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Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister. #Disability activist . Rts not endorsement. Tweets my own views. #politics. #ForTheMany , Not The Few

England, United Kingdom

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@toooldforit Old Git @toooldforit

Remember, on election night 2017, when McNicol cancelled the Labour HQ access cards of Corbyn, McDonnell and their… https://t.co/Pu8UlGBwbz

@evolvepolitics Evolve Politics @evolvepolitics

A new DWP legal challenge has exposed the real reason Theresa May wants to scrap our human rights act https://t.co/Pcr3990Rh9

@muqadaam Nadeem Ahmed @muqadaam

Hahahahaha poll that’s gone wrong. Keep voting for Corbyn guys. https://t.co/9wIjuHQWvR

@JohnEdwards33 Cllr John Edwards @JohnEdwards33

Into the BBC today for an interview on the brilliant @WestMidsFire which will go out during Sunday Politics Midland… https://t.co/mfrJxUXYTQ

@Harryslaststand Harry Leslie Smith @Harryslaststand

It's not that #DonaldTrump is a fascist that is the problem it's that millions of his followers are also fascists. #CPAC2018

@evolvepolitics Evolve Politics @evolvepolitics

If Labour are to fulfil their promise of becoming a fully democratic, entirely member-orientated, bottom-up structu… https://t.co/Br98OAXIV7

@HackneyAbbott Diane Abbott @HackneyAbbott

Leaving #YarlsWood we were deeply concerned about how desperate the women were, their medical care and how long som… https://t.co/NhEqB3jm9A

@AaronBastani Aaron Bastani @AaronBastani

Difficult to overstate significance of Iain McNicol resigning. @UKLabour will see profound changes in the next 2 years

@muqadaam Nadeem Ahmed @muqadaam

Tony Blair can fuck off. That’s me being nice.

@muqadaam Nadeem Ahmed @muqadaam

@realDonaldTrump You need to build bridges not walls

@NAJ562 Nicola James 💚 @NAJ562

RT if you think the Tories are failing and you’re ready for #00Corbyn #ToriesOut https://t.co/V5N3PHllWs

RT if you think the Tories are failing a...

@muqadaam Nadeem Ahmed @muqadaam

Rich politicians look after the elite and billionaires. They have no time for people on low wages and benefits. It’… https://t.co/C4lLCw8MXu

@Corbynator2 C0RBYNAT0R @Corbynator2

Ash Sarkar gives the Tories a reality check: Corbyn never said he would shutdown the press. David Cameron and GCHQ… https://t.co/xWTww0dP3C

@MichaelH14 Michael H. @MichaelH14

“In 50 years in parliament, I have to say, this is the dirtiest slur I've seen against any politician"… https://t.co/kON8nsYnmZ

@muqadaam Nadeem Ahmed @muqadaam

@rhymingmisfit No I’m not

@muqadaam Nadeem Ahmed @muqadaam

I dread that day when I have to start paying for my Mental Health Service and some rich investor will make a profit… https://t.co/bdKJxEQe8t

@muqadaam Nadeem Ahmed @muqadaam

@isabenfica51 I was given it to treat my Hemiplegic migraine and anxiety depression x

@muqadaam Nadeem Ahmed @muqadaam

Mirtazapine 30mg I been taking since 2007 1 per night for depression. It’s helped me to be me again . #MedsWorkedForMe

@johnmcdonnellMP John McDonnell MP @johnmcdonnellMP

Solidarity with the University lecturers on strike today. I join staff and students in calling on employers to ente… https://t.co/NC1AA7K7f3

@muqadaam Nadeem Ahmed @muqadaam

Just had an appointment with Birmingham Healthy Minds for my Anxiety & Depression. I’m really proud of our NHS, par… https://t.co/UhP3AZbUnl

@Rachael_Swindon Rachael @Rachael_Swindon

Stormzy just destroyed Theresa May and the Daily Mail in front of a worldwide audience. An absolutely decent human… https://t.co/DBaouApt0c

@jeremycorbyn Jeremy Corbyn @jeremycorbyn

The suffering of Syrians must end. I fully support the UN’s demand for an immediate ceasefire. And I urge all count… https://t.co/jz6hQTacvX

@muqadaam Nadeem Ahmed @muqadaam

@georgegalloway Times like this “Labour Friends of Israel” need to call their Tel Aviv contacts and tell them stop… https://t.co/cGJsRxrnBk

@georgegalloway George Galloway @georgegalloway

A State of Emergency officially now exists in #Gaza Mass hunger and malnutrition toxic water collapsing electricity… https://t.co/1DqCvGrT1Q

@PeterStefanovi2 Peter Stefanovic @PeterStefanovi2

The Bath Conservatives Twitter account claimed parents "may be indolent or dysfunctional" or "simply don't know how… https://t.co/gbyHujtynD

@muqadaam Nadeem Ahmed @muqadaam

Jeremy Corbyn is demanding an apology and donation to charity from a Tory MP who falsely claimed he had “sold Briti… https://t.co/ya17dodz17

@muqadaam Nadeem Ahmed @muqadaam

Which party will you be voting for in the Local Elections ? Please vote and RT for larger sample #PMQs

@muqadaam Nadeem Ahmed @muqadaam

I’m more than certain the Tory MPs have no policy ideas and can’t find a single fault in the Labour manifesto nor c… https://t.co/gSbi4Dtzfr

@muqadaam Nadeem Ahmed @muqadaam

@harami958 @georgegalloway is not a hideous nor a creep . He’s right side of history mate.

@muqadaam Nadeem Ahmed @muqadaam

@georgegalloway George you continue the good fight mate we right behind you. If anyone wants to watch the killing o… https://t.co/sp3lq6kEsn

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