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Married 32years to the best husband. 4 Dogs. I am 5ft tall, cute small voice,half Sicilian from NJ (so don't get me mad).Love Dogs,TV,Sci-Fi,Theatre,Beach.

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@netflix Netflix US @netflix

Enjoy these special, never before seen moments with Babs. https://t.co/vzJngqZFFf

Enjoy these special, never before seen m...

@MattCarterMedia Matt Carter @MattCarterMedia

The #Lucifer fall finale asks a key question: Can a devil have a conscience? https://t.co/yDfzZj1cwT

@MajorCrimesHQ Major Crimes HQ @MajorCrimesHQ

"Right this way, your somewhat holiness." - Lt. Flynn to Father Jonas #MajorCrimes

@FamilyGuyonFOX Family Guy @FamilyGuyonFOX

Oh no you didn't. 🐔 #FamilyGuy https://t.co/hONmR8wVFD

Oh no you didn't. 🐔 #FamilyGuy https://t...

@goodbehaviortnt Good Behavior @goodbehaviortnt

These bloopers will make you love the cast even more. #GoodBehavior https://t.co/srFl9Cjljb

These bloopers will make you love the ca...

@PopularPups Puppies 🐶 @PopularPups

you know what time it is https://t.co/urt3077lAW

you know what time it is https://t.co/ur...

@Brooklyn99FOX Brooklyn Nine-Nine @Brooklyn99FOX

Thanksgiving pro-tip: just get everyone drunk. Stream last night's episode of #Brooklyn99: https://t.co/LG1czKveDp https://t.co/Gtf2ZVLNQl

Thanksgiving pro-tip: just get everyone...

@TVGuide TV Guide @TVGuide

Is that mysterious #TheWalkingDead helicopter setting up the #FearTWD crossover? https://t.co/jVMM7fd490 https://t.co/qhBQtDphb0

Is that mysterious #TheWalkingDead helic...


We're making progress detecting & characterizing near-Earth objects that pose the greatest risk if they were to col… https://t.co/lCtbJXQTCe

@mzmolly2016 Lee @mzmolly2016

I made mine tonight also .They look great .. https://t.co/e77FdBbrwh

@analauralux st. laura 🦃 @analauralux

so I’m just two episodes in but I officially love @TheOrville 😭😭

@Luv4ScottGrimes 4The❤️OfScottGrimes @Luv4ScottGrimes

Very sad there isn’t an episode of @TheOrville tomorrow. 😒 But THANKFUL it comes back on next week.😉… https://t.co/hmbmrHxrtZ

@RealTonyDenison Tony Denison @RealTonyDenison

To all the Flynn Girls, Shandy Shippers and every single fan of Major Crimes I want to thank you all for your suppo… https://t.co/w3wQX18Q0s

@mzmolly2016 Lee @mzmolly2016

Allie got her teeth cleaned today .She was the last of our dogs to get this done .She is a little tired .Teeth cl… https://t.co/Bn2QmnRSnm

@mzmolly2016 Lee @mzmolly2016

@SethMacFarlane @AdriannePalicki Congratulations on Season 2.Would Love 18 episodes !🚀 https://t.co/xPb0Ak60I4

@planetary_union Planetary Union Network @planetary_union

Thank you, PUNsters! You rock! Planetary Union Network: #TheOrville Fan Podcast topped over 1,000 daily downloads t… https://t.co/mCAj8xUVSr

@mzmolly2016 Lee @mzmolly2016

#TheOrville @planetary_union Seth and Adrianne will be on The Talk CBS on Thursday Nov 30.Check your local listing… https://t.co/lOq0yQB1Up

@mzmolly2016 Lee @mzmolly2016

Hey Senators is your job and pass bills to help Americans instead of this crap! Taxes and Healthcare.Please https://t.co/VvoE7UiVwt

@TheOrville The Orville @TheOrville

Happy #LifeDay to all the Obi-Wans. 🖖 #TheOrville https://t.co/PaiiPdRa5z

Happy #LifeDay to all the Obi-Wans. 🖖 #T...

@TheOrville The Orville @TheOrville

Wait, so now there's a pizza party? Catch up with the crew on #TheOrville's latest adventure! ➙… https://t.co/tc34ZMqZ2M

@TheOrville The Orville @TheOrville

But seriously... does ANYONE like clowns!? 🤡 #TheOrville https://t.co/BfKkI2F4uE

But seriously... does ANYONE like clowns...

@TheOrville The Orville @TheOrville

Hope you like cliffhangers. ➙ https://t.co/sZkojbPFv1 😳🚀 #TheOrville https://t.co/OETEidDvcw

Hope you like cliffhangers. ➙ https://t....

@TheOrville The Orville @TheOrville

Group huddle. 👊 #TheOrville https://t.co/KzMXjsjfsL

Group huddle. 👊 #TheOrville https://t.co...

@TheOrville The Orville @TheOrville

Settle, Captain Vorak... #TheOrville https://t.co/0HEER1R0SK

Settle, Captain Vorak... #TheOrville htt...

@LethalWeaponFOX Lethal Weapon @LethalWeaponFOX

Any man would when dealing with an angry Trish. #LethalWeapon https://t.co/0IFK7QzqL9

Any man would when dealing with an angry...

@LethalWeaponFOX Lethal Weapon @LethalWeaponFOX

We hope you enjoyed tonight's episode.Make sure to binge #LethalWeapon again during your Thanksgiving weekend with… https://t.co/BoJyGkYRwQ

@THR Hollywood Reporter @THR

The adorably handsome New York native rose to fame playing singer-guitarist Keith Partridge on Screen Gems' 'The Pa… https://t.co/u5rmmCOizC

@dogloverfamily Dog Lovers Family @dogloverfamily

Like literally she's the cutest 🏊 #cute #dogs #dog #pet #puppy https://t.co/xIvP30Gr9e

Like literally she's the cutest 🏊

@valhallapics ValhallaEnt @valhallapics

#BlackFridayDosAndDonts: Don’t crowd the door like a horde of #Walkers! #TWDFamily https://t.co/ZHDlEmJhOW

#BlackFridayDosAndDonts: Don’t crowd the...

@jackgcassidy Jack Cassidy @jackgcassidy

My uncle David Cassidy has sadly passed away tonight... & in the process of mourning I can't help but thank God for… https://t.co/ls8CszMMfT

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