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Full-Time actress. Part-Time dog model. Currently staring in the new TNT original series, "Claws." Every Sunday night at 9/8 central.


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@SarahKSilverman Sarah Silverman @SarahKSilverman

Is this a good explanation?: Fuck you fuck you fuck You Fuck you fuck you fuck You Fuck you fuck you fuck You Fuck… https://t.co/Hn8qDHB2Dt

@ClawsTNT Claws @ClawsTNT

Slide over Benjamin, I'm out for Desna to represent me 🙌 #PresidentsDay #ClawsTNT https://t.co/K7xyWz0xx1

Slide over Benjamin, I'm out for Desna t...

@ClawsTNT Claws @ClawsTNT

Bottoms up 🥂 It's the only way we gon survive this season... #ClawsTNT https://t.co/7YOEM9u7BT

Bottoms up 🥂 It's the only way we gon su...

@carriepreston Carrie Preston @carriepreston

And, y’all, it’s SO DANG GOOD!!! Amber knocked it outta the park. Watch it!!! https://t.co/cac9jxyDZR

@carriepreston Carrie Preston @carriepreston

Oh yeah #ClawsUp for #FatTuesday y’all !!! @clawstnt @missjennlyon @itisIjudyreyes https://t.co/2LYcGiTX1p

Oh yeah #ClawsUp for #FatTuesday y’all !...

@DebraMessing Debra Messing @DebraMessing

This is NOT teaching impressionable girls and boys healthy lessons about autonomy and respect. https://t.co/oyWYt6S3jv

@missjennlyon Jenn Lyon @missjennlyon

@ddkII @QueenJennLyon I think June?!

@missjennlyon Jenn Lyon @missjennlyon

@victoriachasee oh shit!! Yes I will!

@TheEllenShow Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow

For every retweet of this tweet, Bell will donate 5 cents to mental health initiatives. Here’s my 5 cents. Where’s yours? #BellLetsTalk

@missjennlyon Jenn Lyon @missjennlyon

@greenpike im so sorry I missed this hon!

@Alyssa_Milano Alyssa Milano @Alyssa_Milano

🚨RED ALERT🚨 THIS VOTE IS TOMORROW. https://t.co/7j3gPlAehY

@nwlc NWLC @nwlc

Wondering why artists are wearing white roses at the #Grammys tonight? Learn about the #TIMESUP Legal Defense Fund,… https://t.co/i51VgzxpRu

@missjennlyon Jenn Lyon @missjennlyon

@QueenJennLyon that is a terrible picture!!

@DavidKHarbour David Harbour @DavidKHarbour

Internet, listen... I’m a giver. I give and I give. But now I need you. I need 200k retweets to go dance with peng… https://t.co/AU3TOE4I3G

@cnnbrk CNN Breaking News @cnnbrk

"When I raise my hand, I am aware of all the women who are still in silence." - Actress Viola Davis references the… https://t.co/FMRaJGqaFl

@jfreewright Jeffrey Wright @jfreewright

In. Um. Texas? Beautiful. @GOP & @realDonaldTrump, #RutRoh. https://t.co/L3PdFbZirZ

@Alyssa_Milano Alyssa Milano @Alyssa_Milano

Speaking now... #womensmarch2018 #powertothepolls https://t.co/WAEVTWRoLy

@halsey h @halsey

here is my entire “A Story Like Mine” poem from today’s #WomensMarch2018 in NYC tw: rape / assault. Thank you. https://t.co/l3fji73woM

here is my entire “A Story Like Mine” po...

@Alyssa_Milano Alyssa Milano @Alyssa_Milano

GOP rules WH, Senate & House. Trump promised The #DreamActNow. GOP let #CHIP expire. GOP tried to use CHIP as bl… https://t.co/8Yd9U8xrgt

@LeslyeHeadland Leslye Headland @LeslyeHeadland

"If you wanna be feminist, then fuck like a feminist." https://t.co/DkM3DTh8CY

@valariekaur Valarie Kaur @valariekaur

I wear black today in solidarity with women across US to declare #TIMESUP! As a Sikh & South Asian American woman,… https://t.co/TczMcDyV1M

@alysiareiner alysia reiner @alysiareiner

Watching the @goldenglobes with my sisters because TIME.IS.UP. #timesup #whywewearblack @TIMESUPNOW @carriepreston… https://t.co/RPcohLpOTX

@TigNotaro TIG NOTARO @TigNotaro

Been trying to come up with a joke about the golden globes and the history that women are already making in 2018 bu… https://t.co/lY9yG6WMPT

@RWitherspoon Reese Witherspoon @RWitherspoon

I will forever remember this magical night, surrounded by radiant, strong women. Sisters, daughters, friends, mothe… https://t.co/trH6kf2Bd4

@missjennlyon Jenn Lyon @missjennlyon

Please watch in it's entirety. Your life will be better for it. https://t.co/dXcp9udTwk


Aziz Ansari is the first Asian male actor to win best leading performance in a TV musical or comedy at the… https://t.co/m7iR3aWDmm

@people People @people

The women of the #TimesUp campaign pose before heading into the #GoldenGlobes 🙌 Read more about #WhyWeWearBlack:… https://t.co/MRZqrjcfaY

@HuffPost HuffPost @HuffPost

“I was so shocked to hear that E! doesn’t believe in paying their female co-host the same as their male co-host. I… https://t.co/hUDfoygUqB

@nwlc NWLC @nwlc

"We no longer live in the blank white spaces at the edge of print. We no longer live in the gaps between the storie… https://t.co/SzC2hfasVg

@jodikantor jodikantor @jodikantor

A new kind of red carpet pic. https://t.co/Ylb8P74YVM https://t.co/NMz8mQUSr4

A new kind of red carpet pic. https://t....

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