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@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

@indiantweeter Many congratulations!! Wishing you a long, happy, healthy, wealthy married life!! Blessings in Abundance!!💐💐💐

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

Commendable!! Be the change you want to see!! Much appreciated!! https://t.co/Ho0cALX2MY

@CMOMaharashtra CMO Maharashtra @CMOMaharashtra

The Stage is all set ! CM @Dev_Fadnavis reviewed preparations for the #MagneticMaharashtra Convergence 2018 Summit… https://t.co/ZHEvnSFJBF

@BJP4India BJP @BJP4India

On 13 Sept 2013, Rahul Gandhi attends a promotion event of Gitanjali Gems. On 15 Sept 2013, a proposal to give loan… https://t.co/Ylfx9wju3S

@WordOfTheFree pracchannAstrin @WordOfTheFree

How much cricket did Ram Guha play to have been asked to run the BCCI? And which government has Ram Guha run that h… https://t.co/jRNs9GyV72

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

#NiravModi 's company FireStar Diamonds had taken a property of Advait Holdings on lease in Mumbai. Interestingly,… https://t.co/Sb1er100RD

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

Catholic church looked the other way as pedophile priests raped children for decades. #Oxfam looked the other way a… https://t.co/Hu1FQE3znM

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

चोर मचाये शोर!!🙄🙄 https://t.co/NsMta2Hsan

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

This!!! https://t.co/tBYoyg59wx

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

@dhaval241086 @muglikar_ @PrachinVaani @MatruBhakt @indiantweeter मेरे हिस्से की भी पार्टी मना लेना!!! 😊😊😊

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

@singhvarun Happy happy to you!!!💐💐💐

@chhayank Chhayank Mehta @chhayank

UPA govt could've avoided Nirav Modi scam in 2013, says ex-Allahabad Bank director who blew whistle against loan...… https://t.co/0rKNJmLVrT

@RoshniMeeta roshni mulrajani @RoshniMeeta

@MrsGandhi @OfficeOfRG @narendramodi @AmitShah @smritiirani Khera ji aapne kisi ke liye kuch kiya hai kya,have u do… https://t.co/xCkWh4vjOZ

@balamy Maya S @balamy

@MrsGandhi @OfficeOfRG @narendramodi @AmitShah @smritiirani their MP of 3 terms has done nothing to show case as hi… https://t.co/CjyyckG9qk

@checkinglies True Fight @checkinglies

@MrsGandhi @OfficeOfRG @narendramodi @AmitShah @smritiirani And these are the liberals and enlightened educated idi… https://t.co/yKvYpbymut

@RewatiRay Dr. Ray @RewatiRay

@MrsGandhi @OfficeOfRG @narendramodi @AmitShah @smritiirani What a shame that people of that stature discourage poo… https://t.co/wcQRzuXAkQ

@NeenaSinha Neena Sinhaa @NeenaSinha

@MrsGandhi @OfficeOfRG @narendramodi @AmitShah @smritiirani Shocking !!! How low can @INCIndia can get when it concerns @smritiirani .....

@Modifiedpatel Responsible Citizen @Modifiedpatel

@MrsGandhi @OfficeOfRG @narendramodi @AmitShah @smritiirani And pappu talks about women empowerment 😂😂😂

@silent_crusade1 silent_crusader @silent_crusade1

@MrsGandhi @OfficeOfRG @narendramodi @AmitShah @smritiirani Doesn't Congress stand for Stealing, Depravity Of The M… https://t.co/ryW0zybLfX

@ankitaSood13 ankita Sood @ankitaSood13

@MrsGandhi @OfficeOfRG @narendramodi @AmitShah @smritiirani 'Amethi Pickles' Is a great initiative for women of our… https://t.co/DCGwfkW6tr

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

Beyond disgusting! Instead of praising the women of Amethi for taking up an honest & honourable means of livelihood… https://t.co/1MTykay6OI

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

Meanwhile, the Enforcement Directorate has arrested Karti Chidambaram's CA, S Bhaskaran, in connection with INX Med… https://t.co/t0R2YKNwKb

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

Police encounters will NOT be stopped, says Yogi Adityanath. https://t.co/Cfal0s70K8

@singhvarun Varun Singh @singhvarun

@IndiGo6E is this how you handle luggage, a brand new suit from Arrow I checked in luggage in Mumbai & guess what I… https://t.co/f1LNpfiS1e

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

Meanwhile, @ArvindKejriwal's lawyer Anoop George Chaudhari has just announced that he will no longer be able to app… https://t.co/J1HfvtjPJ9

@Sanjay_Dixit Sanjay Dixit संजय @Sanjay_Dixit

Loans were being advanced against LOUs. Instead of recovering the money from PNB, banks were advancing more and mor… https://t.co/z2O17WenQe

@Sanjay_Dixit Sanjay Dixit संजय @Sanjay_Dixit

My exposè now running live on @TimesNow - Dinesh Dubey testifying to what I had put out. My question - Did the the… https://t.co/ilCIxAtjDd

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

Let me update you, Bhai jaan. Yesterday, while you were busy slinging mud on the PM, the High Court has dismissed R… https://t.co/NsjAyCh7kj

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

Trying to find a certain Mr. Robert Vadra's name in the list, I don't see it anywhere...can you help figure?! 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 https://t.co/tr10igxnWX

@mrsgandhi Priti Gandhi @mrsgandhi

Dear @narendramodi ji, your reply to the last question of the students where you told them about learning to celebr… https://t.co/PdEzgNUH0P

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