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@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

Good decision by Madhya Pradesh CM @ChouhanShivraj to make story of Padmavati part of the school curriculum in the… https://t.co/ta2bRtBnLV

@RajivMessage Rajiv Malhotra @RajivMessage

He was sent from USA to become CPM leader at JNU, recruit sepoys & train them for breaking India projects. Upset th… https://t.co/EJnuCP29JF

@maryashakil Marya Shakil @maryashakil

Met Jyotsna Bhoye, a tribal, on way to Ahwa in Dang. For her elections= Modi=‘ujjwala’. She said it came into her l… https://t.co/Rr5JVmJE5e

@iHardikB Hardik Bhatt @iHardikB

Pic 1: @AzmiShabana on @arrahman Pic 2: Shabana Azmi on @bhansaliprod_fc https://t.co/ZV3JlGU7n2

Pic 1: @AzmiShabana on @arrahman 

Pic 2...

@narendramodi Narendra Modi @narendramodi

Congratulations to EAM @SushmaSwaraj and her entire team at MEA & diplomatic missions for their untiring efforts th… https://t.co/iMoroeyRgW

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

@rahulroushan Kudos to you for calling out & exposing a creepy, lowlife stalker!! Also, many congratulations on the… https://t.co/wBWPkeRBcW

@ChouhanShivraj ShivrajSingh Chouhan @ChouhanShivraj

जो लोग “मॉम” और “मैम" से ऊपर नहीं आते, वही लोग आज "मीम” चला रहे हैं।

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

@officeRGFan @SirPareshRawal डर गई मैं!!!😐😐😐

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

Motor mouth @cpimspeak official spokesperson Sunit Chopra drags Gauri Lankesh in the #CongChaiSelfgoal debate with Arnab. Joker!!

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

Dear Congressi's, we're proud of our Prime Minister @narendramodi's humble background & not just us, the entire wor… https://t.co/xLYh2RiCyv

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

Wishing you all the very best, @sanghaviharsh!! https://t.co/sPqzEvczuz

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

Last time you made fun of him, the nation punished you by reducing you to a mere 44! Continue with your shameful, c… https://t.co/0AIxPbDuMM

@AmanKayamHai_ET Aman Sharma @AmanKayamHai_ET

A ministerial committee constituted to frame a law to end Triple Talaq, which Govt plans to bring in the winter ses… https://t.co/MhglbTpAuK

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

Well said @imbhandarkar ji!! Let's hope @AzmiShabana answers!! https://t.co/8CaGSYGOcX

@smritiirani Smriti Z Irani @smritiirani

Performances ‘Drums of India’ and ‘Utsav’ depicted India’s culture and colours magnificently! https://t.co/AAO94j6Kys

Performances ‘Drums of India’ and ‘Utsav...

@smritiirani Smriti Z Irani @smritiirani

Glimpses of the 48th edition of International Film Festival of India. Grateful thanks to the entire film industry f… https://t.co/JvEZVpboIx

@manoharparrikar Manohar Parrikar @manoharparrikar

An air of excitement as @iamsrk throws open @IFFIGoa 2017. On behalf of every Goan, I extend a warm welcome to the… https://t.co/EQHgeek6xm

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

At @IFFIGoa this evening. #IFFI2017 https://t.co/QTV4lIhkkL

At @IFFIGoa this evening.  #IFFI2017 htt...

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

At @IFFIGoa, @iamsrk talks about using the principle of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' in our films, of connecting the wor… https://t.co/0H2tMXeSmS

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

Now attending the 48th @IFFIGoa and the venue is buzzing with energy....Larger than life!! @smritiirani https://t.co/qdDDoSUliz

Now attending the 48th @IFFIGoa and the...

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

When there is just one candidate, how does this become an election, Sanjay ji??🤔🤔🤔 https://t.co/kOcerqGRAP

@coolfunnytshirt Keh Ke Peheno @coolfunnytshirt

ghoda.. chatur.. ghoda.. chatur.. aiyo ye kya ho raha.. kisi ek pe rahne ka.. ghoda ya chatur! 😂 https://t.co/d0b3nmv64N

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

@siddarthpaim Hahahaha!!

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

Internal polls?? For what?? https://t.co/2Lc2DYy4p9

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

What a reply @ManushiChhillar!!👍👍👍 https://t.co/jv56nzXNVu

@TomMoodyCricket Tom Moody @TomMoodyCricket

Thanks to all of you who have realise I don't work in the finance ratings industry! #Moodys 😂 https://t.co/A44FX8VAAP

@AnnaraoPatil Annarao Patil @AnnaraoPatil

@MrsGandhi Haar kar Haaenewalon Ko Congressi Kehte hain. 😂😂

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

Funny how Congress workers in Surat are fighting like cats & dogs for tickets. सब सीट हारने वाले हो भाई लोग, तो फिर… https://t.co/ollAyjih0L

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

Bring @TrueIndology back @twitter!!!

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