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@matt_reiners Matt Reiners @matt_reiners

It's always rewarding partnering with forward-thinking organizations like @SilveradoCare https://t.co/9JCKbx0kbd

@matt_reiners Matt Reiners @matt_reiners

@Sammyknip @Atypical @netflix 🙌

@iAdvanceSnrCare iAdvanceSnrCare @iAdvanceSnrCare

When people lose their hearing, they often drop out of conversations & activities. Founders of @EversoundHQ,… https://t.co/mUsE2NenuC

@TheEllenShow Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow

Please retweet & use #BeKindToElephants, and for everyone who does, we’ll make a donation to The David Sheldrick Wi… https://t.co/dAGQh3O4in

@matt_reiners Matt Reiners @matt_reiners

@drsuemc Thanks Dr. Mac! Come along with from chatting with you in your office five years ago.

@matt_reiners Matt Reiners @matt_reiners

Named @tferriss as a dream mentor as part of the @ForbesUnder30 honor. Tim - wanna chat? :) https://t.co/7NLL0vIoVu

Named @tferriss as a dream mentor as par...

@matt_reiners Matt Reiners @matt_reiners

Grateful for the opportunity. Thank you @ForbesUnder30 for the honor on being named #30under30 for consumer tech. https://t.co/dlMax8WIiY

@megabcross Meghan Cross @megabcross

Yes! Congrats @EversoundHQ on @ForbesUnder30 #30U30 - Well deserved recognition for the young guns helping Grandma… https://t.co/WTvf31VvsP

@BillGates Bill Gates @BillGates

I believe that we can alter the course of Alzheimer’s. That’s why I’m investing in the Dementia Discovery Fund. https://t.co/7fcixpeJd5

@EversoundHQ Eversound @EversoundHQ

Today we take extra time to recognize and honor all those who have served our nation. From the bottom of our hearts… https://t.co/DrzUWtLlFh

@FrontPorchCS Front Porch @FrontPorchCS

Why I Took Off My POW/MIA Bracelet After 44 Years https://t.co/C1X65XlppP

@srhousingnews Senior Housing News @srhousingnews

Entries For The 2017 SHN #Architecture & #Design Awards Are Due Monday Night! Get Your Entry In Now… https://t.co/EOyHCtDWEp

@matt_reiners Matt Reiners @matt_reiners

Amazing time spent sharing our story with Mass CAP tonight! If you are in Massachusetts and an activity professional…https://t.co/KKqW4QHY8P

@matt_reiners Matt Reiners @matt_reiners

Hey @LeadingAge can you hear it? https://t.co/5CK8Ap6ZUI

Hey @LeadingAge can you hear it? https:/...

@matt_reiners Matt Reiners @matt_reiners

Hey! I know those headphones! Cool to see those in the senior living world using them at wellness events at senior l…https://t.co/tVFbLgmtiA

@TraceyHarvey7 Tracey Harvey @TraceyHarvey7

Great ideas for space challenged buildings that want to run dynamic group activities! https://t.co/g1p9zH6CIV

@matt_reiners Matt Reiners @matt_reiners

Clean sweep at the LeadingAge Shark Tank pitch event. Thank you GlynnDevins for the opportunity to share our story! https://t.co/tpw3dSRBLf

@EversoundHQ Eversound @EversoundHQ

Did you hear about the #SilentDisco at #LeadingAge17? Visit Booth 2202 to learn more about high quality sound for a… https://t.co/REgBqNcTdh

@EversoundHQ Eversound @EversoundHQ

With our friends from #AgeisTherapies for “Managing Wellness Over Illness” at #LeadingAge17! Getting a sweat and he… https://t.co/Uro43FDe34

@darrenrovell Darren Rovell @darrenrovell

Jose Altuve was never listed in the top 100 prospects in baseball in any major publication at any time. Believe in… https://t.co/AsnDS3GzXT

@matt_reiners Matt Reiners @matt_reiners

Excited to swim with the sharks on Wednesday morning @ 10am #leadingage17 https://t.co/r6LOwhLbFC

@matt_reiners Matt Reiners @matt_reiners

Eleven in Stranger Things is Neo to The Matrix #StrangerThings #StrangersThings2 #StrangerThingsSeason2

@EversoundHQ Eversound @EversoundHQ

Check out Eversound in the latest issue of @_McKnightsSL and learn how you can combat resident isolation and hearin… https://t.co/GL3lxn6vgl

@srhousingnews Senior Housing News @srhousingnews

First of its Kind Senior Living Innovation Center Opens https://t.co/x51mPjr4vP https://t.co/dORyqjgyyg

First of its Kind Senior Living Innovati...

@srhousingnews Senior Housing News @srhousingnews

Congratulations to @ThriveCenterKy on today’s grand opening @CDW_Healthcare @MusicalHealthT @EversoundHQ… https://t.co/4BwKFMfxt3

@sallyabrahms Sally Abrahms @sallyabrahms

$1.77 million grant for tech to improve lives of #longtermcare residents. Think #sensors @wsu #gerontechnology https://t.co/FKLy4IvzS6

@matt_reiners Matt Reiners @matt_reiners

No! I will not buy your leads list from a conference where I know I'll get the attendee list. Get ten of these a day! Anyone else?

@Lois_Bowers Lois Bowers @Lois_Bowers

#Seniorliving operators can learn a lesson from the communication efforts of @MandalayBay & @ahcancal in advance o… https://t.co/nG4hicaWbG

@megan_fpciw Megan Park @megan_fpciw

Aaron presenting the @EversoundHQ system at Walnut Village this morning! #frontporch #fpciw #eversound… https://t.co/jTL42wuhPr

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