Clooney donate $500,000 to #Parkland students' #MarchForOurLives https://t.co/g70vrREzcN https://t.co/y0ArKcDSrw

George and Amal Clooney donate $500,000...

@TheWalkingDead The Walking Dead @TheWalkingDead

Here's the story behind Lennie James crossing over to #FearTWD: https://t.co/awJs5ALI0x https://t.co/NGg4vKDuWu

Here's the story behind Lennie James cro...

@TV__Newz TV Newz @TV__Newz

The beautiful #DoctorWho logo for Jodie Whittaker breathes new life into the show https://t.co/91HS0QZMR1 https://t.co/ZgpTmEHq3e

The beautiful #DoctorWho logo for Jodie...

@mzmolly2016 Lee @mzmolly2016

Problem .ABC cancels everything. I saw the description & it sound great but ABC may not renew it after 1 season.The… https://t.co/LjMPN7XrDz

@mzmolly2016 Lee @mzmolly2016

Allie the Golden Doodle🐾. Watching Episode #11 Firestorm #TheOrville.🚀. I recorded Allie 🐶meeting the clown. It is… https://t.co/LqWNMRa5m5

@mzmolly2016 Lee @mzmolly2016

@EgotasticFT This is 🚀Firestorm #TheOrville @SethMacFarlane This is my Golden Doodle Allie. She loves watching ce… https://t.co/cwhlG53ueU

@SrdjanMJ Srđan M. Jovanović @SrdjanMJ

Had to be done. #StarTrekDiscovery and #TheOrville review by yours truly: https://t.co/2nDDwDhatE

@mzmolly2016 Lee @mzmolly2016

My issue with US TV is why is the networks do not air shows on Saturday Nights? Right now we have on USA Falling Wa… https://t.co/H8t9CHK4tL

@SethMacFarlane Seth MacFarlane @SethMacFarlane

From NYT: “In its heyday, television brought the country together, giving viewers a shared set of facts and experie… https://t.co/bJxt2fg9MU

@mzmolly2016 Lee @mzmolly2016

That is because Seth does have respect for women.Misogny is not his way. I know after the Oscars he was accused of… https://t.co/8wz1xDXcIP

@Orville_Wikia The Orville Wiki @Orville_Wikia

@LtAlaraKitan "You must have faith. In reason. In discovery. And in the endurance of the logical mind."

@mzmolly2016 Lee @mzmolly2016

Happy Arbor Day! 🌲🌳. https://t.co/fLkwwL4e3f

@TheWalkingDead The Walking Dead @TheWalkingDead

Watch @RobertKirkman's hilarious trivia panel from #WSCruise2018: https://t.co/qveMP19ftS https://t.co/rl40hVuuHu

Watch @RobertKirkman's hilarious trivia...

@lenahamilton Lena @lenahamilton

Lieutenant Malloy and Commanding Officer Grayson had an amazing time at #PlanetComicon this weekend! I need to lear… https://t.co/csCb67mh4e

@GunnerGale Gale Anne Hurd @GunnerGale

Love this! https://t.co/n6GXifCIXF

@TVLine TVLine.com @TVLine

TVLine Items: #SantaClaritaDiet Return Date, #TrueDetective Adds #AliasGrace Star, John Noble APPEARS on #Legends a… https://t.co/PABL7HIOv5

@ClickHole ClickHole @ClickHole

Pregnant Wife Runs Husband Over With Gender Reveal Bus https://t.co/saoqRYUpHr https://t.co/hzpq0si8JY

Pregnant Wife Runs Husband Over With Gen...

@mzmolly2016 Lee @mzmolly2016

Great show ! https://t.co/m50vhcDeP6

@MattCarterMedia Matt Carter @MattCarterMedia

We're back with another #Absentia season 2 character spotlight! Today, the focus is on Patrick Heusinger as Nick Du… https://t.co/MNz9i3FJdO

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