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I love writing, like Kanye loves Kanye. ▪️ Film Marketing 🎥💻🌈🌏🌑

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@maryjane_mia Mary Jane @maryjane_mia

@mattpuckett16 @dcbrosmedia @readyplayerone Let's hope the film stays true to the book. From the looks of the trail… https://t.co/GGYNPM6Jw1

@maryjane_mia Mary Jane @maryjane_mia

@dcbrosmedia @readyplayerone The nostalgia throughout the book is great. I hope you like it! Definitely read it before the film comes out.

@maryjane_mia Mary Jane @maryjane_mia

So ready for this. Read the book twice! @readyplayerone https://t.co/efIKcojvCn

@DendySydney Dendy Sydney @DendySydney

Win a copy of the Lady Bird soundtrack!! Book a ticket to our preview screening on February 14:… https://t.co/QGz4nXsrSg

@maryjane_mia Mary Jane @maryjane_mia

#Mudbound deserves all the #Oscars nominations its received. Representation... it matters. 5/5

@maryjane_mia Mary Jane @maryjane_mia

Thank you #BlackLightning for the #LGBTQ representation and not making a massive deal about it. It just is, y'know. 👌 @blacklightning

@blacklightning Black Lightning @blacklightning

Let the world know #BlackLightning is coming. Don't miss the series premiere January 16 on The CW! https://t.co/yIR5qYppB6

Let the world know #BlackLightning is co...

@maryjane_mia Mary Jane @maryjane_mia

Legit. Everybody do this. 🤣 https://t.co/NTXXfXFuaJ

@OriginalFunko Funko @OriginalFunko

RT & follow @OriginalFunko for a chance to WIN a Legion of Collectors #TeenTitans box! 📦 The 'Teen Titans' box clos… https://t.co/DdEy9WaTfN

@maryjane_mia Mary Jane @maryjane_mia

A wand was waved and they said "let there be magic"... then this happened. A must-watch film. Moving in so many way… https://t.co/W9ggJo9iYg

@TaikaWaititi Taika Waititi @TaikaWaititi

Shake my little tush on the catwalk... #TBT New Years 2008. 🍑 https://t.co/WlVVb5jDcL

Shake my little tush on the catwalk...

@maryjane_mia Mary Jane @maryjane_mia

@GothamiteClaire I came across this the other day! I haven't listened to it though. What's the verdict, any good?

@_DCWorld DC WORLD @_DCWorld

A Christmas message to you all and have a merry Christmas and a happy 2018. Wishing you all the very best and Thank… https://t.co/v5V4Nv6U0D

@_DCWorld DC WORLD @_DCWorld

Gotham Season 4 Fall Finale Episode 11 A Dark Knight : Queen Takes Knight https://t.co/lsMYGmh38e https://t.co/LocTwYBz0P

Gotham Season 4 Fall Finale Episode 11 A...

@maryjane_mia Mary Jane @maryjane_mia

I'll tell you this much about #StarWarsTheLastJedi it had a whole lot of heart!

@maryjane_mia Mary Jane @maryjane_mia

@buckle22 What's your verdict on TLJ?

@_DCWorld DC WORLD @_DCWorld

Some great new posts on the website tonight https://t.co/3jasyIFN08

Some great new posts on the website toni...

@show_bizz Erin Marie Durcan @show_bizz

My article about 2 fantastic weekends! #hvffsanjose #ACEcomiccon #arrowverse #JusticeLeague #Henrycavill… https://t.co/cOPjInye5e

@maryjane_mia Mary Jane @maryjane_mia

@GothamiteClaire Well* WW is my gal

@maryjane_mia Mary Jane @maryjane_mia

@GothamiteClaire Ahh you know me wrll x

@_DCWorld DC WORLD @_DCWorld

May We thank you all for all your support this year and as always you are the greatest without you all we wouldn’t… https://t.co/escMCPceIW

@GothamiteClaire Claire Payne @GothamiteClaire

The mid season fall finale was absolutely brilliant here is my recap and review https://t.co/RFcvVGTak4

@_DCWorld DC WORLD @_DCWorld

Crisis on Earth X – The CW Crossover Event https://t.co/krxjjkVyGI https://t.co/R7xl9XZaKX

Crisis on Earth X – The CW Crossover Eve...

@RobAylingFilm Rob Ayling @RobAylingFilm

Look what just arrived! #BatmanvsTwoFace DVD! Many thanks @_DCWorld! That’s tonight’s entertainment sorted! #Batman https://t.co/QyEjczktMd

Look what just arrived! #BatmanvsTwoFace...

@_DCWorld DC WORLD @_DCWorld

Checkout Claire's take on Justice League! #JusticeLeague https://t.co/2UN2oEC5uS https://t.co/rCVXEX9FQe

Checkout Claire's take on Justice League...

@maryjane_mia Mary Jane @maryjane_mia

@_DCWorld @AdamCarrWeb @DCComics @WarnerBrosUK @TheCW This looks amazing

@_DCWorld DC WORLD @_DCWorld

A brand new update coming to the DC World website will be coming and I can share a sneak peek 👀Big plans for 2018.… https://t.co/AUkJegZ0rW

@_DCWorld DC WORLD @_DCWorld

The website has had some updates go check it out! https://t.co/zUZyzgMXJv https://t.co/Ida8OXiCWm

The website has had some updates go chec...

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