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Science & health journalist for national newspapers & specialist magazines. Radio producer. @ABSW Best Newcomer Britain & Ireland 2015. Book: @Science140


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@mhdelaney Maria Delaney @mhdelaney

@IrishTimes The figure 40-50% mortality should speak for itself... there were 19 new cases in Ireland in the past w… https://t.co/zawm0gNEds

@mhdelaney Maria Delaney @mhdelaney

‘Human infections with CPE are associated with poorer patient outcomes and mortality rates exceeding 40-50 per cent… https://t.co/ZO58P2TGqL

@gavreilly Gavan Reilly @gavreilly

#8committee votes 14-6 (1 abstention) in favour of 'repeal simpliciter' - i.e. removal of 8th Amendment with no substitute text

@orlatinsley Orla Tinsley @orlatinsley

Yes! This is the same in Ireland. People need to take time to have that discussion when well with family. It makes… https://t.co/3Ae26aoiwf

@mhdelaney Maria Delaney @mhdelaney

@CatsInTheMuseum Yup... that’s what I end up doing too! Costs lots but worth it. I had bad nausea at times too & th… https://t.co/1y78BaRXUK

@deborahblum Deborah Blum @deborahblum

We are looking for smart science journalists who would enjoy studying at MIT and Harvard. $70,000 stipend. Hope to… https://t.co/61m0KbXFE2

@mhdelaney Maria Delaney @mhdelaney

Interesting results... I actually participated in this survey as a patient of St Vincent’s University Hospital (SVU… https://t.co/P30cRqr4eU

@mhdelaney Maria Delaney @mhdelaney

Interesting initiative! #underthetree https://t.co/HJQ5liJlVM

@orlatinsley Orla Tinsley @orlatinsley

Sixth call. Fingers crossed 💕🎼

@ScienceTCD Science Education @ScienceTCD

A new #CitizenScience initiative has been launched by @tcddublin and @IrishTimes today 💪🏼👩🏻‍🔬 Please share this fi… https://t.co/1f28onmCp8

@mhdelaney Maria Delaney @mhdelaney

Really enjoyed #scicom17, esp the below panel... never expected to see the GAA, Scouts & Mens Sheds at a #scicomm c… https://t.co/53MjJugbO4

@mhdelaney Maria Delaney @mhdelaney

Mentioned this great @FoilArmsAndHog climate change sketch at the science journalism panel of @scicomie today... In… https://t.co/tX1B2IH7Bv

@AdamRutherford Dr Adam Rutherford @AdamRutherford

Hello Dublin, why, you are lovely. I’m lecturing at @tcddublin tonight on race, genes, identity politics, all the f… https://t.co/4WEzjNVZsX

@scicomie SCI:COM 2017 @scicomie

This and other important questions discussed at our #science #journalism panel with @absw this morning. Great start… https://t.co/CVflR62s9A

@scicomie SCI:COM 2017 @scicomie

We're looking forward to kicking off #SCICOM2017 with our panel discussion on the future of #science #journalism th… https://t.co/BLnFM8HrJQ

@mhdelaney Maria Delaney @mhdelaney

.@scicomie attendees... don’t forget to come along to our pre-conference science journalism event at 10am on Wed. F… https://t.co/RwYk0i2nu9

@orlatinsley Orla Tinsley @orlatinsley

https://t.co/scjwdQUuQR. We are here waiting and holding on to positivity and love. I am deeply grateful for the do… https://t.co/vvUzxOaYCQ

@think_or_swim John Gibbons @think_or_swim

Catastrophic @EPAIreland data just out. Ireland's overall emissions UP 7.3% in last 2 years, at time they should be… https://t.co/AROK0V7aXg

@IrishRaptorSG IRSG @IrishRaptorSG

The IRSG are delighted to announce we will run a Student Research Grant for the academic year 2017/2018 to support… https://t.co/jgQgrFslv3

@JolyonMaugham Jo Maugham QC @JolyonMaugham

Only rarely are we given *Irish* writers on what Brexit means for Ireland. https://t.co/0Fqlf63nqu

@mhdelaney Maria Delaney @mhdelaney

People in E. Asian countries also often wear masks when they are sick to prevent spreading germs... think Ireland n… https://t.co/cE74rPRMnw

@orlatinsley Orla Tinsley @orlatinsley

Unfortunately it didn’t work out for me today. We are disappointed but we are strong and grateful for life. We are… https://t.co/AG1h0cnv2m

@mhdelaney Maria Delaney @mhdelaney

Thinking of you Orla... hoping and wishing with all my heart that this is THE call and you'll have new lungs in a f… https://t.co/qcNqo2sUZD

@mhdelaney Maria Delaney @mhdelaney

@shaunoboyle @PrentisV @SorchaNiAodh @choiceIrregular @scienceirel @SylviaLeatham @mairead_hurley Would be interest… https://t.co/wQv6Dofvwr

@O_Heffernan Olive Heffernan @O_Heffernan

A timely reminder of why designating East Antarctica as a marine protected area is a great idea. My latest commenta… https://t.co/tk3qUGOJKo

@UnaMullally Una Mullally @UnaMullally

We need to start an open conversation about women's experiences in the Irish media industry. I'm organising… https://t.co/AEDwmmICmP

@KarrieKehoe Karrie Kehoe @KarrieKehoe

Watch #rteinvestigates latest data-driven investigation into the struggling public healthcare system tonight on 9.3… https://t.co/60C366eZvc

@scicomie SCI:COM 2017 @scicomie

We're teaming up with @absw to host a panel discussion on the role of media in fostering participation in science o… https://t.co/l3zhmDZe7t

@mhdelaney Maria Delaney @mhdelaney

@juneshannon Ha! My exact thought 🤣

@tjenningsbrown Jennings Brown @tjenningsbrown

I spent months tracking down and meeting with three polio survivors who depend on iron lungs. They are among the la… https://t.co/Ox8XsnYpxJ

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