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@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

IndiraG not only banned movies... She jailed people without cause... And these morons sing songs about her... Such… https://t.co/jNlMXOnoC1

@manichejain Jaini @manichejain

Dear dumbeshwari @sagarikaghose she herself was a sena. She didn't just ban a movie but got burnt original prints o… https://t.co/RVsql3hAtp

@KittuKrithika Krithika @KittuKrithika

What is “Times” girl sir? Your property? https://t.co/qrFbIR0nbY

@Sootradhar Jiggs @Sootradhar

Report @ VORDOTCom for encouraging violent attacks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

@kcsnegi Krishna Negi @kcsnegi

Wondering why @Twitter @TwitterIndia have not suspended this handle. This tweet and like many of tweets openly inc… https://t.co/EYWBWre1Xv

@pliersnwires Innov8 @pliersnwires

@mediacrooks @INCIndia Next president of congress is currently still in testicles of current one.. thank God for small mercies..

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

This is nothing short of CRIMINAL.... @mlkhattar What in hell is happening in your state? @JPNadda https://t.co/i0vEvbchCI

@KittuKrithika Krithika @KittuKrithika

Your ancestors converted fearing death..irony you judging Rajputs? https://t.co/bXpbM3wKvi

@RituRathaur सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @RituRathaur

While commie eminent fattulectuals insult Maa #Padmavati for trying to save her honour..😂 Read this .. Afzal khan… https://t.co/Mc8dPLEnie

@sanghaviharsh Harsh Sanghavi @sanghaviharsh

Just a small gesture by me and Majura team for Saving the environment. I would be more than happy if people grow on… https://t.co/jR9Skjfmv2

@sar402 #EyeOnRGB @sar402

@mediacrooks @BlackPantherUI @OfficeOfRG @TimesNow @republic @IndiaToday That is nothing new in Royal Party but why… https://t.co/ehvfCc5UY1

@ArunPande11 Arun Pande @ArunPande11

@mediacrooks These idiot Libtards as usual fail to gauge the public mood and promptly keep putting their foot in th… https://t.co/mgxanwG61G

@kcsnegi Krishna Negi @kcsnegi

Aunty @AzmiShabana kuch saram bachi hai ki nahi. Doglapan puri duniya ko dikh raha hai. Muslims community ke sentim… https://t.co/1pBnBe65iv

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Typical @INCIndia moronery.. Pass a stupid resolution "Coronating" the buffoon as Prez.. and then announce "Electio… https://t.co/68QTelwQyK

@balashernaz CA S.S.Balakrishnan @balashernaz

@mediacrooks Is she the umpteenth wife of the worst traitor of India and she is calling it a great country. As dumb as her daughter.

@gemsaroundjags juggernaut @gemsaroundjags

@mediacrooks India will vote, Ms @Soni_Razdan again and again and again. And all the boot-lickers of D company in B… https://t.co/KpH2aW8Uy7

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Although do remember.. Just like Pappu's silly visits to temples... Amrinder's ban on "Padmavati" may also be keepi… https://t.co/wXmPuxNY4v

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Its a severe slap on the faces of Arnab @Republic and that joker @RajatSharmaLive who grandly claimed hes a Rajasth… https://t.co/G1i33xMRNz

@heeraman98 हीरामन Tiwari @heeraman98

After the biggies of almost all relevant pol parties lashed out at #SanjayLilaBhansali &his #Padmavati… https://t.co/wKLMtZwvBN

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Subha se chaalu hai yeh duffers.. "Democracy khatre me hai".... LOL! Brainless journos concocting idiotic lines whe… https://t.co/14Ypg7N6SO

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Seems @ndtv director or CEO Narayana Rao passed away... He battled a lot of frauds for them.... In defending their chicanery....

@561cdc cdc561 @561cdc

@mediacrooks @viacom18 They gave an incomplete submission to the CBFC and then cried victimisation to the press. T… https://t.co/gHc7Q4gCnF

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Dear @viacom18 Your statement on "Padmavati" is a load of BS... How did your producers/directors release the movie… https://t.co/inqTeEVVXj

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

I voted for BJP for over 25 years in Gujarat.. This DUMB tweet ensures I will vote for them in Guj & Centre for ano… https://t.co/bnOy16dHAP

@love2speaktruth Dumb & Dumber @love2speaktruth

I remember famous quote from @Mediacrooks Media is the first line of defence for corrupt/goons https://t.co/OLaNj8M18t

@hooves2 KJ @hooves2

Waiting for his acceptance speech on lawns of 10J extempore !! Future course of cong will depend on this earth shat… https://t.co/7Tn5AvVEbm

@tomorrows_truth TomorrowsTruthToday 📣🕉🇺🇸🇮🇳 @tomorrows_truth

@UrchinSpock @mediacrooks Haha.. business standard has the most apt handle "BS"india. So, as per them B4 barbarians… https://t.co/JMkyCNTukK

@AnanthanRa Ananthan @AnanthanRa

@mediacrooks @OfficeOfRG @TimesNow @republic @IndiaToday It will be a closely contested fight between Pappu & Yuvar… https://t.co/U7bKCddx4B

@shadaksharayyah shadaksharayya hirem @shadaksharayyah

@mediacrooks @OfficeOfRG @TimesNow @republic @IndiaToday Believe it or not The day RAGA fills election form withou… https://t.co/YaBEvF9c3M

@sathya0709 sathya narayanan @sathya0709

@mediacrooks @OfficeOfRG @TimesNow @republic @IndiaToday Every time such a 'selfie' is clicked, the Chinese benefit… https://t.co/5XeHuzbq49

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