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Judge Roy Moore is a life-long Alabamian and committed, constitutional conservative who has stood up for liberty and religious freedom his entire career. #ALSen

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@mooresenate Judge Roy Moore @mooresenate

I want to thank all of you who have stood with me in this very important battle for the future of our country. https://t.co/NOlh7N7BiP

@mooresenate Judge Roy Moore @mooresenate

30 minutes until polls close!


If you have any issues or problems at your polling place today, please call our ballot security hotline at: 844.488… https://t.co/ePnUeaXFv3

@mooresenate Judge Roy Moore @mooresenate

ELECTION DAY MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: "I need Alabama to vote for Roy Moore!" "Roy Moore is the guy w… https://t.co/9MB53ikQPX

@mooresenate Judge Roy Moore @mooresenate

The Moore family Election Day tradition continues! We enjoyed seeing everyone at our polling place in Gallant this… https://t.co/khsQEEb7Vk


Alabama, @MooreSenate the ONLY conservative candidate - needs YOUR vote today! 🇺🇸 Find your polling place:… https://t.co/Z9NnAEBgMn

@mooresenate Judge Roy Moore @mooresenate

We're Alabamians. We're conservative. And we're not going to stand by and let other people from out of state and mo… https://t.co/wn31QKxqjU

@pambesteder Pam Besteder @pambesteder

In just a few minutes, I'm going to get dressed, drive about 8 miles to my voting place, put my car in park, turn o… https://t.co/KtCZSOLYIz


Roy Moore arrives to vote in today’s Alabama Senate special election, riding his horse to a polling place in Gallan… https://t.co/FIc51sXzrj

@AmericanFamAssc American Family Assc @AmericanFamAssc

Here's how @MooreSenate and @GDouglasJones stand on the issues. Courtesy of @AFAAction... #ALSen https://t.co/LO27z20yFo

Here's how @MooreSenate and @GDouglasJon...

@mooresenate Judge Roy Moore @mooresenate

The polls are OPEN in Alabama, so get out and vote! When you’ve cast your ballot, be sure to SHARE this post to le… https://t.co/6ApqEuIqUH

@ChairmanLathan Terry Lathan @ChairmanLathan

Issues matter #alpolitics #alsen https://t.co/KagDB3gvnJ

Issues matter #alpolitics #alsen https:/...

@realDonaldTrump Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

The people of Alabama will do the right thing. Doug Jones is Pro-Abortion, weak on Crime, Military and Illegal Immi… https://t.co/yv1IbXRYEj

@Franklin_Graham Franklin Graham @Franklin_Graham

Praying for Roy Moore.

@mooresenate Judge Roy Moore @mooresenate

THE POLLS ARE NOW OPEN ACROSS ALABAMA! Find your polling place HERE >>> https://t.co/rUkxPDSZBb https://t.co/0pm0sS1Egq


@mooresenate Judge Roy Moore @mooresenate

I want to Make America Great Again with President Trump. And I want to Make America Good Again by returning to the acknowledgment of God!

@mooresenate Judge Roy Moore @mooresenate

Common Core must be eliminated!

@mooresenate Judge Roy Moore @mooresenate

It’s difficult to drain the swap when you’re up to your neck in alligators!

@mooresenate Judge Roy Moore @mooresenate

In this country we have explored temples built by the Democrat and Republican Party, and found they have idols that… https://t.co/Vvq8ChOyMe

@lyman_brian Brian Lyman @lyman_brian

Bannon says this race “is greater than Judge Moore, greater than the people of Alabama.” And also says “no one’s go… https://t.co/gS3Fp5vNE0

@JerryFalwellJr Jerry Falwell @JerryFalwellJr

AL voters are too smart to let the media & Estab Repubs & Dems tell them how to vote. I hope the spirit of Lynyrd S… https://t.co/cWsVfhrh47

@mooresenate Judge Roy Moore @mooresenate

Hollywood liberal ROSIE O'DONNELL donated $2,700 -- the maximum contribution allowed under federal law -- to my rad… https://t.co/cRF3pqZdbF

@mooresenate Judge Roy Moore @mooresenate

I am committed to implementing the President's travel ban, putting an end to sanctuary cities, building the wall an… https://t.co/Rr8eUKNVG8

@mooresenate Judge Roy Moore @mooresenate

In the United States Senate I will fight with President Trump for the increased safety of the American people and I… https://t.co/M1Xao1Cf1E

@mooresenate Judge Roy Moore @mooresenate

This incident underscores the continued threats our nation faces from those who want nothing more than to destroy t… https://t.co/bn1kfFE6Pn

@mooresenate Judge Roy Moore @mooresenate

As we get news this morning of yet another radical Islamic terrorist attack, I am grateful that it appears no one w… https://t.co/9G7ANuLuMX

@paul_gattis Paul Gattis @paul_gattis

Trump in robocall for Roy Moore: 'We need Roy to help us' https://t.co/6koRijYzHZ

@mooresenate Judge Roy Moore @mooresenate

2 DAYS UNTIL CONSERVATIVE VICTORY! With the media & Washington elite doing everything they can to stop us, we need… https://t.co/dnbX72HfP1

@mooresenate Judge Roy Moore @mooresenate

Trump says 'get out and vote for Roy Moore' https://t.co/HC79EwkkCi

@mooresenate Judge Roy Moore @mooresenate

Planned Parenthood Supports #AbortionJones in Alabama Senate Race. #ALSen https://t.co/H90XaTNslT

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