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@mike89bellamy Mike Bellamy @mike89bellamy

@JohnCleese @TheSun @thetimes care to comment? No, didn't think so. Scum!

@JohnCleese John Cleese @JohnCleese

Yesterday, in court, Murdoch's News Group admitted making hush-money payments to the celebrities suing them for pho… https://t.co/H9weU6BYE4

@GerryHassan Gerry Hassan @GerryHassan

Has to be quote of the day: "We were a customer of Carillon, not the manager": Theresa May at #PMQs on #Carillion.… https://t.co/FeIRSnlECW

@MichaelH14 Michael H. @MichaelH14

May at #PMQs: "We were a customer of Carillion, not the manager of Carillion." Only, they are her donors and she hands them out honours.

@mrjamesob James O'Brien @mrjamesob

The chairman of Carillion, Philip Green (not that one), is an adviser to the Prime Minister Theresa May on corporat… https://t.co/A0QHlam7BM

@Rachael_Swindon Rachael #DKNY #YSL #FCUK @Rachael_Swindon

The British Red Cross have called the current state of the NHS a "Humanitarian crisis". The United Nations accused… https://t.co/XCuqZaYX9m

@JohnCleese John Cleese @JohnCleese

The right-wing press are all moaning about attempts to make them more honest, accurate and accountable, bleating ab… https://t.co/W7cM0YpFpu

@jamieoliver Jamie Oliver @jamieoliver

Would YOU give your children 12 teaspoons of sugar and 2 espressos?! Tweet @Jeremy_Hunt and tell him to ban the sal… https://t.co/b7fLHwhiXF

@queen_signal Crypto Queen Signal @queen_signal

New years #giveaway is 1.5 #ETH just retweet and follow me! #bitcoincash #bitcoin #litecoin #CryptoCurrencies… https://t.co/WHmqwySBmP

@queen_signal Crypto Queen Signal @queen_signal

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@buffetxx Crypto A. @buffetxx

Second week, second #ETH Giveaway to one Lucky winner Winner will be chosen sunday. Prize: 0.5 $ETH To particip… https://t.co/swm67tOkK9

@F1_Images F1 Images @F1_Images

All 68 Legendary World Champion Race Cars 😍 #F1 #Legends https://t.co/d7ZdDEKPcp

All 68 Legendary World Champion Race Car...

@Rachael_Swindon Rachael #DKNY #YSL #FCUK @Rachael_Swindon

This is #NoAccident #NHSCrisis #BlameTheTories https://t.co/29ZD4jSA4N

This is #NoAccident 
#NHSCrisis #BlameTh...

@mike89bellamy Mike Bellamy @mike89bellamy

@thom_dean @trussliz Too true! Big business tory though isn't she. Most likely doesn't give a fuck.... https://t.co/O9nQdiLxBT

@thom_dean @trussliz Too true! Big busin...

@callmerobz Robert Long @callmerobz

A Muslim, a Jew, a Christian & an Atheist all walk into a coffee shop...and they talk, laugh, drink coffee and beco… https://t.co/E30qjECkGa

@NFLShopEurope NFL Shop Europe @NFLShopEurope

Best present this #Christmas 🎄🏈🤔 It's @HoustonTexans vs @steelers Who you got? RT for #HereWeGo Fav for #Texans https://t.co/Pw8ey0dTKi

Best present this #Christmas 🎄🏈🤔

It's @...

@IndyFootball Indy Football @IndyFootball

If you watch anything today, make it this. 🎧 Sam Allardyce on why the number of foodbanks in the UK is such a 'dis… https://t.co/voAYKI1dah

@mike89bellamy Mike Bellamy @mike89bellamy

@theresa_may What a load of drivel. You're such a piece of shit it surprises me little that you've written this. Yo… https://t.co/1T5NVGZ79o

@mike89bellamy Mike Bellamy @mike89bellamy

@Nigel_Farage You're a dick!!!!

@mike89bellamy Mike Bellamy @mike89bellamy

@StuBlackbourn @Nigel_Farage You're not wrong. Farage however; still a dick.

@mike89bellamy Mike Bellamy @mike89bellamy

@theresa_may your next mwah #HappyChristmas https://t.co/ZQBRTygMBH

@theresa_may your next mwah #HappyChrist...

@Motorsport Motorsport.com @Motorsport

Video: Onboard with @CarlinRacing's Habsburg as he attempts to win the Macau GP with a last-corner move:… https://t.co/E882T8esVA

@Anna_Soubry Anna Soubry MP @Anna_Soubry

No. Now condemn your supporters who abuse & threaten MPs they don’t agree with. We live in a democracy & it’s time… https://t.co/nbRWKsZQow

@Rachael_Swindon Rachael #DKNY #YSL #FCUK @Rachael_Swindon

Do you remember when @DavidDavisMP ducked out of Brexit talks in Brussels after about an hour? Government papers sh… https://t.co/sbOxb8084F

@mike89bellamy Mike Bellamy @mike89bellamy

@TheLastLeg no brainer for me #Hamiltondick

@mike89bellamy Mike Bellamy @mike89bellamy

@Seagullloz @westhamfan46 @Nigel_Farage @Anna_Soubry @EU_Commission Wow a faceless prick who thinks he's an expert… https://t.co/eEpAKxOOq4

@mike89bellamy Mike Bellamy @mike89bellamy

@MuscleFoodUK just opened this; no sauce! Not going to be much of a satay without! https://t.co/uvOuhwIJMy

@MuscleFoodUK just opened this; no sauce...

@mike89bellamy Mike Bellamy @mike89bellamy

@Seagullloz @westhamfan46 @Nigel_Farage @Anna_Soubry The general election was a massive 👎 to the tories doing whate… https://t.co/YGTS5rJSbJ

@mike89bellamy Mike Bellamy @mike89bellamy

@mikesey1 @Parsnip15 @westhamfan46 @Nigel_Farage @Anna_Soubry Your talking out your arse mate. A million and one co… https://t.co/qv6uMOsWu5

@mike89bellamy Mike Bellamy @mike89bellamy

@westhamfan46 @mikesey1 @Nigel_Farage @Anna_Soubry But what did you decide? Generic brexit yes but at what cost etc… https://t.co/VmXe4Vhvd4

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