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Be your own Santa Cause this Christmas and give a charity gift card in lieu of gifts.


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Woohoo! Another successful crowdfunding campaign! #TheSugarTaxProject #itsTHEIRCAUSE https://t.co/UKlulR7dNN

Woohoo! Another successful crowdfunding...

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

A quick shoutout to our busy friends over at Soul Cafe who has raised over 50% of their #Christmas Appeal target. T… https://t.co/q82YTFUZr8

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

Happy Monday causemakers! What cause are you passionate about this week? https://t.co/c9A1feVseF

Happy Monday causemakers! What cause are...

@TheFigTreeChild Fig Tree Children @TheFigTreeChild

With your help, we're delivering gifts to Orphaned Children in Sierra Leone this Christmas. $25 provides gifts for… https://t.co/DGEubdgvPX

@KooLieZ Koo Liez @KooLieZ

A guy at work has ridden for 3 days straight, through wicked weather and the wild terrain to put the spotlight on M… https://t.co/fkBzB9YbQW

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

ICYMI: Huge shoutout to Stevenson Family who, after running the New York Marathon last month, have raised a whoppin… https://t.co/JnWfdP6DeS

@AdrianTunzi Adrian Tunzi @AdrianTunzi

A leg for 'Stumpy' the Story Dog Donate here @mycausecomau #itsmycause https://t.co/oqG91hprRX 🐶📚

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

Meet Eve. She's raising funds for Bear Cottage at @westmeadkids in a unique and special way. How you ask? Click and… https://t.co/PqKHADTIRx

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

@lejerome63 Don't dismay - we work with 2500+ charities all registered with the @ACNC_gov_au. Research before you d… https://t.co/RTiDZsEeXM

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

Vale @daz1968 Help the family with funeral costs https://t.co/ocQQmoZhWG

@AndiSnelling Andi Snelling @AndiSnelling

Having a Hump Day? I've had a Hump Year and would love your help to get over it. #Lyme #donate #fundraiser… https://t.co/IQEvZryEcB

@chelseaskies Chelsea 🌈 @chelseaskies

📣Can you donate a few $$ to help Sebastian's family buy their little boy a companion therapy dog to help with his a… https://t.co/K3c8GiHc1I

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

Need some Christmas-piration? The gang at @CoburgOsteo are encouraging their staff and patients to raise funds for… https://t.co/4Yac09b2IO

@GumOnMyShoeBook Marty @GumOnMyShoeBook

@mycausecomau I volunteer with @TimetoChange campaigning to end stigma and discrimination associated with #mentalillness

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

It's #InternationalVolunteerDay! What causes do you volunteer for? #itsMYCAUSE https://t.co/D38LWourf5

It's #InternationalVolunteerDay! What ca...

@ericgarvey3 Eric Garvey @ericgarvey3

Funding for Disability Access Vehicle Donate here @mycausecomau #itsmycause https://t.co/aBPKOXpAgc

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

The awesome gang over at @TheFigTreeChild are raising funds for kids in Sierra Leone this Christmas. $25 supports o… https://t.co/SorNZVKkwi

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

Does your workplace organise appeals or events and give to charity? (Psst, they can do so here: https://t.co/rBSxqFBn4Q)

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

🚨 ATTENTION ATTENTION 🚨 We interrupt your facebook scrolling to inform you that 2 of our pages have just reached t… https://t.co/rAQPEYRs21

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

Happy Monday! Have you decided what your cause will be this week? #itsMYCAUSE https://t.co/HJOHvt4iUl

Happy Monday! Have you decided what your...

@ZutPetje Patrick Deckers Ⓥ @ZutPetje

Make sure the @MYSteveIrwin of @SeaShepherd_Aus keeps protecting our oceans! #SOS Donate here @mycausecomau… https://t.co/xPU11k3N7t

@BrodieHarper Brodie Harper @BrodieHarper

1 week till the Honolulu Marathon, and the final week jitters have begun. I wouldn’t say I’m ready but I have trai… https://t.co/HpBLl0Y4oA

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Hey #mycause-ers! Have a great weekend! https://t.co/7YHCCK7NnY

Hey #mycause-ers! Have a great weekend!...

@vicsesnews VICSES News @vicsesnews

Are you prepared for the severe weather forecast over the next few days? https://t.co/aP8YJNKG9z

Are you prepared for the severe weather...

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👭👫👬 #itsOURCAUSE https://t.co/SsykmtieUr

👭👫👬 #itsOURCAUSE https://t.co/SsykmtieUr

@ShintararoseArt Sabine ShintaraRose @ShintararoseArt

Keeping The Dream Alive Donate here @mycausecomau #itsmycause https://t.co/2w5anDQCqW

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

🤔 https://t.co/BthVxXhC71

🤔 https://t.co/BthVxXhC71

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

Our friends at @AussieFarmersD need your support this Xmas to bring food hampers to those in need. Please dig deep:… https://t.co/e1jcJQB3A2

@AtkinJG John G Atkinson @AtkinJG

John Atkinson Donate here @mycausecomau #itsmycause https://t.co/HVXYTHfmxm Thank you to all those that contrib… https://t.co/Fx9CpnZYx5

@mycausecomau mycause.com.au @mycausecomau

Ben Hollow has a long road to recovery and we've teamed up with @stockdaleleggo to help a mate out #itsMYCAUSE https://t.co/LAloMUQpGL

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