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@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

And he borrows the term "MutraCola" from me... (Coined for the regular drink @SagarikaGhose has)..... Hahaha... https://t.co/WJuk5aHW0k

@tweetbison WTF @tweetbison

Wow! This guy fabricated this profile. If you check this person's profile on Linkedin you wont see image#2 anywhere… https://t.co/VqsHESlQxS

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

You not only missed the Needle... You missed the Haystack altogether... The clever trickery of @ShekharGupta is to… https://t.co/HosLSd4Th6

@grahul G Rahul @grahul

Mr. Monkey Balancer @mediacrooks https://t.co/RCNsM0jfXF

@rishitwt rishi b @rishitwt

ghanshyam has no clue what this debate #VoterFixingScandal is about. he'll perhaps start with jobs. mc rightly calls him kadi patta

@tweetbison WTF @tweetbison

7. Pakistan bringing up caste divide in that dossier 8. The dalit riots in Maharastra 9. Gumehar, Kanahaiya, Khalid… https://t.co/Ye7MwDx34D

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Even now its not too late... Take down sensitive personal info, pics and data down from FB... ESPECIALLY watch what… https://t.co/PyfHhqEzgV

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Although... Im not very sure if s/he was banned or self-deactivated.... Dont have much info... https://t.co/MtxbVvSoF9

@Neera_26 St Whimsy 🇮🇳 @Neera_26

So the Islamists (masquerading as liberals)in control of @Twitter hv banned @Trueindology because he exposed the li… https://t.co/w1oEaWUXvr

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

This was in 2011... Stupid of many people to put personal data, personal picks and info on Facebook or public sites… https://t.co/RjxLocJaID

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Facebook is a fad, Twitter is a trend! RT @ntyag Twitter is more effective than facebook

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Facebook shares is another media-created hype... Ive given FB 3 years..

@ramgopaldass_77 Ram Gopal @ramgopaldass_77

@mediacrooks @RahulGandhi Hahaha...."...Whenever you need me, I will always be available..."...Hey Gobbledygook Mae… https://t.co/bFUf8VgXZ5

@tweetbison WTF @tweetbison

1. Haryana riots 2. MP riots 3. Gujarat Patel agitation 4. Killing of Calf by INC in Kerala 5. JNU unrest 6. Killin… https://t.co/ExQ7Lvhf6U

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

I have always known Facebook will one day crack and crumble under its own frauds.... Just took longer than I estima… https://t.co/fuJk3rTC3a

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

I have predicted death of FB in 3 years! RT @shilpitewari I dont underatand this new facebook layout. Uff.

@VerseCannon VerseCannon @VerseCannon

Finally, Zuckerbird is getting zucked. Facebook is in meltdown as investors dump the stock in droves.  Hey zuckers… https://t.co/ISSKmf6MyT

@dpakrastogi Deepak Rastogi @dpakrastogi

@mediacrooks @RahulGandhi Chikmagalur, where , Sonia Gandhi admitted in Congress plenary that इंदिरा गांधी की जीत… https://t.co/uNpmr2yxNZ

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

@Tejashrijoshi Hahhaa... Theres a lot more to my tweet than merely telling Rajnath or Modi....

@madhavb Madhav @madhavb

LOL! did a mass block of MC followers guess, @mediacrooks https://t.co/d6mTPTfdBD

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Also investigate the Lingayat religion conspiracy... All of it now falls in place with #CambridgeAnalytica scandal.… https://t.co/BpUz9q3P7O

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

The anarchy, chaos & violence engineered by @INCIndia Driven by @RahulGandhi at various places... Including JNU Com… https://t.co/F4cbx9llJR

@goyalsanjeev #Intolerant भारतीय @goyalsanjeev

Dear @Swamy39 sir, you probably have been wrongly advised to share this 3-year old piece which is irrelevant today.… https://t.co/UjPIStJmg2

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Abey Einstein... What does "Hounding" mean? ... Stop getting too excited... LOL! https://t.co/w2JooiIf10

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

I enjoy hounding such Kastards... Theyre better off locked up in their stupid holes.... Uneducated idiots who know… https://t.co/iXokzrNKK7

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Karnataka has 220+ Assembly seats... Why make any one a prestige issue? Focus on 175 key seats and Hammer down a me… https://t.co/zIRLAZtBHp

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

With NOTHING in their armory anymore... Congis will only resort to "Meri Nani ko maar diya.... Mere daddy ko maar d… https://t.co/BwdW1Y8Kfx

@NSSollapur Oxymoron @NSSollapur

@mediacrooks @Joshebacardilya Account is protected!!! https://t.co/Jwqra2AUFT

@mediacrooks @Joshebacardilya Account is...

@Moskvaa The Penguin @Moskvaa

@mediacrooks If they drink white wine, we must conclude jebus is anemic

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Where?... In Thailand, Italy, UK, Malta, Spain?.... @RahulGandhi https://t.co/L07bJLZy9R

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