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  • Julian Edelman the first player on the field, as he assesses the condition of the newly sodded grass in the middle of Arrowhead Stadium. He said he liked the tight fit of his cleats as well.
  • @mpg1126 Felt like it was a great scene Mike, and I could have had better context in the tweet. By no means was I intending to show disrespect or distort anything. Really appreciated the overall environment here; it has been great.
  • A few snapshots to set the scene: After the Arrowhead Stadium field was covered with a tarp overnight, workers removed it within the last hour.
  • An interview with Robert Kraft, in which he reflects on the upcoming 25-year anniversary of buying the Patriots, is scheduled to be part of the show.
  • Defensive lineman Vince Wilfork is the Patriots’ honorary captain for Sunday’s AFC Championship Game. Wilfork, a future Patriots Hall of Famer, was a 2004 first-round pick who played with the franchise until 2014, winning two Super Bowls.

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