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No one expected the Spanish Inquisition - no one #SwampSnakeFighter #MotleyCrew #TeamFarage

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@speakeezie Adrian Archer @speakeezie

WHOA! Obama’s Racist Artist Snuck Hidden SICK Sexual Detail In His Painting – Did You Spot It? https://t.co/tcmbNXKGgY

@speakeezie Adrian Archer @speakeezie

@MulcahyA @MikkiL @IWillRedPillYou Have you seen this? https://t.co/FVUo6mQrlA #ObamaPortraits

@afcb0271 Andrew Brown @afcb0271

#UKLabourfortheCorbynfew https://t.co/uSWuLeXuAf

@mikkil Mikkil #Brexit 🇬🇧🇺🇸 @mikkil

@AlexanderKerr01 @PatrioticBrits @_HenryBolton Wow adulterers get sacked ? It's not your business Bill adultery x2… https://t.co/vGY7yslfwh

@mikkil Mikkil #Brexit 🇬🇧🇺🇸 @mikkil

@UKIP_Cambs @PatrioticBrits @_HenryBolton Yep pushed out by an ejected conservative Bill and the professionals in N… https://t.co/miilLOb9aK

@Brexit59 Loyal Brexiteer 🇬🇧 @Brexit59

@PatrioticBrits @_HenryBolton The Party is clearly divided. Evans calls Farage while wanting him back. Hamilton cal… https://t.co/WESqFMl7ZZ

@mikkil Mikkil #Brexit 🇬🇧🇺🇸 @mikkil

@slouise_louise @PatrioticBrits @SueLeah3 @Alex_Symington @_HenryBolton Loads have left already excluded from vote… https://t.co/pjA0VyxxWd

@PatrioticBrits Patriotic and British 🇬🇧👄💋🇬🇧 @PatrioticBrits

@_HenryBolton I don't support UKIP but I can't believe they way a veteran and ex anti terror cop was treated. Maybe… https://t.co/2S2lg42Wcl

@mikkil Mikkil #Brexit 🇬🇧🇺🇸 @mikkil

@Marty_Caine @JohnBickleyUKIP Aren't Carswell and Reckless still directors or is that a different Ukip co ? His tr… https://t.co/WF3I7IKCjv

@Marty_Caine Marty Caine - ENGAGE @Marty_Caine

@JohnBickleyUKIP Have to say I am impressed you have not resigned as treasurer yet considering the £670,000 cloud h… https://t.co/ditS2U1NqM

@lawyers4britain Lawyers For Britain @lawyers4britain

N.B. less of this, please. https://t.co/1oeDyd57Gf

N.B. less of this, please. https://t.co/...

@lawyers4britain Lawyers For Britain @lawyers4britain

Yes, more of this, please. Remain's main achievement so far: a ruling that ministers can't change the law. Their ai… https://t.co/MD30axctDR

@bigleaguepol Big League Politics @bigleaguepol

DC Metro voyeur was forced to step down from cushy gig at President Obama's Department of Education https://t.co/aOnME1iGhB

@TRobinsonNewEra Tommy Robinson 🇬🇧 @TRobinsonNewEra

Ukip's new leader defends branding Islam a death cult https://t.co/ngNEWUgvRw via @MailOnline

@mikkil Mikkil #Brexit 🇬🇧🇺🇸 @mikkil

Neil Kinnock warns Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Stop Brexit to save the NHS’ https://t.co/RYhYKBqbWI save his millions he's made from EU you mean

@mikkil Mikkil #Brexit 🇬🇧🇺🇸 @mikkil

Opinion Piece: Inside the UKIP EGM exclusive https://t.co/58OBulYwyY via @@AltNewsMedia a never elected Ukiper from… https://t.co/E9A4y8PLAp

@StandingDarrell Darrell Standing @StandingDarrell

🇺🇸 Allen West: “Highly disturbing trend emerges between Florida and other mass shootings — demolishes liberal narra… https://t.co/0i0bJDEHwH

@nuhares Nuhares🌸 @nuhares

🔘Breaking🆕s #uk 🇬🇧 #kent a dead #Greyhound found on a beach with his ears cut off 😵😵😱😱this is quite usual fashion w… https://t.co/6OtvQNkIar

@MulcahyA #TrumpMyPresident @MulcahyA

This is Obama's Buddy- photos of Obama & Farrakhan were hidden. https://t.co/mskaI32OO7

@DrMartyFox Dr. Marty Fox @DrMartyFox

While People Have Been Focused On The Latest School Mass Shooting In A Killing Zone AKA #GunFreeZone Democrats Re… https://t.co/qudn7s2nrF

@LegInsurrection Legal Insurrection @LegInsurrection

Texas school sign: Staff “armed and trained” to protect students “with deadly force if necessary”… https://t.co/0j8N7Kbc6v

@TelBabe terry manners @TelBabe

Sorry Ms Soubry, but I too am completely lost on how the EU keeps us safe when it wants open borders and unchecked… https://t.co/XZRK3GTYwD

@JackPosobiec Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 @JackPosobiec

Why don’t they ever do marches for shootings in Chicago or Baltimore? https://t.co/8nggHLDztu

@FlyoverCulture Flyover Culture @FlyoverCulture

The real reason leftists are exploiting the Florida school shooting and silent about gun deaths in urban America...… https://t.co/LWTaTLWiE3

@IWillRedPillYou Red Pill ~ #TrumpArmy @IWillRedPillYou

Louis Farrakhan on White People: "Cause you see... White People Deserve to Die..." #QAnon Again, this is the Democr… https://t.co/OYlBXd4rGC

@chrism_turner49 Chris Turner @chrism_turner49

@fish_in_a_hat @acgrayling I thought we'd had enough of experts...

@acgrayling A C Grayling #FBPE #ABTV #WATON #OFOC @acgrayling

Tim Shipman in the Sunday Times says a group of three dozen or so academics, lawyers etc have come out as pro-Leave… https://t.co/kE95a2avGj

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