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@rainpuddles Lluvia🌧️@MikuExpo🇲🇽 @rainpuddles

I can't believe Miku's producer finished a song *and* won 1st place in the contest!! here's a quick scribble to co… https://t.co/PNmuyI4imN

@cfm_miku_en Hatsune Miku @cfm_miku_en

#MIKUEXPO2018 Song Contest Winners @beat_shobon @SimonTonOfficia @marvinvalentin7 @VNaneP @nostr8answer What… https://t.co/xazDS6pTfG

@hightrancesea zalas(car.ess) @hightrancesea

Thanks to @mikuexpo and friends for listening to the 250+ entries submitted to the contest, and congrats to… https://t.co/nHIzqIj5dB

@cfm_miku_en Hatsune Miku @cfm_miku_en

real otaku hours who up click HAI https://t.co/2hCtNt9go0

@secret_sans secret @ MIKUMIKU!!!!!! @secret_sans

CONGRATS TO @beat_shobon FOR WINNING THE @mikuexpo 2018 CONTEST!!! I'm so proud of you and I'm so excited to see ho… https://t.co/igl3NB107m

@cfm_miku_en Hatsune Miku @cfm_miku_en

See you soon #MIKUEXPO2018!!! We've teased the theme song "Decade" by Dixie Flatline, announced the contest winner… https://t.co/S82r7xKn8u

@secret_sans secret @ MIKUMIKU!!!!!! @secret_sans

Miku design i made for @MatrixMarioX !!!!! Please wish him good luck and show your support as he strives to make a… https://t.co/2EIXO4mL9H

@smkkkaorin カオリンミノーグ(スナック初音ママ) @smkkkaorin

デフォルトミクさん(パケ絵の)っぽいミクさん。 https://t.co/9JgibgKO4n

デフォルトミクさん(パケ絵の)っぽいミクさん。 https://t.co/9Jg...

@beat_shobon Moi (´・ω・`) @MIKUEXPO'18 @beat_shobon

The producer finished a song... https://t.co/kHyMMdSn7k

The producer finished a song... https://...

@tenne_luna Lavie@COMMISSIONS @tenne_luna

Fanart for @MatrixMarioX s Mikuexpo entry "Can't Make A Song!!" It's a really good, fun listen and his first! welco… https://t.co/c0zHtExTRl

@cfm_miku_en Hatsune Miku @cfm_miku_en

Be sure to check out the runner-ups and the honorable mentions over at the contest page too!! Congrats to the winne… https://t.co/tZoSDGn4RL

@cfm_miku クリプトン 初音ミク 公式 @cfm_miku

初音ミクブログ更新 【MIKU EXPO】MIKU EXPO 2018楽曲コンテストのグランプリ作品発表! https://t.co/UA3xKuS3mj #初音ミク #mikuexpo2018 https://t.co/QygbwQ1hj0

初音ミクブログ更新 【MIKU EXPO】MIKU EXPO 2018楽曲コンテ...

@cfm_miku_en Hatsune Miku @cfm_miku_en

Announcing the winner of the #MIKUEXPO2018 Song Contest: "Can't Make A Song!!" by @beat_shobon!!! This song will b… https://t.co/3GdVpULmaD

@mikuexpo MIKU EXPO 2018 @mikuexpo

HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2018 USA & Mexico Song Contest Grand Prize winner has been announced!! Congratulations! "Can't M… https://t.co/qcwO8pjdKj

@mikuexpo MIKU EXPO 2018 @mikuexpo

Hatsune Miku returns to the USA and Mexico this summer! This year's theme song is "Decade" by Dixie Flatline!! Sta… https://t.co/9XkMQL3UZz

@cfm_miku_en Hatsune Miku @cfm_miku_en

#MIKUEXPO2018 #MIKUEXPO Hatsune Miku and her friends are coming back to the USA and Mexico this summer! Have you bo… https://t.co/k3MrSRR8y6

@cfm_miku_en Hatsune Miku @cfm_miku_en

Announcing #MIKUEXPO2018 tour & Song Contest!! https://t.co/cLftuZDzwF Excited to hear your music and looking forw… https://t.co/ZakaZ7z0jo

@cfm_miku_en Hatsune Miku @cfm_miku_en

check out this recap video from #MikuExpoMY!!! More concerts coming in 2018 :) https://t.co/MCVPUS3yWN

@cfm_miku_en Hatsune Miku @cfm_miku_en

tickets on sale now https://t.co/cLftuZDzwF follow @mikuexpo to stay updated

@mikuexpo MIKU EXPO 2018 @mikuexpo

For Austin H-E-B Center, THIS is the VIP package! (General admission Pit - NoSeats $150) https://t.co/YCXZ4xDpP7

For Austin H-E-B Center, THIS is the VIP...

@mikuexpo MIKU EXPO 2018 @mikuexpo

https://t.co/JCKmW1HZOZ https://t.co/yngHp6Ho59

https://t.co/JCKmW1HZOZ https://t.co/yng...

@mikuexpo MIKU EXPO 2018 @mikuexpo

For LA Microsoft Theater, "VIP experience" doesn't include "MIKUEXPO2018 VIP package"!! Please read details carefully

@cinemusicmx cinemusicmx @cinemusicmx

#Entérate: La sensación musical japonesa Hatsune Miku (@cfm_miku_en) se presentará el 19 de Julio en el Pepsi Cente… https://t.co/dCjYAb6orW

@LiveNationNYC Live Nation NYC @LiveNationNYC

NYC! @cfm_miku_en is coming to @TheHammerstein on Saturday, July 14! Tickets are on sale now!… https://t.co/NeOeWwln3e

@SanJoseCivic City National Civic @SanJoseCivic

ON SALE NOW: Hatsune Miku (@cfm_miku_en), the first-of-her-kind virtual artist, will perform on our stage through s… https://t.co/TxzpJCjRDd

@mikuexpo MIKU EXPO 2018 @mikuexpo

VIP package includes: 1 General Admission Standing ticket, Early Entry, Exclusive Merchandise Gift Bag

@mikuexpo MIKU EXPO 2018 @mikuexpo

Ticket sales has just started! https://t.co/Oke1ZUrSja

@mikuexpo MIKU EXPO 2018 @mikuexpo

HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2018 USA & Mexico ticket public sale starts tomorrow (Jan. 10) at 5pm PST!!! Stay tuned for ticke… https://t.co/OJ4CxHedfd

@mikuexpo MIKU EXPO 2018 @mikuexpo

@cfm_miku_en see u in #MIKUEXPO2018 🎉

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