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@uccclimatelab UCC Climate Lab @uccclimatelab

Huge congratulations to @eriucc @MaREIcentre Dr @EamonnMul !! https://t.co/4aizlXK4EA

@JerryDMurphy66 Jerry D Murphy @JerryDMurphy66

#Civil Engineering solutions in Queensland to reduce plastic pollution in oceans and reduce ingestion by whales… https://t.co/01xkhcFxD9

@IocUnesco IOC-UNESCO @IocUnesco

We're proud to present "Ocean Literacy for All—A toolkit", our latest publication for educators & learners. Case st… https://t.co/NeOZTboI71

@ohaganam Anne Marie O'Hagan @ohaganam

“Harbour constables” to be appointed for Cork Harbour #byelaws #coastalmanagement @MaREIcentre https://t.co/JaFA3SOCN2

@IrishEnergyGuy Rory Monaghan @IrishEnergyGuy

Fantastic day with @GenComm_H2 partners in #Saarbrücken #Germany. Visited #flowbattery & #hydrogen filling stations… https://t.co/3jRpwMU4nn

@BOGallachoir Brian O Gallachoir @BOGallachoir

Congratulations Dr. Eamonn Mulholland on successfully completing your PhD thesis 'Techno-economic and socio-economi… https://t.co/5U3aPnUPLi

@climatecaseire Climate Case Ireland @climatecaseire

“This case is for the public at large, and the support we’ve witnessed so far has been incredible. Students are par… https://t.co/MlNosB8l17

@siliconrepublic SiliconRepublic @siliconrepublic

#MostRead today: ‘People think marine biology is like an episode of Blue Planet – it’s not’ https://t.co/AXNtVBJ3Ib… https://t.co/0c6QqJdHlR

@uccclimatelab UCC Climate Lab @uccclimatelab

We had a very special guest to @eriucc yesterday - young weather-enthusiast Johnny Griffin who had time to help… https://t.co/grWQxkBIUI

@eirini_politi Eirini Politi @eirini_politi

Estimating nutrient loading in lakes using remotely-sensed information from the catchment. Read this:… https://t.co/OlF28jkNhr

@mareicentre MaREI @mareicentre

MaRE Impact Case Studies from our engagement with industry, policy makers, community... @scienceirel @SEAI_ie @UCC… https://t.co/5eZsGVTLvQ

@FECoasts Future Earth Coasts @FECoasts

We are at a workshop contributing to the design of a structure for the second World Ocean Assessment… https://t.co/6Fe5lffzJv

@eirini_politi Eirini Politi @eirini_politi

#shareknowledge and generate local #solutions to #globalproblems. @MaREIcentre new animation https://t.co/NHkp9DYZfv

@FECoasts Future Earth Coasts @FECoasts

We look forward to making our contribution to the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Developmen… https://t.co/2RazUpbcDu

@GogginsJamie Jamie Goggins @GogginsJamie

Talk on Marine Renewable Energy hosted by @MaREIcentre , @EngineerIreland , @RyanInstitute and @nuigalway now being… https://t.co/EgRo1NxU5V

@CullotyS Sarah Culloty @CullotyS

@vcummins24 @uccBEES @MaREIcentre @eriucc @FECoasts participating in Forum for academic research institutes, Zanzib… https://t.co/n8eBl5JPOs

@eriucc ERI @eriucc

Great interview with Paul Leahy @rte @uccwindenergy today on @ClimAtt_Project funded by @EPAIreland. @CullotyS… https://t.co/TnQmDqzsNE

@vcummins24 Val @vcummins24

End of Day 2 of Forum for Academic Research Institutes meeting, Zanzibar. More to follow tomorrow with Nairobi Conv… https://t.co/NPCJT72Vz1


In 2016, Irish indigenous energy production reached a record high of 4,246 ktoe. Natural gas production also peaked… https://t.co/TK7pixVf6I

@mareicentre MaREI @mareicentre

MaREI in 80 seconds! A little animation on what we do and why...working towards local solutions to global problems… https://t.co/PgOPAnpsJB

@mareicentre MaREI @mareicentre

Lovely feature on MaREI Researcher @mjessopp74 @scienceirel @uccBEES @eriucc And despite what he says we can't help… https://t.co/PZn8a53RnT

@eirini_politi Eirini Politi @eirini_politi

Potential anti-fouling effect of a non-toxic coating for instruments and sensors used underwater. Interesting stuff… https://t.co/q5ACp7hZto

@mareicentre MaREI @mareicentre

@Abi_Cronin @holland_barrett @sophiepower28 @Trashis4Tossers Always happy to collaborate for healthier oceans. Grea… https://t.co/fVZRhCfRAF

@mareicentre MaREI @mareicentre

Looking forward to hearing updates on all things Ocean Energy related... 🌊 https://t.co/PJtWPJRhFb

@DanielMcL2 Daniel McLaughlin @DanielMcL2

A new record for all-island wind generation was set last Wednesday with 3,143MW of generation across the island. Hu… https://t.co/gDdGXaouK2

@Entirl Enterprise Ireland @Entirl

More good news! EU Commission names Ireland first for skills and innovation. Read about the latest win for… https://t.co/0unWuEaU6m

@BBCEarth BBC Earth @BBCEarth

There is no official collective noun for octopuses (though ‘tangle’ has been suggested) #OurBluePlanet… https://t.co/qNvRh34Xpy

@MetEireann Met Éireann @MetEireann

Séamus Walsh Head of Climatology Observatons speaking at the Mansion House. "Expected increase of 1.5 - 4.0 degree… https://t.co/cFvpbcpy4w

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