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MEP for the South West of England and Gibraltar; Green Party speaker on Brexit and on Finance

South West

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@mollymep Molly Scott Cato MEP @mollymep

My week on Twitter 🎉: 1.31K Mentions, 1.01M Mention Reach, 7.79K Likes, 5.3K Retweets, 376 Replies. See yours with… https://t.co/tlkGnoslbT

@peterjukes Peter Jukes @peterjukes

Great scoop by @petergeoghegan and @AdamRamsay "A major shareholder in the company that created #CambridgeAnalytics… https://t.co/PZ0jwMpvYU

@carolecadwalla Carole Cadwalladr @carolecadwalla

One year and one month after our story kicked off an Electoral Commission investigation into the work that Cambridg… https://t.co/m5kKrBpz8a

@SunPoliticsWest Sunday Politics West @SunPoliticsWest

Special show this week from @BristolAirport : @Mark_J_Harper @MollyMEP & Emma Carmel from @casp_bath discuss… https://t.co/GZL2bysr0S

@simesa Simon Ashton @simesa

Ready to record @SunPoliticsWest @BristolAirport https://t.co/W1yZdopU7V

Ready to record @SunPoliticsWest @Bristo...

@premnsikka Prem Sikka @premnsikka

UK 'has turned a blind eye' towards Russian money-laundering https://t.co/ZVWjfsaEKv

@BathforEurope Bath for Europe#FBPE @BathforEurope

386 days to Brexit - but is it worth the cost, upheaval and threat to our livelihoods, security and position in the… https://t.co/JC9SZdhJxO

@jon_bartley Jonathan Bartley @jon_bartley

Has Owen Jones been reading my conference speech? :) Wealth tax, council tax replaced with land value tax, sovereig… https://t.co/LmsXFZvG24

@mollymep Molly Scott Cato MEP @mollymep

#CambridgeAnalytica misled MPs over work for https://t.co/1TxjyuN8lC, says ex-director This looks like the smoking… https://t.co/tzPAHUaCCj

@greenbudget_EU Green Budget Europe @greenbudget_EU

Global leaders call on the financial sector to contribute to a green transition and recognize the key role of a car… https://t.co/4EHeJslMup

@mollymep Molly Scott Cato MEP @mollymep

Great street name! #WheresMolly https://t.co/5wTiEOsJ87

Great street name! #WheresMolly https://...

@mollymep Molly Scott Cato MEP @mollymep

I agree https://t.co/1FMQmgWy5n

@FuflunsPW Fufluns PW #FBPE #ABTV #WATON @FuflunsPW

Moly Scott Cato MEP is a true parliamentarian. Thank you for tenacity, integrity and sound judgement, @MollyMEP .… https://t.co/IwAPXZz50m

@Gruene_Europa Europagruppe GRĂśNE @Gruene_Europa

#Poland already has one of the most restrictive #abortion laws in Europe. We stand in #SolidarityWithPolishWomen fi… https://t.co/les5IWAs8w

@StevePeers Steve Peers @StevePeers

Legal challenge on whether Vote Leave circumvented referendum spending limits will get a court hearing https://t.co/rEB0pPvnnJ

@ClareMoodyMEP Clare Moody MEP @ClareMoodyMEP

Looking forward to being in #Exeter tomorrow for the @Devon4Europe rally with @BenPBradshaw, @juliegirling,… https://t.co/qtoUF0F073

@BasEickhout Bas Eickhout @BasEickhout

@MollyMEP @groenlinks @TheGreenParty Thank you! It is really a very strange system indeed: a proportional system wh… https://t.co/IKHiI8fISf

@mollymep Molly Scott Cato MEP @mollymep

Congarulations to @groenlinks our @TheGreenParty sister Party in the Netherlands. They took 8.4% of the vote, up fr… https://t.co/x9hsnKhRtE

@TheGreenParty Green Party @TheGreenParty

We're the only party dedicated to fighting for our environment and ensuring we live in a fair and just society. J… https://t.co/U4QltwQXfX

@dontbrexitfixit Andrew Parnall: #FBPE #WATON #dontbrexitfixit @dontbrexitfixit

Thank you for standing up and speaking out on this matter Molly @MollyMEP , I wish more MPs would do the same and q… https://t.co/MC1aqcRogt

@mollymep Molly Scott Cato MEP @mollymep

If you want to #StopBrexit make sure you have your feet on the street this weekend I can't wait to join the rally… https://t.co/UkiOGazPOs

@mollymep Molly Scott Cato MEP @mollymep

My letter in @Independent questioning the legitimacy of the #Brexit vote #CambridgeAnalytica… https://t.co/knLoIjnoYj

@mollymep Molly Scott Cato MEP @mollymep

@emmalefevre Already joined!

@PaulEnock Paul Enock @PaulEnock

@ERBD, who are funding the #TAP pipeline, invite members of civil society to suggest topics for discussion about th… https://t.co/dHk3D2dLtS

@RobBryher Rob Bryher @RobBryher

"Unachievable air pollution targets". Here's a way to achieve them. Don't build it, and stop looking for alternativ… https://t.co/SmTdFXRdaR

@mollymep Molly Scott Cato MEP @mollymep

Uni drops Cambridge Analytica executive as fellow Political propaganda and electoral manipulation are not consiste… https://t.co/Lg8k9yFeMK

@OliverDowding Oliver Dowding @OliverDowding

The #CambridgeAnalytica involvement in the #BrexitShambles needs answers & @MollyMEP, who leads on Brexit for… https://t.co/oyZ0sMaVqw

@51TJK Dr Tim Kinsella #FBPE @51TJK

https://t.co/1O8NB8ntTX @MollyMEP :“I am asking the Electoral Commission to tell us what they know. I am also ques… https://t.co/EgoeXrLb62

@MagnusWWF Magnus Emfel @MagnusWWF

.@paultang "The taxonomy need to be broader, it must encourage the 'green' AND disincentivize the 'brown'" .… https://t.co/JYLwjzUpJN

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