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@marintheatreco Marin Theatre Co @marintheatreco

We're so exited this production will have a second life in the south bay! #SkeletonCrew re-opens @TheatreWorksSV on… https://t.co/RdUWdZ3IFX

@marintheatreco Marin Theatre Co @marintheatreco

Curious about #THEWOLVES? Wonder what the rehearsal process is like for a play about soccer? Join us + members of… https://t.co/VTiJLOL35c

@221_Betsy Betsy Norton @221_Betsy

#Tattoosday at @MarinTheatreCo is on point ⚽⚽⚽. #WeAreTHEWOLVES #MTC51 #Soccer https://t.co/GsGFf3XPt6

#Tattoosday at @MarinTheatreCo is on poi...

@marintheatreco Marin Theatre Co @marintheatreco

Happy *sort of* closing to our SKELETON CREW!! Final perf here at #MTC is today at 2PM!! Then they move to… https://t.co/UV4HRhAqA2

@LilyJaniak Lily Janiak @LilyJaniak

At @zspaceSF for the opening night of "Lucia Berlin: Stories" by Word for Word! #sfthtr https://t.co/EPrxWiknQz

At @zspaceSF for the opening night of 'L...

@marintheatreco Marin Theatre Co @marintheatreco

Rehearsal DAY TWO: the wolves take to the pitch for practice 🥅⚽️🏃‍♀️ #WeAreTHEWOLVES https://t.co/LXrUXyf173

Rehearsal DAY TWO: the wolves take to th...

@221_Betsy Betsy Norton @221_Betsy

D'Artagnan didn't want to miss the first day of soccer practice for #TheWolves at @MarinTheatreCo! #WeAreTHEWOLVES https://t.co/UoF3xQVtYC

D'Artagnan didn't want to miss the first...

@marintheatreco Marin Theatre Co @marintheatreco

Rehearsals for THE WOLVES have started!! 🤩⚽️♀️👏🏽 https://t.co/Y5PwtU88D1

Rehearsals for THE WOLVES have started!!...

@marintheatreco Marin Theatre Co @marintheatreco

#HappyValentinesDay everyone! Don't forget, SKELETON CREW 🎟️ are BOGO Free tonight w/ promo code CREW14 - perfect t… https://t.co/UnODPY6WEn

@ACTSanFrancisco A.C.T. San Francisco @ACTSanFrancisco

Check out the Bay Area Art Fellowship/Internship Fair this Saturday @berkeleyrep's Roda Theatre! Chat w/ representa… https://t.co/jB0wIk8LQs

@marintheatreco Marin Theatre Co @marintheatreco

DO NOT Miss Your Chance to see WIDOWERS' HOUSES dir. by Joy Carlin (who will be in our MARJORIE PRIME later this sp… https://t.co/h6SHLOAJww

@ObamaFoundation The Obama Foundation @ObamaFoundation

Today, @BarackObama and @MichelleObama became the first presidential couple to be painted by African American artis… https://t.co/xFTH7xN2PM

@AASC_SF African-American Shakespeare Company @AASC_SF

This week is your last chance to see @domorisseau's #SkeletonCrew at @MarinTheatreCo! 🎭 Barry Willis from Aisle Sea… https://t.co/zvQywz2nVS

@MarinTheatreCo Marin Theatre Co @MarinTheatreCo

Plans for #ValentinesDay? Plans that include epic 🎭, 👫👬👭, probably 🍕 and definitely good times? Well we've got 🍕 AN… https://t.co/7d9k5EHpPo

@kerikellerman Keri Kellerman @kerikellerman

Congrats to all the playwrights commissioned to do this thing, including @MarinTheatreCo's playwright in residence… https://t.co/lPtbEpg2hb

@LalaTellsAStory Lauren Gunderson @LalaTellsAStory

Notes from my playwriting class today at @MarinTheatreCo —> Dramatic Storytelling is made of language (the power to… https://t.co/GPQhA7dBIz

@marintheatreco Marin Theatre Co @marintheatreco

Congrats Elizabeth Alexander on being appointed new president of the @MellonFdn! https://t.co/RLI31vLh0b

@marintheatreco Marin Theatre Co @marintheatreco

This Saturday ONLY: All tickets to #SkeletonCrew only $20! We're extending our Industry discount to YOU for 2moro… https://t.co/xALmhea5RJ

@AmericanTheatre American Theatre @AmericanTheatre

On the newest @ThreeOnTheAisle, @EVincentelli @petermarksdrama @terryteachout debate the pros and cons of resident… https://t.co/ygdkXebwKQ

@theatrebayarea Theatre Bay Area @theatrebayarea

Congratulations to this week's TBA Awards Recommended Productions! Adjudicators are recommending work from… https://t.co/MqPY99LujY

@marintheatreco Marin Theatre Co @marintheatreco

Great review for 'Skeleton crew' from Charles Brousse up in the @Pacific_Sun this week! Check it out, and then GET… https://t.co/53hVeGeRSp

@AmericanTheatre American Theatre @AmericanTheatre

Check out these theatrical milestones that happened in the month of February throughout history. https://t.co/sQlIoQVq0z

@ehw415 Emily Wilson @ehw415

#SkeletonCrew @MarinTheatreCo by @domorisseau shows a different face of the working class at a #Detroit auto plant. https://t.co/i3gaMSDLr0

@PatMorin Pat Morin @PatMorin

The 50/50 Applause Award https://t.co/oAFDIhXyUm nominations coming soon! This year's 50/50 spokeswoman… https://t.co/SdSyJeTAhC

@NambiKelley Nambi E. Kelley @NambiKelley

@MarinTheatreCo 's NATIVE SON nominated for 6 Critics Circle Nominations including Best Production in the entire Ba… https://t.co/xwRWPPKINQ

@CyrusKQED Cy Musiker @CyrusKQED

Kudos to @domorisseau's "Skeleton Crew" @MarinTheatreCo for best use of the word Hooptie in a play. Plus, a great s… https://t.co/2CaW7R48e4

@LalaTellsAStory Lauren Gunderson @LalaTellsAStory

Leading a playwriting class today and next Saturday at @MarinTheatreCo. We’ll tape it and release it online for fre… https://t.co/wOZGGorj87

@LalaTellsAStory Lauren Gunderson @LalaTellsAStory

Notes from my playwriting class at @MarinTheatreCo last Saturday. This list comes from ART AS THERAPY by Alain de B… https://t.co/ueFHVfUfPg

@LilyJaniak Lily Janiak @LilyJaniak

Always a treat to review a show set in my hometown! On @MarinTheatreCo and @TheatreWorksSV's copro of #SkeletonCrew… https://t.co/d3LjEI1P1F

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