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Patient advocate working w/ @RepMaloney @SenateDems @SenateGOP to improve healthcare & ACA. Disabled cancer survivor & lupus warrior. Made in Manhattan. #IAmACA

Manhattan, NY

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@morethanmysle Peter Morley @morethanmysle

#HappyStPatricksDay 🍀 Natasha won our head-to-head battle because she's being modeling from head-to-paw. #Fierce… https://t.co/LWztkSkbJ9

@morethanmySLE Peter Morley @morethanmySLE

I'm here with @DavidYankovich to talk about why it's important to be a #HealthCareVoter https://t.co/rxxX44KeqB


Another injustice for Jeff Flake to give a speech about and then vote to confirm Don Jr.'s truck nutz supplier as a federal judge.

@RickSmithShow Rick Smith @RickSmithShow

Check out @omarvaid video https://t.co/2AYo3D8F5M

@tedlieu Ted Lieu @tedlieu

I interviewed Andrew McCabe during a closed door Judiciary Committee Hearing. You should read his statement below.… https://t.co/vXmimEZnnv

@DavidYankovich David Yankovich @DavidYankovich

This sounds interesting. “But it will not erase the important work I was privileged to be a part of, the results o… https://t.co/odgAxh1exQ

@OpWolverines OperationWolverines @OpWolverines

1/ FL candidate for governor Adam Putnam’s bio states he’s a “principled conservative”. He takes money from self c… https://t.co/9620XUKFZV

@Elektra_2018 Elektra2018🇺🇸🤘 @Elektra_2018

Submit a formal comment on why healthcare providers should not be able to use their religion as another way to disc… https://t.co/RS3yk4Rb5R

@AdamaEsq Adam A. ''Adama'' Fernandez 🗽🇺🇸🇵🇷 @AdamaEsq

🚨#60SecondCTA Thread! Please RT! 45 wants to allow doctors, insurance, & others to dictate patient care based on th… https://t.co/iHo2Icnwdn

@TravisAllen02 Travis Allen 🌊 @TravisAllen02

BREAKING: Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is fired just HOURS before he was set to retire, potentially str… https://t.co/YNUPf6uUv1

@morethanmysle Peter Morley @morethanmysle

@Made0fHonor 💚

@Made0fHonor Obama's Hope @Made0fHonor

Thank you Peter and David. #HealthCareVoter #Medicare #Medicare #Medicare https://t.co/XpPpwUwrUi

@morethanmysle Peter Morley @morethanmysle

@aj_mirabelle @DavidYankovich @NatCookResists My keyboard is on lock-down. 🤣💚 #HappyStPatricksDay

@morethanmySLE Peter Morley @morethanmySLE

@DavidYankovich @DavidYankovich always great to see you. Thank you so much for your friendship and lending your voi… https://t.co/cQIPWok2vp

@morethanmysle Peter Morley @morethanmysle

@DavidYankovich @aj_mirabelle @NatCookResists Hey! I've got parental controls on here. 🤣❤️

@morethanmySLE Peter Morley @morethanmySLE

Next time you think your phone call, your email, your tweet, your voice doesn't matter for #Healthcare, I want you… https://t.co/rMXol5EQrU

@CrippledJerk Crippled Jerk 🌊 has a blaspheming mouth @CrippledJerk

@morethanmySLE @IronStache @LarrySabato @HHSGov #Medicaid/#Medicare/#ACA This is sooo important. Because I'm perman… https://t.co/5qWsHLBZr8

@morethanmySLE Peter Morley @morethanmySLE

@IronStache @LarrySabato People are also figuring out that #SpeakerRyan is working with @HHSGov to SABOTAGE healthc… https://t.co/xn2R2KSf4o

@morethanmysle Peter Morley @morethanmysle

@DavidYankovich @aj_mirabelle @NatCookResists What David means, is more, more. 🤣🤣❤️ Seriously, thank you! And than… https://t.co/cYGEafluJ3

@morethanmysle Peter Morley @morethanmysle

@joncoopertweets @realDonaldTrump All of the above.

@joncoopertweets Jon Cooper 🌊 @joncoopertweets

Excluding @realDonaldTrump himself, who is the biggest as*hole remaining in Trump World?

@morethanmysle Peter Morley @morethanmysle

@TheRealKIngram @ShebaRiddle5 @DavidYankovich We'll continue working to enhance and improve healthcare. No one sho… https://t.co/aa9vSHXWH1

@Robyn_Resists Robyn Ruth @Robyn_Resists

@morethanmySLE @DavidYankovich I love you guys!! Thank you for fighting so hard every day!! I am a… https://t.co/0K4dE46obV

@IronStache Randy Bryce @IronStache

CNN says @SpeakerRyan's seat is no longer safe and Ryan would be making a mistake if he slept on this campaign. B… https://t.co/gFxZcorNsV

@DemWrite Nick Knudsen 🇺🇸 @DemWrite

26 hours before he retires, McCabe is fired - likely costing him retirement benefits. Petty vindictiveness, pure an… https://t.co/4Fo9vdAMVJ

@DavidYankovich David Yankovich @DavidYankovich

@morethanmySLE Had fun tonight with @morethanmySLE and had a great dinner. This is so important- Vote like your lives depend on it!

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