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Milton Keynes

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@mistresstess1 Mistress Tess @mistresstess1

#MILTONKEYNESMISTRESS Very busy of late but session availability: TOMORROW ONLY (until the weekend) 11.30am - 5pm… https://t.co/P2euKLX1Wr

@mistresstess1 Mistress Tess @mistresstess1

Teaching a curtesy (video) #Maid #Femme https://t.co/i573vu15s3

@DominaParties DominaParties.co.uk @DominaParties

Tue 3 Apr 11am ~ The Facility, LONDON - Prison Role Play Day, Attendance from £60/hr ~ Be captivated by these seduc… https://t.co/eGWB0A901n

@mistresstess1 Mistress Tess @mistresstess1

I've just got a new #fan! Get access to my unseen and exclusive content at https://t.co/i573vu15s3 https://t.co/PRwJLoN83f

I've just got a new #fan! Get access to...

@HoneyGoldLovexx Blasian Princess 👑 @HoneyGoldLovexx

You've probably heard rumors and lies about me. Look at the true characteristics of who is spreading these lies and… https://t.co/2nsvnehLwf

@mistresstess1 Mistress Tess @mistresstess1

@Slaveb149 Absolutely.

@mistresstess1 Mistress Tess @mistresstess1

@Slaveb149 Yet as far as I can tell I've never actually seen you in person? 🤔

@mistresstess1 Mistress Tess @mistresstess1

Pink rubber gloves and a bite can work magic! #BumFun https://t.co/i573vu15s3

@compliant117 sub2MissTess @compliant117

Off to the airport shortly @mistresstess1 enjoy Your boys @anodandawink @mischievousmale @slave24x7 You will be… https://t.co/KKzBIwDjxl

@mistresstess1 Mistress Tess @mistresstess1

Removing your ball pain, a clip at a time (video) #C.B.T https://t.co/i573vu15s3

@mistresstess1 Mistress Tess @mistresstess1

@GlasgowSlaveZ @glove_pet I can't read @glove_pet stuff as he's 🔒

@MaxMosleyJnr shiteating piggycunt @MaxMosleyJnr

@mistresstess1 And I am done with my graceless heart So tonight I'm gonna cut it out and then restart 'Cause I like… https://t.co/M3iNWGyAL6

@Goddess_Cleo 🔥Goddess Cleo🔥 StrapOn Queen👸🏻 @Goddess_Cleo

Double Domination sessions with @mistresstess1 and I, this week! 🖤WEDNESDAY 21st FEBRUARY🖤 At My private Central L… https://t.co/0gpcxJ9oCB

@mistresstess1 Mistress Tess @mistresstess1

🎵It's always darkest before the dawn And I've been a fool and I've been blind I can never leave the past behind I c… https://t.co/8eXwe4Swjs

@garyvee Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee

When you want something - “pay” whatever it takes

@mistresstess1 Mistress Tess @mistresstess1

@anodandawink Haha. you've been a good boy before.

@DominaParties DominaParties.co.uk @DominaParties

Sun 1 Apr 2pm ~ #StrapOn Party LONDON. Attendance £170 ~ @Goddess_Cleo @AnastaxiaDomina @MistressSparkly and introd… https://t.co/axWO6R1gnf

@mistresstess1 Mistress Tess @mistresstess1

@Cybill_Troy Happy Birthday Miss Troy 🎁🎁

@mistresstess1 Mistress Tess @mistresstess1

If he doesn't worship You and the very ground You walk on he's not worthy of Your time. #FemDom #FemaleSupremacy… https://t.co/NDr6sex2YC

@DominaParties DominaParties.co.uk @DominaParties

Thu 12 Apr 11am ~ #LockDown BIRMINGHAM, Prison Role Play Day- Attendance from £60/hr ~ Be captivated by the seducti… https://t.co/3dBNnTNh0Y

@GlasgowSlaveZ Zoe @GlasgowSlaveZ

@glove_pet I do actually, I have the good fortune of being permitted to accompany @mistresstess1 to the hairdresser… https://t.co/QEwjPXJqgB

@mistresstess1 Mistress Tess @mistresstess1

@SheControls @MissFoxx_FD Looks lush! 👏🏻

@MalikaCaramel Madame Caramel @MalikaCaramel

Follow @MDubaiDirectory for all news of travelling mistresses to the Gulf RT https://t.co/LdL63IoV2M

Follow @MDubaiDirectory for all news of...

@mistresstess1 Mistress Tess @mistresstess1

@asouth212 @Goddess_Cleo Since we are banding about values and numbers, I'll sit down and take a transactional look… https://t.co/OrkcTOD6py

@DominaParties DominaParties.co.uk @DominaParties

#LockDown BIRMINGHAM, Prison Role Play Day- Attendance from £60/hr ~ 11am Thu 12 Apr ~ Be captivated by the seducti… https://t.co/2SWJx7UG0a

@Madame_Says Madame Says @Madame_Says

I prefer men who CARE rather than consume. Men who GIVE more than they take.

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