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I'm a Parent / Foodie / Minimalist, dreaming of living a FIRE lifestyle🤷‍♀️

Belfast, Northern Ireland

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@Totes__Magotes Brit Brat 💕 @Totes__Magotes

“Affording a car payment does not mean you can afford the car. You can afford the car if you can pay cash for the c… https://t.co/FzJhAM1cDt

@WeeMissBea Aisling Bea @WeeMissBea

To everyone out there who ever had a dream - I just want to remind you not to be afraid, it's a perfectly natural p… https://t.co/3i32M6EcMM

@Unnamedinsider Unnamed Insider @Unnamedinsider

David David: 2016 “Britain will be much better off outside the EU” 2017 “There is no downside to Brexit” 2018 “Brex… https://t.co/SuGFJPM1v3

@manwhohasitall manwhohasitall @manwhohasitall

"Will you STOP calling me a 'male scientist'? I'm just a scientist!" shouts angry John, bringing his gender into everything as usual.

@tbhjuststop no @tbhjuststop

i hate when adults make fun of u and ask if u bought ur jeans with all the holes in them. why don’t u go fix the holes in our economy robert

@SuffolkSi Simon Waters @SuffolkSi

This is how 40,000 starlings get to bed in less than a minute.@RSPBMinsmere https://t.co/8RxfUen5RT

This is how 40,000 starlings get to bed...

@james_clear James Clear @james_clear

SUMMARY Food -buy water filter -use smaller plates Sleep -buy good mattress -get blackout curtains -remove tv fro… https://t.co/uPmAADnvMQ

@Bigoldsupermoon That Big Old Moon 🌚 @Bigoldsupermoon

Women: we have given birth to literally every person on this earth in history. Females are the root of humanity.… https://t.co/aC8Z8ZICMc

@rockstarfinance Rockstar Finance @rockstarfinance

"Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go… https://t.co/GJQSOoNmfO

@CloughJohn John Clough @CloughJohn

Please don't leave supporting campaigns like ours to everyone else, just think what happened to Jane could happen t… https://t.co/9AbWnp2QmG

@mcwhizzly Karen McIlwee @mcwhizzly

@CloughJohn Signed and shared, so so sorry for your family's loss, it is inspiring what you are doing xx

@CloughJohn John Clough @CloughJohn

two minutes now could save you a lifetime wishing someone had done something to prevent your loved one being abused… https://t.co/OFnpOhNxbK

@CloughJohn John Clough @CloughJohn

Our pain will never end, that's why I don't want yours to ever start...... Please help us to make a difference, the… https://t.co/RFx9HDEqNa

@ariConference Autism Research Inst @ariConference

The first study to characterize #neurofibromatosis type 1 in infants, a genetic condition linked to #autism, docume… https://t.co/b0145yzw7N

@RobinJPowell Robin Powell @RobinJPowell

No, indexing is NOT taking over asset management, creating bubbles, detrimentally affecting price discovery, or cau… https://t.co/3KPpFvBISx


life's short. buy those shoes, miss this months rent, lose your job, get evicted, lose your friends, ruin your life… https://t.co/K3GkNUrDLB

@mcwhizzly Karen McIlwee @mcwhizzly

@AskNic @Jeyssika Thank you, great read and tick, tick, tick! 👍💃 https://t.co/QoLMBETz6P

@AskNic @Jeyssika Thank you, great read...

@Shrewsmeditate shrewsmeditate @Shrewsmeditate

Petition: All jurors in rape trials to complete compulsory training about rape myths https://t.co/GHr1R3eEcY

@thepunningman Sean Leahy @thepunningman

Hey baby I hear the blues a-callin' https://t.co/yKSDR1TaPM

Hey baby I hear the blues a-callin' http...

@Rachael_Swindon Rachael @Rachael_Swindon

Today at #PMQs @theresa_may REFUSED to rule out selling off the NHS to private American health care firms. If it… https://t.co/woMyFndfe2

@mcwhizzly Karen McIlwee @mcwhizzly

@manwhohasitall Asking for trouble that's what! Am I right girls? Claire, back me up here mate, you know what it is like!

@CashflowCop Cashflow Cop @CashflowCop

Where are you on the path towards financial independence? https://t.co/Unf6E2MYRt https://t.co/Qsk461KdzD

Where are you on the path towards financ...

@mcwhizzly Karen McIlwee @mcwhizzly

@alliedahl @GailWalden6 Use this depending on your mood 🤣 https://t.co/TSFOVQY9OJ

@alliedahl @GailWalden6 Use this dependi...

@mcwhizzly Karen McIlwee @mcwhizzly

@rosemcgowan @Variety Keep speaking your truth Rose 💗

@LetToysBeToys Let Toys Be Toys @LetToysBeToys

When little boys don’t feel they can eat off a pink plate or little girls don’t feel they can choose the blue shoes… https://t.co/jpKDeqIVVz

@mcwhizzly Karen McIlwee @mcwhizzly

@ruthiedollie Yes Ruth! They should have shown the care worker piecing it all together at the end and fixing it wit… https://t.co/xHb1IvkGNB

@RobinJPowell Robin Powell @RobinJPowell

Here's a classic illustration of why picking active managers with good track records is counter-productive — a fund… https://t.co/OqmHzmpc43

@mcwhizzly Karen McIlwee @mcwhizzly

@jk_rowling Preach 🙉 🤣💁‍♀️

@mcwhizzly Karen McIlwee @mcwhizzly

@MandaPandable It is a gradual process, just hold on to what you need for now and eventually you will settle with w… https://t.co/E5jkfhfZBR

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