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Shoutout to our friends at @MDAust who raised an amazing $23,565 at their annual #RunForStrength event this past we… https://t.co/4ZZ2RvXIwp

@wyverntales Sarah-Jayne Hucks @wyverntales

Help out Dr Geoff Warren Donate here @mycausecomau #itsmycause https://t.co/BL0DYO6Ozf Our local vet has been hospitalised, great bloke.

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

A huge CONGRATS to our friends @SeaShepherd_Aus for reaching their fundraising target! Can't wait to see The MV Ste… https://t.co/Vts7s6OkZ4

@mikeybear Michael Barnett @mikeybear

Helping Ayman Donate here @mycausecomau #itsmycause https://t.co/UWRwal8Sq3

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

Just over 3 days to go with @SeaShepherd_Aus's #DoubleDonation campaign! All donations are doubled between now and… https://t.co/SQvOh7xahS

@AndiSnelling Andi Snelling @AndiSnelling

Lyme is an obscure illness which requires obscure solutions. Please share the love this Valentine's Day! Donate he… https://t.co/sEpEQ8uZpO

@robynnesimmons robynnesimmons @robynnesimmons

Making a Difference Donate here @mycausecomau #itsmycause https://t.co/TmP9C97qNJ Donate today😗

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

DID YOU KNOW: February is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month? Every year, around 1500 Aussie women are diagnosed with o… https://t.co/H8z7vA1Ttj

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

mycause:press reel #itsMYCAUSE https://t.co/OERKEz3a88

mycause:press reel
#itsMYCAUSE https://t...

@yoghi1954 Lorenza Boenco @yoghi1954

#SOS Donate here @mycausecomau #itsmycause https://t.co/z9fdEZoEvi

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

Thank you @3AWNeilMitchell & @3AW693 for supporting Josh Davis. https://t.co/ERAIA7hmJf #itsHISCAUSE

@MoondriftCards Susan B @MoondriftCards

Helping Josh Davis Donate here @mycausecomau #itsmycause https://t.co/VzZ5lCJebZ

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

ON AIR: @3AWNeilMitchell from @3AW693 is chatting to friends and family of Josh Davis to raise funds for his recove… https://t.co/2vr222Y1JY

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

#DidYouKnow: 1 in 2 people will have had some form of cancer by age 85? You can donate to the cancer charity of you… https://t.co/xF42i4pYWm

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

@ACurrentAffair9 @pippabradshaw Please help the family of Anna find her https://t.co/AaQ1qBAP6e

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

Go Nikki! We hope you have good shoes! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ https://t.co/bCa3KeumBb

@cfellows65536 Chris Fellows @cfellows65536

Homeward Bound: Mary McMillan Donate here @mycausecomau #itsmycause https://t.co/YuNltmXnEQ https://t.co/XXjZse8iru

@Jeff_Hansen Jeff Hansen @Jeff_Hansen

#SOS Save Our Ship the MY Steve Irwin - Donate here @mycausecomau #itsmycause https://t.co/c2ereLDUPg https://t.co/97Qo7r8JiE

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Need some crowdfunding inspiration? Follow us on Instagram and find out what everyday Aussies are doing for their l… https://t.co/aamvgULgRP

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Meet Emma. She’s 36 and has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Her friends have put together… https://t.co/hX40urxTGB

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

ICYMI: Thanks @NewIdeamagazine for highlighting Morgan's campaign and her battle with Crohn's Disease… https://t.co/ubfx5RYYqt

@marijuanacomau Marijuana @marijuanacomau

Help fathers medical #cannabis legal battle for sick daughters. Donate here @mycausecomau #itsmycause https://t.co/TG4u6zRwTZ

@MNDVic MND Victoria @MNDVic

#Benalla save the date for your Act to D'feet #MND - from 8.30am on Sunday, 25 February 2018 at Lake Benalla Foresh… https://t.co/XudWLqzeR0

@ausoftheyear AusoftheYearAwards @ausoftheyear

A stellar athlete and international role model for women's sport - the 2018 Young #Ausoftheyear is Samantha Kerr… https://t.co/kt0QCUX9Kt

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

Ease some of the burden and support a staff member or work mate going through a rough time with a mycause campaign.… https://t.co/mlgh7HXvZa

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

School starts in less than a week! Now is a perfect time to organise your school's fundraising activities with… https://t.co/7qFTaLRY7i

@MaryWebberley Mary Webberley @MaryWebberley

Well done Bodie! Cut for Dad Donate here to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital @mycausecomau #itsmycause https://t.co/UNKNGhLjim

@EvansBrookey Brookey Evans @EvansBrookey

Help Brooke represent Grafton at country girl finals Donate here @mycausecomau #itsmycause https://t.co/DNDLjlxh3e

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

@supergran41 Hey Roxie. Thanks for your tweet! Our commission is 5% + bank fees. It’s all outlined in the terms and… https://t.co/pnu7miKnIa

@graham_moloney2 Graham Moloney @graham_moloney2

Justice Through Treaty Donate here @mycausecomau #itsmycause https://t.co/lAV3ck3l4m https://t.co/fjZC0tderJ

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