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MEP for the South West of England and Gibraltar; Green Party speaker on Brexit and on Finance

South West

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@mollymep Molly Scott Cato MEP @mollymep

That’s so kind, thank you. As Greens we do struggle to gain profile in the media but do our best to work in the pub… https://t.co/RvmkAo4Gpa

@R_O_B_C_H Rob Cole-Hamilton #FBPE @R_O_B_C_H

@TheGreenParty @MollyMEP Having begged an invitation to the EU party we then stood the whole evening sulking in a c… https://t.co/Sg9sL92suk

@mollymep Molly Scott Cato MEP @mollymep

Mistake in corporate governance to assume shareholders will take care of interests of other stakeholders. To avoid… https://t.co/7XMbVScgLk

@SkaKeller Ska Keller @SkaKeller

Felicitations! #nddl #eelv https://t.co/530OrCNL1H

@mollymep Molly Scott Cato MEP @mollymep

Shocking and utterly short-sighted to cause offence to our closest neighbours by depicting them decapitated by our… https://t.co/CDc9Dh6cz6

@CycleDevizes SustainableDevizes & Cycling @CycleDevizes

@MollyMEP Bravo for speaking out against bio fuel land grab. It is happening in our part of Wiltshire. Maize everyw… https://t.co/QLzB3liZGd

@j4son34 Jason @j4son34

@MollyMEP Molly talks more about current issues she inspires me. I'm sick of @theresa_may still banging on about bi… https://t.co/nXoUm8Dzzw

@mollymep Molly Scott Cato MEP @mollymep

‘Macron to ask Britain to pay up to save Calais border deal’ During #Euroref we argued Le Touquet deal (meaning th… https://t.co/qUCXaoRjJh

@CarolineLucas Caroline Lucas @CarolineLucas

So that's it -last votes on this stage of #EUWithdrawalBill in the Commons. In the end, number of Tories rebelling… https://t.co/ii8rRCfiK1

@mollymep Molly Scott Cato MEP @mollymep

The good the bad and the ugly about today's revised EU Renewable Energy Directive 😇phase-out palm oil as renewable… https://t.co/QPhzddsybz

@SocialistGreen Isobel Freeman @SocialistGreen

Unbelievable! Is he made of Teflon?! https://t.co/enCtKyoWCI

@Gruene_Europa Europagruppe GRÜNE @Gruene_Europa

#Iceland has become the first major UK retailer to commit to eliminate #plastic packaging for all its own-brand pro… https://t.co/XVJ7OkexTx

@TheGreenParty Green Party @TheGreenParty

"The history of our membership of the EU is a story of governments claiming credit for EU achievements on the one h… https://t.co/NqsBnqMdhd

@BDLandTrust Biodynamic LandTrust @BDLandTrust

Visiting Oakbrook farm in #Stroud, @MollyMEP says: “...vital that #Gove considers both taxes and subsidies when dev… https://t.co/RTxqz2FTqg

@mollymep Molly Scott Cato MEP @mollymep

How many seats will the Kremlin win in the European Parliament in the 2019 elections? asks MEP @JeppeKofod A very… https://t.co/oHa8YQQh48

@aw_bell Andrew Bell @aw_bell

Green MEPs vote to ban #pulsefishing but against EU Commission report on conservation of fisheries, as it provides… https://t.co/L5Mjpe5rIN

@mollymep Molly Scott Cato MEP @mollymep

.@RebHarms reminds @Europarl_EN about the involvement of Putin propaganda machinery in the #Brexit debate. Of cours… https://t.co/rfbKvg12LM

@mollymep Molly Scott Cato MEP @mollymep

For 25 years Tory governments have been blocking environmental improvements in the EU, and now as they attempt... https://t.co/SpBbZllbva

@RobGMacfarlane Robert Macfarlane @RobGMacfarlane

Because they cannot be seen too often, & because the tide may just be beginning to turn in terms of the fight again… https://t.co/pGWqadZ9ww

@Gruene_Europa Europagruppe GRÜNE @Gruene_Europa

Already a big success! 👏👏👏 Tmr's event will look at the European Parliament’s report on Sustainable Finance which i… https://t.co/d4nddymivU

@mollymep Molly Scott Cato MEP @mollymep

.@JKingEU UK Commissioner is updating Parliament on Putin information wars in ‘eastern neighbourhood’ but will he m… https://t.co/0zrj17PhA0

@mollymep Molly Scott Cato MEP @mollymep

Green MEPs backed a ban on pulse fishing but we voted against the whole report which included no incentive to... https://t.co/PbobSBVZET

@BDLandTrust Biodynamic LandTrust @BDLandTrust

A lovely afternoon at Oakbrook Farm with @MollyMEP, the #green economist calling for more equitable access to #land… https://t.co/Hi6DvxeP36

@mollymep Molly Scott Cato MEP @mollymep

European parliament votes to end electric pulse fishing but fails to agree common objectives to protect fish stocks… https://t.co/KEA6QJQmLi

@mollymep Molly Scott Cato MEP @mollymep

In their attempt to detoxify and rebrand themselves as green, the Tories are taking credit for EU policies they tri… https://t.co/2WuxbXPtis

@LeftFootFwd Left Foot Forward @LeftFootFwd

Trying to rebrand as green, the Tories are taking credit for EU policies they tried to block | @MollyMEP… https://t.co/yAFHoeT8ot

@GreensEP Greens in the EP @GreensEP

Good news!!! @Europarl_EN agrees with us: EU should not be helping dictators spy on their citizens! Important repor… https://t.co/CtL7SUyqPY

@mollymep Molly Scott Cato MEP @mollymep

"For the EU you are either on the bus,...in the sidecar with Norway, or you’re not." #BrexitShambles… https://t.co/neBKbDdmWt

@astroehlein Andrew Stroehlein @astroehlein

Some of the #BrexitStamps suggestions going around are pretty hilarious... (these via @RJonesUX @GerryHassan &… https://t.co/PcOOnCqD1K

@jon_bartley Jonathan Bartley @jon_bartley

EU directive 2015/720 (amending Directive 94/62/EC) was passed 29 April 2015. Govt’s Single Use Carrier Bags Charge… https://t.co/HWNtsjq278

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