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Matildas, Seattle Reign & Melbourne City goalkeeper. PFA executive member. FIFPro advisory board member.

Melbourne, Victoria

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@lydsaussie Lydia Williams @lydsaussie

@moeebrian 👯‍♀️💃🏽Your tribe has your vibe, your crew understand what you been through, your team shares your dream🙏 - John Gray

@ALeagueCon ALeague Confidential @ALeagueCon

This is a fantastic @heraldsunsport read from @davutovic about @lydsaussie heading into the @MelbourneCity Indigeno… https://t.co/ALE5ds88cR

@MelbCityWFC Melbourne City Women @MelbCityWFC

.@lydsaussie and @KyahSimon led their teammates on the traditional Birrarung Willam Walk, ahead of our Indigenous R… https://t.co/WR3oU3pjmw

@lydsaussie Lydia Williams @lydsaussie

When actual presents just don’t cut it anymore.... happy early birthday @JessFishlock https://t.co/hO8xOByYXl

When actual presents just don’t cut it a...

@janinebeckie4 Janine Beckie @janinebeckie4

Quite recently my brother, Drew had a scare that left him in a Swedish ICU for a week-he is home resting and recove… https://t.co/YpyAoBs9OQ

@AnimojiVids Animoji Karaoke @AnimojiVids

"y’all. my momma was trynna send my sister an animoji and this is what happened. i died 😂😂😂😂😂😂" https://t.co/5qBq6FJtJU

'y’all. my momma was trynna send my sist...

@lydsaussie Lydia Williams @lydsaussie

When the first day back uses brain power 🧠 🤓⚽️ @GoProANZ @UhlsportUSA @uhlsportUK @adidasfootball @adidasAU https://t.co/djiik3jftt

When the first day back uses brain power...

@goldenglobes Golden Globe Awards @goldenglobes

“I want all of the girls watching here now to know, that a new day is on the horizon.” @Oprah accepts the 2018 Ceci… https://t.co/2pqBL3DIaD

@lydsaussie Lydia Williams @lydsaussie

@stephcatley Update.... 1.5hours in car = partial fry 😱😱😱 I️ would say 1/16 of the egg was cooked, but cooked none… https://t.co/U90n2fQthT

@stephcatley Stephanie Catley @stephcatley

*42 degrees in Melbourne today* Text received from @lydsaussie “I put an egg in my car to see if it would cook.” 😂🍳☀️🤦🏽‍♀️

@lydsaussie Lydia Williams @lydsaussie

@stephcatley If it does, no one is allowed outside

@lydsaussie Lydia Williams @lydsaussie

@BeastModeSoccer @dannycolaprico @moeebrian Agreed. After Shebelieves and Algarve? I’ll be in Europe then at least.… https://t.co/5pAoBI2jIm

@lydsaussie Lydia Williams @lydsaussie

@BeastModeSoccer @dannycolaprico @moeebrian Oui oui. Peut-être que nous devrions juste visiter en même temps?

@lydsaussie Lydia Williams @lydsaussie

@BeastModeSoccer @dannycolaprico @moeebrian J'ai mes moyens et mes plans. Je suis australien

@lydsaussie Lydia Williams @lydsaussie

@BeastModeSoccer @dannycolaprico @moeebrian I did. Now I’m feeling refreshed and magnifique

@lydsaussie Lydia Williams @lydsaussie

@BeastModeSoccer @dannycolaprico @moeebrian I have to disagree with you dave

@lydsaussie Lydia Williams @lydsaussie

@BeastModeSoccer à ce moment là. Oui

@lydsaussie Lydia Williams @lydsaussie

@BeastModeSoccer Oui oui

@lydsaussie Lydia Williams @lydsaussie

Girlllll @moeebrian I’m so extremely excited for you, now I need to learn some French. Je visite pour le fromage et… https://t.co/L0C9hSE42G

@MomentsAU Twitter Moments Australia @MomentsAU

Here are just some of the highlights from a historic year for @TheMatildas. https://t.co/Wcedj00hfl

@lydsaussie Lydia Williams @lydsaussie

As the year comes to a close and there’s all kinds of goals to be set for the new one, I thought… https://t.co/fZMKmiMcJh

@lydsaussie Lydia Williams @lydsaussie

He’s meant to be a Christmas Taco. Merry Christmas everybody 🎁🎄 https://t.co/iI3jkhS6Wk

He’s meant to be a Christmas Taco.

@lydsaussie Lydia Williams @lydsaussie

Whooop there it is #vegan @BeastModeSoccer https://t.co/kIjTC7GGaF

@lydsaussie Lydia Williams @lydsaussie

Guys I’m sorry, that green hair comment was bad. I’ve been made aware thanks to @moeebrian https://t.co/eEe07rfTFV

Guys I’m sorry, that green hair comment...

@lydsaussie Lydia Williams @lydsaussie

@moeebrian @BeastModeSoccer .@moeebrian are you telling me to dye my hair green.....

@lydsaussie Lydia Williams @lydsaussie

.@BeastModeSoccer @moeebrian she’s just jealous she doesn’t have a cool Christmas sweater https://t.co/soeiyo6WUw

@lydsaussie Lydia Williams @lydsaussie

The countdown is on https://t.co/3rZDRtrzRF

The countdown is on https://t.co/3rZDRtr...

@TheMatildas Westfield Matildas @TheMatildas

Breaking news: Westfield Matildas up to all-time high in FIFA world rankings #GoMatildas https://t.co/gMG1MtqBhU


NEW #FIFARanking 🇺🇸USA stay No1 🔝 🇦🇺Australia hit all-time high 💪 🇸🇪Sweden climb into top ten 👏 ℹ️➡️… https://t.co/UYRf8RJhjI

@Ausport Australian Sport @Ausport

.@TheMatildas have won the popular vote for #ASPAs Team of the Year! The team sealed its world-class status with a… https://t.co/BXESNzKjG0

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