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Management; Singer; Bills fan; Political Animal. Married 32 years; 4 boys, one whom we lost. 4 grandchildren. Life is a gift...live it! #MAGA #TCOT

Las Vegas

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@mikandynothem M A Nöthem @mikandynothem

I need to stop lying to myself... This bag of Reese's cups will never make it to Halloween. #saturdaymorning

@mikandynothem M A Nöthem @mikandynothem

I wish karma was like pizza and could be delivered in under 30 minutes. #saturdaymorning

@mikandynothem M A Nöthem @mikandynothem

I haven't seen Democrats this mad since Republicans freed their slaves... #EachDayIsAVictoryWhen #MAGA… https://t.co/DQH1zyiva4

@mikandynothem M A Nöthem @mikandynothem

#EachDayIsAVictoryWhen I see this @nytimes Presidential forcast from last October. Still makes me smile😁… https://t.co/BfXK9y9mRw

@mikandynothem M A Nöthem @mikandynothem

This self proclaimed "Rock Star" is doing more for the #GOP than any Republican ever could! Keep talking, Empty Bar… https://t.co/LyEcvadch2


Mueller team criticized by fellow attorneys for history of questionable tactics ... https://t.co/UVdXrBpxyR… https://t.co/rjmEbo3hRy


EPIC: Trump Announces He’ll Hang 30-Year-Old Nixon Letter Telling Trump He’d Make a Good President in Oval Office… https://t.co/hoHhDc4jr9


Good Morning USA!!! #MAGA #TrumpUSA https://t.co/9rvHMFigri

Good Morning USA!!! #MAGA #TrumpUSA http...

@AmericanVoterUS Hail to the Chief @AmericanVoterUS

FBN's Dobbs: Uranium One 'May Well Turn Out To Be Biggest Scandal in American Political History' .@realDonaldTrump https://t.co/0zFiE1T4Pd

@1trump2016fan Vegas4Vengeance🎃 @1trump2016fan

LONDON IS GONE: UK Capital Now More Dangerous than NYC More Rape, Acid attacks & Murder than ever! https://t.co/MWWcoybZvH #saturdaymorning

@GrantJKidney GRANT J. KIDNEY 🇺🇸 @GrantJKidney

Crazy Nancy Pelosi plays ‘woman card’, refuses calls from her own party to step down. What Americans want is fresh… https://t.co/7DiJaZAy1N

@jsugalski Jonathan S @jsugalski

@hollinst @Sheila4USA Indeed. I say the things that other people only dare to think.

@AmericanVoterUS Hail to the Chief @AmericanVoterUS

Not ONLY is he the most powerful man in the world but he is a genuinely loving human being We are truly blessed .@realDonaldTrump #MAGA

@DonnaWR8 DONNA WARREN 🇺🇸 @DonnaWR8

🔁RT Directly💬From Bill O’Reilly 🎥#WeThePeople Can No Longer TRUST The News ☠️ Media. #MAGA #TRUMP @POTUS #FakeNews https://t.co/CZS0vkgvVH

🔁RT Directly💬From Bill O’Reilly


@Mike_Beacham Mike Beacham @Mike_Beacham

He is still the puppet of the same puppetmasters that put him there. We have to bring Obama down in order to bring… https://t.co/peshPpcdc6

@_CFJ_ CFJ#ThinBlueLine🙏☦️ @_CFJ_

#RIP Off. Marcus McNeil 29 ✝️ https://t.co/KCnWvDmUjX @POTUS 👉PLS HONOR th Fallen #TurnTheWhiteHouseBlue #NOLA🙏… https://t.co/OAyfbZPA8t

@Mike_Beacham Mike Beacham @Mike_Beacham

Dirty Cops Protecting Treasonous Criminals. #DrainTheSwamp #CongressDoYourJob #TimeToCleanHouse… https://t.co/kYYT9agugb

@FreedomChild3 Faith👉I Stand 🇺🇸 @FreedomChild3

Congratulations on 70K Followers👉 👉👉👉@deneenborelli An Awesome And All Must Follow Patriot-Honored To Be Among The… https://t.co/qtYz4qOtJt

@SandraTXAS Տᗩᑎᗪᖇᗩ ن Russian Bot @SandraTXAS

This is Bernie Sanders healthcare for all: UK has indefinite surgery ban for smokers and obese… https://t.co/6qrRypVvVh

@DrLee4America MD 4 Freedom❤️🇺🇸 @DrLee4America

#FBI Stats: FOUR TIMES as many People Killed by #Knives than by #Rifles of ANY kind! Yet "#Dems scream #GunControl https://t.co/KyCFUvveTZ

@DrLee4America MD 4 Freedom❤️🇺🇸 @DrLee4America

#ICE Director: Suspected #Sonoma #CA Arsonist Is Illegal Alien Mexican. Detainer orders ignored by #SanctuaryCity https://t.co/EDBRNEOXtH

@DrLee4America MD 4 Freedom❤️🇺🇸 @DrLee4America

MUST WATCH‼️ then read #ClintonCash #UraniumOne #UraniumOneScandal #ClintonRussiaCollusion @realDonaldTrump right https://t.co/h0HKwIpvOK

@deneenborelli Deneen Borelli @deneenborelli

Video @tomborelli @billtuckertv interview @BernardKerik on @RepWilson politicizing @POTUS widow phone call @CR @CRTV https://t.co/EqP19R6wW0

@SandraTXAS Տᗩᑎᗪᖇᗩ ن Russian Bot @SandraTXAS

#WhatZombiesAreThinking Joy Reid is thinking when all else fails use the race card. 🙄Joy is the racist in these com… https://t.co/sGHkZlp9Mx

@Uncle_Jimbo Jim Hanson @Uncle_Jimbo

.@realDonaldTrump complimented the bravery of a fallen soldier @repwilson made it a political circus & played the r… https://t.co/WDuDFz2xbi


✔Public Educator @RepWilson 🎭 https://t.co/YMxDnu3BVJ ✔Public Servant Wears custom costumes👺 Worth $1.56M 😕 A… https://t.co/y0ukGz1Gff

@phil200269 Phil @phil200269

Obama and Hillary's Uranium One Deal Was Investigated and Silenced by Mueller, Rosenstein and Holder #MAGA #AMJoy… https://t.co/llnCUg4khY

@phil200269 Phil @phil200269

Uranium One Extortion, Blackmail and Racketeering Investigated & Silenced by Those Who Are Now Investigating Trump… https://t.co/PsUTmTUHCM

@southern4MAGA SouthernBelle4Trump @southern4MAGA

Anyone know if this is true? Entire Volume 5 of CIA Files on Oswald, Set to be Released in Oct, Has ‘Gone Missing’… https://t.co/W2NJ5V8FkN

@On_The_Hook Pinball Wizard @On_The_Hook

Masculinity isn’t the problem! The lack there of is what created #ISIS #ThanksObama It’s #SaturdayMorning Take… https://t.co/XAWeaEwv6r

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