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@mamtan14 mamta Nigam @mamtan14

@mediacrooks LOL @sadhavi Didn’t know that !

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Judges apart.... @ShekharGupta too ended up with dinosaur EGGS on his face from this episode... https://t.co/Yf2bFb6ckU

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Must be an idiotic poll with an idiotic questionnaire ... How are Sonia, MMS or Kejriwal even in the running for PM… https://t.co/ZJFQru0NVy

@meeta_ahooja Meeta Ahooja @meeta_ahooja

@mediacrooks @ssingapuri Tweeting nonsense is still not illegal. So journos can continue monkey balancing. That is… https://t.co/ToyPTVczhw


@mediacrooks @sadhavi Dowry is already illegal, but Pappu’s #Pidi raking up as a new issue. Nothing but Mundbuddhi ke sangat ka parinam.

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Casteism? LOL! How much does Congress pay this guy to use "Caste" everywhere, every day and night? https://t.co/Qmdo6uU9tX

@samirkapoor1971 Samir Kapoor @samirkapoor1971

@_NAN_DINI @ShekharGupta @NeeraMajumdar Because Guptaji can then invent a new kind of casteism "food casteism'. Th… https://t.co/4t2ureL4NS

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Karti was the "Sole Agent for FIPB and other FinMin clearances for many companies.... https://t.co/1kEpG18E3M

@goyalsanjeev #Intolerant भारतीय @goyalsanjeev

What services/expertise @KartiPC company given to 63 big corporates (Incl Aditya-Birla, Arcelor-Mittal, Vodafone, D… https://t.co/KKHCAN2qHl

@Lotusfeetns narasimhas @Lotusfeetns

@mediacrooks @ikamalhaasan He is such a bundal das .He can not give any political leadership to the state except ta… https://t.co/bSXJTHoXW7

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

ALL? LOL! How many Congress CMs are there? I dont think more than 3-4 at best... https://t.co/2PveQvxAJB

@geejay68 Geetha Jayaraman @geejay68

Here goes 1 more likes of @OfficeOfRG n Nehru family divide Hindustan,@ikamalhaasan u r a shame to Bharat n more so… https://t.co/4CE4qnyUhA

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Nice attempt at bogus "Monkey balancing".... Demanding dowry was anyway illegal and banned many years ago.... https://t.co/8kAVuQBNlH

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

This @ikamalhaasan keeps blabbering some nonsense or the other almost everyday... Must be feeling inferior after Ra… https://t.co/lYVqYjtUZE

@rvaidya2000 RVAIDYA2000 @rvaidya2000

Other southern states don't identify as Dravidians--attempt s made from 1920s--global forces r trying now and Kama… https://t.co/N51ZxDEgvp

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Why is it a "Gimmick"? @nytimes @washingtonpost @CNN are indeed queens of "Fake news" Just like you @Indiatoday are… https://t.co/LXu7xTbOWt

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

When youre in love with a beautiful woman... Tomorrow never knows. https://t.co/PX96LzHp3t

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

LIAR.... You drew it with her.. Girls dont draw like this...... https://t.co/HJBJN2sb97

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

I want all MKGandhi pics removed from currency notes.. Bahut zyaada de diya is Gadhe ko.. Put pics of Ambedkar or S… https://t.co/Lu4nKMEjPJ

@tweetbison Justice WTF @tweetbison

@netanyahu https://t.co/YMtFZZ0DMA

@17_appu Appu.17 @17_appu

@mediacrooks Nehru was the asshole vulture who made his life on the dead bodies of #IndianFreedomFighters ..He & hi… https://t.co/qZ1dDPeFpK

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Israel produced sons like Menachem Begin and daughters like Golda Meir.. @netanyahu Keep it up... Never produce idi… https://t.co/FKZicJy9CR

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

In the Kerala mass murder of Hindus by Muslims... the Moppla thing.. this nutcase MKGandhi just said Hindus must wi… https://t.co/OlkE8jrnxX

@Goonerofind India first always @Goonerofind

@mediacrooks Both were British Pimps

@ANSHUL1002 Bitter Truth @ANSHUL1002

@mediacrooks Gandhi just cut the cake which was prepared by 1000s freedom fighters.

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Another BS by @narendramodi Just to stay in politics and be SICKULAR... https://t.co/k6GfPMIwW1

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Gandhi got freedom for India? Moron... I blame your parents for your ignorance.... Many sacrificed their lives for… https://t.co/hGSUSPxw1o

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

And the more I learn about MKG.. the more I realise he was actually @ArvindKejriwal in a previous birth... https://t.co/Beuxi6i04z

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

The original ashram of MKG is at Kochrab in Paldi, Ahmedabad... Nobody goes there... Why? Because its not on the ba… https://t.co/KwdgQ5alZA

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

YES YES YES... In 1976.... @netanyahu's brother and his Commando team were inspired by MKGandhi at the Entebbe raid… https://t.co/R0D9VPSHqE

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