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@AlisonMoyet Alison Moyet @AlisonMoyet

Do women who swear give a fuck if they don’t? https://t.co/sNf9UzVnKK

@Normsmusic Norm Clark #ImpeachTrump @Normsmusic

And the winner of the Fake New is?

@dodo The Dodo @dodo

This guy was throwing away his Christmas tree — but his dogs were NOT having it 😂 https://t.co/5cbzxvpvYH

This guy was throwing away his Christmas...

@dodo The Dodo @dodo

This guy was out for a run when he found a lost baby lamb — then helped him reunite with his family 💞💞 (via… https://t.co/pc6NTnKmmc

@mrbobdaly Robert Daly. @mrbobdaly

@mryddin786 @IrishRugby @AVIVAStadium @Ringrose_G @FAIreland @AVIVAIRELAND I support a National Stadium not a bloody insurance company

@mrbobdaly Robert Daly. @mrbobdaly

Sinead Ryan giving O'Reilly and Kelleher a good tongue 😜 lashing, doing the job of scaldy and baldy #tonighttv3 https://t.co/RY4nKhhFbO

Sinead Ryan giving O'Reilly and Kelleher...

@mrbobdaly Robert Daly. @mrbobdaly

Has Ivan got a medical 💳 now he's gone bankrupt ? #tonighttv3

@mrbobdaly Robert Daly. @mrbobdaly

There's only one thing you need to protect tonight as this storm goes through. YOUR HOUSE INSURANCE POLICY 😨😨

@SeosamhMagAodha Joe @SeosamhMagAodha

Hard to listen to man who goes home to warm his bolloxs in this gaff... #tonighttv3 https://t.co/ndV8FtaYkZ

Hard to listen to man who goes home to w...

@invisibleman_17 The Invisible Man @invisibleman_17

If you take the time to care, you might save a life 🙏 https://t.co/2eZWZ5MgDY

If you take the time to care, you might...

@mrbobdaly Robert Daly. @mrbobdaly

@MoranPaul52 @Furious_Dave That's what I thought and lives in a 🏰 castle

@FCTwenteBenson Carbon Based Lifeform @FCTwenteBenson

To save money they should amalgamate the presenters and all the guests into 1 man and broadcast this live from Vall… https://t.co/XQ8T35a8q5

@mrbobdaly Robert Daly. @mrbobdaly

Why is that banderool O'Reillys opinion important as he's another failed minister of health ? #tonighttv3

@mivilla92 Mauricio Panama-red© @mivilla92



@mrbobdaly Robert Daly. @mrbobdaly

Definitely #taken3 is a film franchise with this 🎥 is 🏃 running out of steam 4/10

@EamonMelia Eamon Melia @EamonMelia

#tonighttv3 What`s James Reilly doing on an expert Medical panel ?? He is a failed Health Minister .

@armchairsports_ Armchair Sports @armchairsports_

Poor old Mkhitaryan https://t.co/gElLPF5uj3

Poor old Mkhitaryan https://t.co/gElLPF5...

@mrbobdaly Robert Daly. @mrbobdaly

@CorruptCER @TodaySOR couldn't understand the offer of a new contract before the campaign was over. O'neills name… https://t.co/ynvanqUO0L

@damosposts Damon Keaton @damosposts

David Bowie - Heroes - YouTube https://t.co/fEhVJR08L3

@mrbobdaly Robert Daly. @mrbobdaly

@CorruptCER @TodaySOR There talking the soccer public for idiots. Tell us the truth. As for €350k Delaney his cre… https://t.co/bCJzhQcicK

@mrbobdaly Robert Daly. @mrbobdaly

@HerbertSchuber2 @MetEireann Well the best thing is to stay indoors and you'll see the damage if any later Doesn't… https://t.co/PtEfJiyGbk

@Glenties_WiG GWIG @Glenties_WiG

The lightning strike on the turbine in #Inishowen is the latest in a litany of major safety issues at windfarms in… https://t.co/ZLKWC0LSY9

@ama_travels Ama Travels @ama_travels

#SpursNewStadium #COYS #NEWTOT #THFC Tottenham's new stadium 17/1/18 South Stand - lot more steelwork and now fu… https://t.co/SubERChqVG

@mrbobdaly Robert Daly. @mrbobdaly

@HerbertSchuber2 @MetEireann Don't think it's that high yet, but it's definitely rising

@mrbobdaly Robert Daly. @mrbobdaly

@HerbertSchuber2 @MetEireann Very high in the last half hour No rain with it though

@BeeboJohnson Beebo Johnson @BeeboJohnson

@S_Cooper0404 Lawrence O'Donnell was so unhinged.... if he doesn't win he should at least get a consolation prize 😅 https://t.co/MeDgVS11QV

@S_Cooper0404 Lawrence O'Donnell was so...

@80s_Kidz 80s Kidz @80s_Kidz

I remember seeing these pull up at my nans house & it either meant the TV was getting fixed or better still a new TV https://t.co/wVHKhJBFY1

I remember seeing these pull up at my na...

@mrbobdaly Robert Daly. @mrbobdaly

@Si73ead @Film4 No idea Haven't seen it #Taken3

@mrbobdaly Robert Daly. @mrbobdaly

@Si73ead @Film4 Haven't the other two are good, #LiamNeeson is usually good

@mrbobdaly Robert Daly. @mrbobdaly

Taken 3 https://t.co/vVbiXCdpsC 9pm @Film4 #LiamNeeson

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